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Ready Made Stores

Provides business customers with a complete ecommerce package, including a website, digital marketing and more
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About Ready Made Stores

Who are Ready Made Stores?

The Ready Made Stores franchise offers an innovative online marketing solution for its customers by providing a complete package for businesses in different sectors.

Customers can purchase a ready made ecommerce site that often comes with a variety of other online facilities included, such as SEO optimised content marketing articles, Google indexing and product descriptions already loaded. This novel approach allows businesses to immediately start promoting and marketing themselves online, instead of having to spend a longer period of time working on building brand awareness.

The products are in demand across different sectors, especially with small businesses looking to establish themselves online, but who have limited resources to invest in a website or digital marketing strategy.

The franchise can be a great opportunity for anyone interested in digital marketing solutions and who is keen to develop a business that can be run from home or anywhere else. As it has an extremely low overhead and is easy to get started with, the brand is a good choice for potential franchisees who are keen to start something on their own, but have limited experience.

Where can you find franchise territories in the UK with Ready Made Stores?

There are opportunities to find territories for a Ready Made Stores franchise all over the UK, as the business can be run and marketed remotely.

Where are the headquarters for the Ready Made Stores franchise located?

The headquarters for the Ready Made Stores franchise are based in London.

How much does it cost to start a franchise with Ready Made Stores?

To start a franchise with Ready Made Stores, you would need to invest a total of approximately £1,200.  This provides access to the complete franchise set up. In addition to the franchise fee, a percentage of net sales are also deducted by the brand. Franchise owners keep 35 per cent of net sales from monthly figures and an additional recurring fee is also deducted.

What kind of financial assistance can you get to start a Ready Made Stores franchise?

It may be possible to get funding to start a franchise with Ready Made Stores from most major banks or lenders. As the total investment amount required at the outset is relatively low, you may be able to get funding for the full investment amount.

What sort of experience or background should you have to start a Ready Made Stores franchise?

You do not need to have prior experience in a related industry to start a franchise business with Ready Made Stores, as the brand will provide a complete package to help you get started. You should have motivation and the ability to drive yourself.

As the business can primarily be run from home, you should have the ability to organise and manage yourself efficiently to ensure you meet your own goals.

What kind of training and support will you receive when starting a Ready Made Stores franchise?

Ready Made Stores provides all franchisees with a complete franchise package to start the business successfully. This includes a tailored Ready Made Stores website and an operational ecommerce site that you can easily run and find customers through.

All franchisees are also equipped with a comprehensive training manual, which includes guidance and advice on how to manage the site, as well as useful marketing guidance to help grow the business.

The Ready Made Stores team are also on hand with regular support via email and telephone and can provide technical, business and marketing advice on all typical issues faced by franchise owners.

Ready Made Stores has its own social media channels and franchise owners are given a tailored platform with access to a manager to provide support, as well as continued business development support during the lifetime of the business.

The franchise business is also completely transferable and can be sold later on. Franchise owners are supported by the brand if they choose to do this.

A review of the market opportunities available with a Ready Made Stores franchise

The Ready Made Stores model can be a great opportunity for interested franchise owners, as it offers customers a unique opportunity to get a business established online in an efficient way.

With extensive support available to franchisees and a considerable amount of flexibility over how it can be managed, the franchise can be an excellent option for anyone interested in starting their own business, with minimal risk or investment required. The franchise package has a relatively low start up cost, compared to many other franchise businesses, and it is quick to start up.

With the option to diversify into multiple income streams and no pushy sales targets to meet, a business with Ready Made Stores can be run at a pace that suits the individual franchise owner, either as a part time or full time business. Ready Made Stores also offers extra add ons to its services that franchisees can offer to customers - these can provide further income to supplement the main business.

As a business with a great deal of flexibility, which is both easy to run and offers an attractive product to customers, a franchise with Ready Made Stores can be a great start for budding entrepreneurs, as well as those looking for an easy to run home business or sources of additional income to supplement another role.

How to get started

Starting a franchise with Ready Made Stores is a simple and straightforward process. Simply purchase the package through the online site and you will receive all relevant materials and agreements needed to get started.

It is important to note that before signing the franchise agreement, all interested franchise candidates should carry out detailed research into whether or not the business model is right for them and whether they will be able to operate it successfully.

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