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SmartPA is a franchise offering remote administrative and business support activities

£ 15,000 Minimum Investment

SmartPA In Brief

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    SmartPA is a franchise offering remote administrative and business support activities

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    Business & Professional Services, Business, Communications, IT & Computers

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 15,000

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About SmartPA

SmartPA is an international brand, providing remote administrative and virtual assistance or business support. The company provides services to businesses of all sizes, from individuals and small home businesses, to larger corporations, the government sector and more.

Established as a franchise in 2011, the brand offers its services around the world, including across the US, UK and Ireland. SmartPA’s success comes from being able to offer a flexible and versatile product to its customers, with virtual support available around the clock to suit clients’ needs, and services tailored to meet specific requirements. This has helped the SmartPA franchise brand to grow globally as a trusted and market-leading name in the industry.

What kind of franchise is SmartPA Ltd?

Unlike some other franchise models, SmartPA’s business model does not require franchisees to market and find clients themselves. Instead, the business concentrates on acquiring clients through its main head office, and distributes clients and projects to its franchisees.

By doing this, SmartPA offers its franchisees a secured income, as clients are given out to franchisees through the main head office. This means that franchisees can earn between £6,000- £18,000 per annum, through this system. You also have the opportunity to take on further “perks” - short-term projects or contracts for a fixed fee, or “top ups”, by working for the head office, to earn extra income.

As all franchisees are given a “bonus client” at the beginning, this provides a secure income from launch, and can be a great confidence booster when starting your own business.


Where is the SmartPA franchise based?

The UK head office for SmartPA is located in Edinburgh, Scotland.


How much does a SmartPA franchise cost?

To start your own SmartPA franchise, you’ll need to invest £15,000, excluding VAT. This provides access to the complete SmartPA accreditation, training and all materials required for launch, and allows you to start taking on secured clients from the head office.

Funding may be available through most major banks, if required.


What training is available to SmartPA franchisees?

SmartPA offers a unique training programme which allows its franchisees to study online via its own branded SmartPA Hub and video conferencing platform, at a pace that works for each individual. There is no fixed time period that this programme needs to be completed in, so it is ideal for anyone wanting to train alongside an existing job, study programme or other personal commitments.

The course includes 13 comprehensive modules, covering all aspects of the brand, its services and operational information, as well as insight into key parts of running your own business, such as covering social media and business networking.

SmartPA’s services are categorised into a variety of different categories, including social media management, data entry, call handling, transcription and more – and you can choose to take on clients or projects in these sectors, depending on your skills and personal preferences.

In addition to the online training programme, all franchisees are assigned a member from SmartPA’s learning and development team to provide guidance through the training process. They’ll also make sure that you have completely understood all aspects of the training before launching your business.

As well as all training materials, you will also receive templates, policies, legal documents and other documentation required to operate your business.


SmartPA franchise support in review

In addition to a broad training programme, all franchisees receive extensive business support from pre-launch and onwards - to help you get the best out of the franchise - with new clients regularly distributed to franchisees by the head office team. You’ll also receive coaching on business growth and development from your own assigned mentor, and gain the skills needed to promote and grow your business, with tailored marketing material. You will also be given all the tools needed to manage email marketing and social media effectively.

SmartPA also has its own bespoke technology, to improve client management and simplify workflow. This allows all franchisees to accurately monitor and manage tasks for clients, with detailed reports to ensure they can track their own progress.

All franchisees also receive a holiday plan through SmartPA, which enables you to take time off when needed, while still receiving at least 10 per cent royalty while your clients are managed by another franchise.


What kind of experience do you need to start your own SmartPA franchise?

It’s not necessary to have any previous business administration or secretarial experience, as you will receive all the practical training required. It is essential that you have excellent management and problem-solving skills, and the ability to drive yourself to succeed.


Is SmartPA a good business opportunity?

A SmartPA franchise can be a great opportunity for anyone looking to run their own business or be their own boss, or anyone wanting to balance work around other life commitments. Because the franchise can be run from home, it requires minimum overheads, and offers a highly flexible working model – with clients requiring a varied spectrum of services around the clock, franchisees can take on projects and customers that suit their own hours and availability.

The franchise model has been tried and tested successfully around the world, with over 140 franchisees already thriving with the business. You are also a part of an established and trusted global brand, a helpful strength when reaching out to potential future clients.

SmartPA is the fastest growing franchise in the UK among women aged 25-55 in particular, in large part because of the high level of support and flexibility the business model offers. Many successful franchisees have found that the adaptable training and business model offered helped them to able to return to work with confidence, after taking a break to start or raise families, with the opportunity to grow at an individual level when they were ready.


How can you get started?

To find out more about starting your own SmartPA franchise, complete the online enquiry form to receive more information.

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