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“Investing in a Techclean franchise is an effective route into the emerging, lucrative market of advanced office hygiene”

“Investing in a Techclean franchise is an effective route into the emerging, lucrative market of advanced office hygiene”

Techclean is a specialist cleaning company with a focus on cleaning technology equipment such as laptops, PCs, telephones, photocopiers, and more

Techclean offers a modern, proven and good-value business system with high net profit returns. If you’re looking for a work-from-home business opportunity that is affordable, flexible and not dependent on any one market sector or the need for premises, then Techclean’s specialist IT cleaning service could be the ideal choice.

Hidden germs

We have all worked with someone whose workspace has dirty cups, piles of paper and not an inch of desk to be seen. Thankfully the office cleaners usually sort out the worst of the mess at the end of each day. Cups and plates are removed before there’s any chance of mould growing and they might flick a duster around. But is it enough? When you look closely, are the workspaces of smug, clear-desk-policy-abiding colleagues really clean either?

Scientific research would suggest not. Several studies have found that office workstations are teeming with germs and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. It’s not just visibly dirty desks that are affected. On average, a computer keyboard harbours more bacteria than a toilet seat.

The bottom line is that even people with clean desks in shiny, modern offices may actually be working in unsanitary conditions. And it’s not just desks, but the technologies used on a daily basis that can harbour illness-inducing bacteria.

Where there’s muck, there’s brass

A study by Which? found that touchscreen tablets and phones can host all sorts of dangerous bugs. Swabs were taken from 30 tablets and 30 phones and then sent for analysis. Eight of the tablets were contaminated with high-risk levels of enterobacteria, which can cause intestinal infection. Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause severe food poisoning, was found at high levels on three tablets and smartphones. In one case a tablet had a count of 600 units of staphylococcus aureus per swab. By comparison, a toilet seat that was tested had a count of less than 20.

Some 250 years ago, John Wesley said that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. In 2023 what we say is ‘where there’s muck, there’s brass’.

Guaranteed cleanliness

Office hygiene is continually under scrutiny as organisations look for ways to boost staff wellbeing and productivity, even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic. Colds, flu and gastric illness can spread quickly in the workplace. And with absenteeism costing over £500 per employee per year, it’s easy to see why businesses are keen to curb transmission. Technologies found in the office – such as phones and computer keyboards – are an ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria which traditional office cleaners tend to ignore.

Harmful germs lurking on equipment that people handle daily are left unchecked and what’s more, failing to clean desktop IT properly can have a negative impact on performance and lifespan – another cost to the business! Investing in a Techclean franchise is an effective route into the emerging and lucrative market of advanced office hygiene.

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