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ActionCOACH franchisee makes the most of her opportunity

Posted: 22 Sep 2014
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Six-figure income - guaranteed

ActionCOACH franchisee makes the most of her opportunity

Shweta Jhajharia (pictured) started her ActionCOACH franchise in the middle of an economic recession. At the time she was a 29-year-old first-time woman entrepreneur who had moved to the UK less than a year before and had never lived outside of India. She gave up her management role with the world’s top fast moving consumer goods company - a stable and well paying job - and decided to follow her heart to become an entrepreneur. She continues to shuffle the demands of being an entrepreneur alongside managing her young son.

Even after allowing for the obvious challenges, ActionCOACH’s Ian Christelow and Julie Wagstaff recognised the traits in Shweta to know she would be successful. So not only did they reassure Shweta through this anxious decision making time, they also guaranteed her £12,000 per month of income in just her seventh month, as long as she stuck to her sales and marketing plan, or she could have her money back - no questions asked.


“Despite the success I had experienced in corporate life, going out on my own was a daunting prospect, but I could see from the outset that ActionCOACH had an energetic, vibrant and inclusive culture with great support systems,” Shweta says. “I sat down with my husband one night and we decided that if I was going to do this I should go with the best, plus I wouldn’t be doing it alone, I would have the invaluable support and advice a new business needs, but doesn’t get as a self-employed sole trader.”

Since then Shweta has grown her ActionCOACH franchise from having no clients at the start of 2009 to making over £2 million of income and growing. Best of all, she has achieved her incredible success by helping other business owners grow their companies and transform their lives.

Based on her success as a business coach, Shweta has received recognition of her achievements from CNBC and the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative. Although these accomplishments are outstanding, Shweta’s greatest satisfaction stems from her clients achievements, which have drawn the attention and praise of HSBC and, of course, ActionCOACH’s global community of 1,000 business coaches.

Given that helping others to unlock their potential is at the core of ActionCOACH’s business model, Shweta’s success is inextricably linked to the success of her clients. This is both a fulfilling challenge and great opportunity for Shweta to go out of her way to deliver sustainable profit increases and improved lifestyles for her clients. In fact, her ActionCOACH clients across all sectors have achieved on average 41 per cent annual business growth over the last three years - in the middle of a recession. How would you like to be involved in a business that delivers results like that for business men and women in your community?


The ActionCOACH franchise has enabled Shweta to balance her roles as wife, mentor, motivator and mother. Her company has achieved personal gross revenues of in excess of £1 million over the last two years, with a profit margin of over 60 per cent.

That’s only the start, as in 2013 ActionCOACH introduced scalability into its UK business model. As Shweta explains: “My vision is to create a better economic reality for business owners. I am currently training two employed business coaches, which will allow me to reach 200 per cent more businesses.”

All of this and more meant that this year the British Franchise Association gave Shweta the Special Judges Award at its annual Franchisee of the Year Awards ceremony, an impressive accolade when you consider Shweta started her ActionCOACH franchise less than five years prior and there are 22,000 franchise owners in the UK.

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