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One of the UK’s most recognisable petrol station brands.
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£800,000 - £ 2,000,000

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Car Wash

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About BP

British Petroleum (BP) has been running in the UK for 100 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Primarily operating as an oil and gas company, BP is the sixth largest energy supplier in the world and has a turnover to match. Globally, BP has over 18,000 retail sites and is a major franchising presence in the UK, US, and South Africa.

In the UK, consumer BP franchises are spread over 300 locations and 950 independently owned BP-branded sites. The brand is a major job provider, too, accounting for 16,000 direct employees and branching out to create 141,800 jobs in the UK. BP spends roughly £7.1bn with UK companies each year and is a major contributor to the stability of the nation’s economy.

As a BP franchisee, you will have the opportunity to open up a BP gas station or a BP Connect store. BP Connect franchises are the more popular option due to reduced cost and complexity. Regardless of the route you take, the head office at BP will assist you with sales, marketing, customer service, safety, and all manner of concerns when beginning your journey with BP.

With sights set on never-ending expansion and a more sustainable future, BP’s motto has always been growth and profit. The BP logo is one of the most recognised icons in the UK, giving you a global backing.

BP and BP Connect franchises: What’s the difference?

BP’s primary service is the sale of fuel via petrol stations. With 1,200 individual outlets, BP fills the tanks of five million UK cars every single week. The opportunity for businesses to generate high income via sheer foot traffic is immense. Through value-added business branches, you can generate an income of more than gas. BP Connect is a perfect example of a value add to an existing BP service station.

A BP Connect franchise is a convenience store that sells all manner of supplies to travelers and time-strapped commuters. BP Connect stores stock food items, toiletries, emergency car supplies, and novelty items like flowers or gifts.

For more information on a BP service station franchise, please contact the investment team directly via email.


How much does a BP Connect franchise cost?

The franchise fee for a BP Connect store in the UK is approximately £20,000. On top of that, you will need to have around £800,000 in liquid investment for running costs until you become profitable. A total investment of around £2,000,000 is expected, including the high cost of real estate and your shop outfit. BP does not offer financing services.


What is included in the BP franchise fee?

Included in the BP franchise fee is software (both back end and point of sales), agreed-upon equipment, training for you and your staff, sales advice, health and safety recommendations, and more. You will work closely with the UK’s head office to ensure your combined investment is a success.


How does the BP Connect franchise model work?

BP Connect has two easily recognizable brands: M&S and Wild Bean Cafe.

Wild Bean Cafe is a long-distance favorite with customers who fill up on an aromatic coffee and ready-made food while they stop for petrol. The cafe is present in almost every single BP Connect and is a true ambassador of the BP brand. Ingredients are locally sourced and proudly British.

In 2005, the BP Connect family partnered with M&S to bring high-quality food and fresh produce into the store. An instant hit with customers, there are now 280 M&S mini stores at BP connects all over the UK.


Do you need any experience to qualify for a BP franchise?

Yes, the BP family is looking to grow aggressively and only works with well-qualified, passionate individuals. Soft skills the BP franchise is looking for include trust, co operation, dedication, and teamwork. There is an emphasis placed on partnership - not reliance - on both BP and the franchisee. Experience with accounting, sales, and managerial tasks are highly desired.

Why choose a BP franchise over other convenience-focused franchise options?

BP is a global player with a brand presence unrivaled by most companies. When starting out, you’ll be backed and supported by one of the biggest companies in the world.


Training and support as a BP franchise owner

The training and support programs are as comprehensive as you’d expect from a well-established brand. You’ll be connected with your area’s franchise manager and supported from the start. Training for your staff both pre-launch and on an ongoing basis is provided. As BP’s been around for over 100 years, the franchise has perfected its training programme for maximum growth in minimal time.


How can I you apply for a BP franchise or find out about BP franchises for sale in the UK?

Send an inquiry email to the investor relations department by filling in the enquiry form found on this page.

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Send a free enquiry to BP for further information!

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