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Techclean is a specialist cleaning company, providing cleaning services for technological equipment for commercial businesses and organisations

£ 19,500 Minimum Investment

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    Techclean is a specialist cleaning company, providing cleaning services for technological equipment for commercial businesses and organisations

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    Business & Professional Services, Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, IT & Computers

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 19,500

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About Techclean

Techclean was established in 1983 as a specialist cleaning company, and provide services that focus on cleaning technological equipment such as laptops, photocopiers, PCs, scanners, ATMs and other system peripherals. Techclean provides services to commercial businesses, schools and colleges, local government offices, medical services and more.

Clients include businesses across multiple industries, of all sizes – from international organisations to smaller local businesses. Techclean operates solely in the B2B market and has decades of experience in the industry, making it a great business to join as a franchise.

Where is the Techclean franchise based?

The headquarters for Techclean are located in Leicestershire, England.


What territories are available for a Techclean franchise?

There are currently nine franchises in the UK, and Techclean is offering opportunities for up to another 75 franchisees. To find out more about potential territories, contact the team via the enquiry form on this page for further details.


How much does a Techclean franchise cost?

To start your own franchise with Techclean, you’ll need to invest £19,500 plus VAT to receive a complete turnkey package.

Techclean also charges a management fee of 10 per cent of turnover, and a marketing fee of 1 per cent. Both are charged monthly.


A review of what you get with your Techclean franchise

As part of the company’s main franchise package, franchisees receive all they need to establish and develop their business. The package includes the trading license required and a comprehensive training and marketing programme. Franchisees are also given their own website and any branded marketing and business materials required.


What funding opportunities are there for a Techclean franchise?

It may be possible to get funding support from most major high street banks.


Can a Techclean franchise be operated from home?

Yes – starting your franchise does not require costly overheads, and it’s completely possible to run a Techclean franchise from a home office or small office space, as the business is centered on providing services on-site for customers.


What kind of experience do you need to start a Techclean franchise?

You do not need to have any experience in the cleaning industry to start a franchise with Techclean, but it is helpful to have strong people skills, including the ability to communicate, listen and persuade others well, as much of your role will involve dealing with customers, understanding their requirements and building relationships with potential clients.

Having a strong work ethic and the ability to work in flexible and varied environments will be a strong plus in this business, as the franchise involves working with a broad range of clients.

Many franchisees’ working weeks can take them from working in a school one day to a high tech company the other, and you should be able to provide a consistent service that understands the needs of each individual customer.


What training and support will you receive with a Techclean franchise?

Techclean provides extensive support and guidance, and invest heavily in its network of franchisees to build a long-term relationship of trust and mutual success. With several decades of experience in the industry, the team provide tried-and-tested training programmes, marketing and business advice.

Before launch, all franchisees undergo training at the company’s head office to cover the foundations of the service, cleaning techniques and business administration skills. You’ll also spend time with existing franchisees to gain practical experience on-site.

As a franchisee, you will also receive support to launch and market your business in your geographic territory, including a customised Techclean website with tailored information, and a comprehensive marketing launch programme, to reach out and create awareness among potential clients.

Information about all the company’s franchisees is also included on the main company’s website, to increase awareness among its customer base. Techclean’s parent company, The Bardon Group, also produces a wide range of marketing material for distribution, including an up to date service brochure, product leaflets and more.

You are additionally given access to a proven appointment-generating system, which will allow you to access key decision makers among potential clients. The company also utilises a centralised direct marketing system, to help secure appointments for franchisees.

As part of the franchise support package, you will also receive all tools and applications needed to implement services and manage the business well, including a start-up supply pack with all specialist cleaning materials required, and the company’s own contact and finance management systems. Further supplies can be purchased from the company’s head office team when required.

The Techclean team continues to provide additional support once your franchise is established to help you grow your business and resolve any issues that may arise, including continued one-to-one advice and planning support.


Is a Techclean franchise a good business opportunity?

The specialist services offered by Techclean are in high demand across a variety of professional industries, presenting a strong business opportunity for potential franchisees. Techclean’s services provide customers with a wide range of benefits, including prolonging the lifetime of equipment and maintaining a healthier and more hygienic environment, saving customers money and improving productivity. Techclean is also ISO 9001:2008 and Safe contractor accredited – these are internationally recognised quality systems, and add respected credibility to customers.

Franchisees have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of customers, from SMEs to large multinational corporations, presenting a wide range of potential income streams.
You also have the option to undertake advanced training to be able to provide services for data rooms, which can be a highly technical and lucrative market.

As a well known and trusted brand in the industry, franchisees have the advantage of the brand’s excellent reputation for service, to help gain a competitive advantage over other suppliers.


How can you get started?

To become a Techclean franchisee get in touch via the online form on this page to request further information and arrange a preliminary call.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

For additional information on Techclean, simply send us an !


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