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Date confirmed for bfa Empowering Women In Business event

Posted: 08 Mar 2019
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Date confirmed for bfa Empowering Women In Business event

Taking place on November 14, the key theme will be ‘the changing culture of business’.

Via a number of speakers, workshops and discussion panels, Empowering Women in Business will also consider the role of women in the workforce and the issues and challenges they face.

This is the second year the discussions have revolved around the wider world of business and business women across all sectors, rather than having a solely franchise industry focus.

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the bfa, says: “Empowering Women in Business was an initiative I started eight years ago.

“Initially for women in franchising, I realised so many themes resonated outside of the industry and with business in general, so opened up the discussion to a wider demographic.

“In the years we have been running the event, working culture has changed so much. In general, I have seen a lot of progress, but there is still a lot to do and misconceptions to dispel.”

The venue for Empowering Women In Business will be announced shortly.


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