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Life-changing opportunities with the ActionCOACH franchise

Life-changing opportunities with the ActionCOACH franchise

ActionCOACH helps its franchise partners and their clients realise their dreams

Many people underestimate the influence their job has on their life. Franchising has a multitude of benefits and can be a truly life changing opportunity.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, then franchising could be the solution for you: Are you:

* Frustrated with your career?

* Missing out on important family times?

* Had enough of ‘internal politics’?

* Under constant threat of redundancy?

* Wasting your life commuting?

* Seeking to take control of your career and future financial security?

* Aware that you could and should be achieving more for yourself and family with your skills and know-how?

Which franchise is right for you? This is not an easy question to answer, but if you are the type of person who finds a way to get things done, loves helping people and has a passion for learning, then the ActionCOACH franchise deserves closer inspection.

Many people consider franchising because starting a business on their own is a daunting prospect and, with no help and support, growing a successful company from scratch is often a difficult task. With ActionCOACH, these risks are dramatically reduced because the systems you are trained in to coach your clients to improve their businesses are the same systems that will make your own business a success. You will help entrepreneurs develop great teams, strong finances, powerful systems, and unique marketing and selling strategies to give them the business and life they dream of.

The ActionCOACH business opportunity exists because, in reality, operating a business by yourself can be challenging and, tragically, many independent companies fail because of financial problems or burnout. This occurs because most business people excel at their trade or profession, but are not proficient at the ‘business of business’. That’s why the ActionCOACH opportunity not only allows franchise partners to make a difference to their clients’ lives, but it also provides them with proven processes and systems to allow them to achieve their own goals in life too.

“Joining ActionCOACH has been one of the most rewarding, challenging and exciting decisions I’ve made,” says Marco Soares, a franchise partner since 2010. “I’m realising my dream, I’m never bored and I’m learning all the time. My purpose as a business coach is to help my clients increase profit and build high performance teams. I have embraced these concepts in my own business and have achieved tangible results by doing what I teach and teaching what I do.”


ActionCOACH was joint runner up with McDonald’s for the UK’s Best Large Franchisor 2012 Award, sponsored by Lloyds TSB, and has already built a team of more than 100 business coaches in Great Britain and Ireland, where its franchise partners have achieved remarkable results with thousands of clients while generating net operating profits of 70 per cent for their own franchises.

Ian Christelow, ActionCOACH’s UK managing director, understands that his franchise partners enjoy excellent financial returns from their business coaching activities, but believes the benefits are much more than just financial.

He explains: “When I first joined ActionCOACH in 2002, I had to work hard to change people’s perceptions of the value of engaging a business coach and, for those looking at our franchise opportunity, what being an ActionCOACH would entail.

“Initially it was just explaining what a business coach was - nobody I spoke to about ActionCOACH in my first 12 months knew. Secondly, it was finding one or two visionary pioneers to prove this model worked in the UK. Everywhere we went people said that it might work in America or Australia, but it wouldn’t work here. 10 years on and our top performing UK franchise partners are billing over £50,000 per month and the results of ActionCOACH’s clients are even more incredible.”

Today, ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching franchise, with more than 1,000 business coaches in 40 countries, and the business continues to enjoy an exceptional growth pattern in the UK. Founded in 1993 in Australia by Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH’s business coaching is based on tried and tested systems that increase profit, improve time management and create better performing teams. It’s used on over 10,000 businesses every month with huge success worldwide.

Says Ian: “One of our franchise partners, Shweta Jhajharia, was banking over £48,000 in October 2012 and smashed through the £50,000 per month mark in November 2012, not even four years into her first business - and she also has to juggle being a mum to a lively six-year-old boy.”

Ian believes strongly in the power of a good franchise business: “Michael Gerber was spot on in his book ‘The E-Myth revisited’ where he explains that only about 20 per cent of all businesses survive the first five years, whereas 75 per cent of franchised businesses do. The latest NatWest/British Franchise Association survey revealed that 90 per cent of the franchised businesses surveyed were profitable.

“You just can’t ignore the numbers. It is an undeniable fact that building a successful business is hard, so why wouldn’t you want to do it with a proven business model to give you the best chance of success? I believe the two most expensive things in business are buying customers and trial and error - a good franchise should cut out the trial and error and give you tried and tested processes for getting customers.”


However, in Ian’s experience making money out of your franchise business isn’t the only benefit when you are an ActionCOACH franchise partner: “I believe that making a meaningful difference to someone’s life is probably the most rewarding thing you can do. Our business owner clients say things like ‘I love my coach’. When was the last time you heard that said about a banker, lawyer or accountant?

“The other huge intangible is the team around you. As well as world class support from the franchisor, as you’d expect from a business coaching and training organisation, there are 1,000 ActionCOACH business coaches around the world happy to help a teammate, sharing best practices and successful innovations. In a profession where it’s nigh on impossible to succeed on your own, that’s a priceless asset to have on your side in this increasingly competitive marketplace.”

Peter Boolkah chose to join the ActionCOACH franchise network for the reasons Ian has highlighted. “It gave me and my clients the opportunity to create wealth and prosperity, not just in financial terms but in work-life balance too,” he says.

If you meet the strict criteria to get into the world’s number one business coaching team, the investment for an ActionCOACH franchise is £41,000. The company says that by following its systems you can expect to earn a six-figure income. Coupling your skills and personality with ActionCOACH’s proven systems and world class support team, you can go on to achieve more personal development, satisfaction and success than you dared to dream of.

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