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Franchisee helps business boost profits by 700%

Franchisee helps business boost profits by 700%

Action Coach James Burke has helped transform the fortunes of a female fashion brand based in the north west

During the pandemic, when business owners were forced to consider the best course of action to tackle the challenges, a huge number turned to their local Action Coach for guidance.

James Burke at ActionCOACH Manchester had been working with one particular client for just six months when COVID-19 hit the UK.

Ruby & Daisy is a fashion business based in the north west, providing clothing to women of all sizes. Owners Helena and Louie have always prided themselves on their authenticity. But as their growing social media presence sent enquiries through the roof, the pair were forced to have a serious conversation about getting some help.

Helena says: “We both noticed something had to give. It got to the point where, if we’d tried to carry on managing the demand, we would have just burnt out. We toyed with the idea of getting a business coach for almost 18 months and it was only when we were at breaking point that we took the plunge. And thank goodness we did!”

In their initial meeting with James, they instantly clicked, so with little persuasion needed their weekly sessions began in September 2019.

Finding a different perspective

“Over time, we had diversified the business quite drastically,” Helena says. “Almost immediately, James recognised the best course of action was to strip things back to the bare foundations and focus on what the business was about. He was very knowledgeable about the behaviour of customers and showed us how to bring them in as a part of our journey.

“We ensured our messaging was consistent throughout all aspects of our marketing - this helped us to connect with our customers on a deeper level, so we could fully understand and respond to their needs.

“It always felt as if we were running slightly behind our growth. James explained to us the only way to go big was to stop thinking small.

“To accommodate the influx of enquiries, we relocated to a larger warehouse space. Making this move injected our whole team with new enthusiasm and determination to go bigger and better than before. Almost overnight, our outlook shifted.”

Destined to succeed

“James is a huge advocate for us and this positivity means not only do we achieve our goals each time, but we completely smash through them. We’re naturally competitive and hungry to succeed, so we’re always looking to beat our own targets.

“One of the best things about getting an Action Coach is being held accountable for our actions. We would never dream of turning up to a coaching session without completing our homework because we know it’s what we need to do to improve - it’s entirely for our own benefit.”

Within three months of working with James, Ruby & Daisy saw record weekly sales. Perhaps the most significant growth was when the COVID-19 pandemic sent the UK into a national lockdown, causing the doors of their retail outlet to shut. Helena, Louie and the team were ready to respond.

“We’d always had online sales, but as soon as people couldn’t come into the store, everyone logged on to place their orders,” Helena says.

“Our online figures were up by 500 per cent and we were rapidly approaching a point where those sales were equal to our in-store numbers. Thankfully, because of James and his ability to keep us calm and ensure we kept our heads above the water, we weathered the storm.

“After working with James for almost nine months, our turnover was just shy of £1.3 million and our gross profit increased by 700 per cent. It’s a world apart from the position we were in the year before and we’re forecasting our turnover to exceed £4 million for the next financial year.

“We’ve always had a clear vision and belief, wanting to be the number one easy-wear clothing brand in the UK - we’re determined for Ruby & Daisy to become a household name. We believe, by just being ourselves, we can relate to everyone and continue to grow by being a passionate, enthusiastic and transparent business.”

Working with the best

James isn’t just recognised by his clients for his commitment to them - his inspiring story has seen him win awards too.

He started his career as a boxer, but his dreams were crushed prematurely following a life-changing injury, resulting in him being homeless and destitute at the age of 16.

While at his lowest, James was always looking up and ahead, and his journey from rock bottom to successful entrepreneur saw him crowned as Next Generation Franchisee of the Year at the 2020 British Franchise Association HSBC British Franchise Awards.

“When I was 23, I decided enough was enough,” James says. “I ensured I was healthy and started looking at how I could get myself back in the game.

“I got a job as an estate agent and quickly progressed to branch manager, before becoming a regional director. But that wasn’t enough and I was inspired by Simon Sinek, the famous author and motivational speaker, to strive for something bigger.”

That’s when James created his mission to make a difference to a million people by 2030. By launching ActionCOACH Manchester, he gave himself the platform to turn his dream into a reality.

With the release of his very own book, A Journey to Wealth and World-Class Mindset, which documents his inspirational rise to success, this award-winning franchise partner isn’t showing any signs of slowing his meteoric rise anytime soon.

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