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Cleaning Franchises For Sale

Cleaning franchises offer the chance to launch your own cleaning company under a recognised brand name. Cleaning requires a lot of trust - often the client is giving you access to their homes, offices or shops, sometimes alone - so launching your company under a trusted logo can give your launch the kick start it needs.

How does a cleaning franchise work?

Cleaning franchises work like any other franchise. You, the potential franchisee, researches different industries and opportunities. You get to know about brands of interest and find a suitable location or patch for your business. Next, you contact a franchise department at a major bank. Once you’ve secured funding, you meet the franchisor and sign the franchise agreement.

Next, you’ll need to obtain all the necessary permits and insurance before finalising all the applications. Then, your franchisor will give you training and support meaning you can launch your cleaning business as an expert.

Why are cleaning franchises a good idea?

These types of franchises can be a fantastic pick for those who haven’t ventured into the world of business ownership before. The start up costs and overheads can be lower than those of other franchise opportunities and the work can be simpler. And, as you often get to organise your own diary rather than be beholden to opening hours, cleaning ventures such as these can often offer the much sought after work-life balance that drives so many of us to seek out the be-your-own-boss employment route.

And there’s no shortage of different types of cleaning franchise to choose from. Everything from simple home and office cleaning to technology servicing and automotive detailing is up for grabs, meaning you can carve out your own specialist service.

How to pick the best cleaning franchise?

What you pick here will depend on a number of factors. What kind of capital you have to invest. How you find your relationship with your potential franchisor in your first few interactions. And, whilst your franchisor will help you with specifics like site selection, it’s worth thinking about what you’d like your patch to be and which cleaning services could be better supplied and by whom. Is there a bin cleaning service in your area? Are there lots of chimneys in your town but a shortage of chimney sweeps?

Although the choice in this sector can be startling, What Franchise is here to help. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best and brightest cleaning ventures looking for franchisees right now. There’s a handy shortlist tool so you can keep a tab on all your favourites and you can also fire off enquiries directly from this site.

If you’re new to the concept of franchising, watch our handy video on our homepage - it’s a basic introduction to the concept that will stand you in good stead. And if you’ve got a good grasp of the business model but would like to find out more, in the form of advice, top tips and industry news, check out our features on cleaning franchises here. There’s lots to learn!

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