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Bluebird Care is a homecare service provider, providing live-in care and care visits, as well as specialist care for a variety of health conditions

£ 35,000 Minimum Investment

Bluebird Care In Brief

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    Bluebird Care is a homecare service provider, providing live-in care and care visits, as well as specialist care for a variety of health conditions

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    Care & Elderly Services

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 35,000

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About Bluebird Care

Bluebird Care began as a family business in 2004, providing home care services for both adults and children, and caters for a wide range of health conditions. The care provider offers a variety of services, that range from providing companionship and assistance with daily chore and activities, to personal care and support for conditions including dementia, Alzheimer’s, and physical disabilities. Bluebird Care also provides more specialised support for conditions including Parkinson’s, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis and Huntingdon’s disease, as well as care for children with a variety of issues.

With an emphasis on providing holistic support for all clients, meeting both their physical and emotional needs, Bluebird Care has grown successfully across the UK and won accolades for its franchising programme.

Where is the Bluebird Care franchise and support centre based?

The Bluebird Care headquarters and the main franchise support centre is based in Petersfield in Hampshire.


How much does a franchise with Bluebird Care cost?

To start a Bluebird Care franchise, potential business owners can expect to invest a total amount between £100,000 to £115,000. This includes a franchise fee of £37,500 (excluding VAT). Franchisees will also pay an ongoing management fee, charged at 5 per cent of the monthly turnover.


Where can you find a franchise territory for Bluebird Care for sale?

Territories to start a Bluebird Care franchise are widely available across the UK. For detailed information on specific territories currently open, contact the franchise team directly, or visit the site for updated lists of locations.


What kind of funding is available to start a Bluebird Care franchise?

As an established franchise, Bluebird Care has relationships with several major high street banks, and potential franchisees may be able to get funding support for up to 70 per cent of the total investment amount. Franchisees will need to be able to provide evidence of liquid capital of up to £35,000.


What kind of background do you need to start a franchise with Bluebird Care?

Any potential franchisees interested in starting a business with Bluebird Care do not need to have a previous background in the care industry, or past experience working in it, and current successful franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds. Bluebird Care provides all franchisees with complete training on all aspects of the business, including in-depth understanding of the care services they provide.

To succeed in this business, however, franchisees should have a caring and empathetic nature, and be able to show drive, commitment and enthusiasm for running their own business.


A review of the franchise opportunity with Bluebird Care

Bluebird Care’s franchise includes a comprehensive package of appropriate support, training and marketing support, as well as all relevant accreditations and licences required to run a care business. Franchisees are also provided with an initial batch of uniforms for staff, as well as IT and recruitment support, to help get the business started successfully.


What kind of training and support do you receive with a Bluebird Care franchise?

Bluebird Care provides full training for all new franchise owners, with both an initial training period and their own fast start programme, that enables all new franchisees to get started with the business quickly and easily. The initial training goes through all parts of the business, to help you familiarise and understand all aspects.

Franchisees are also supported by getting the necessary accreditations and memberships required in order to work within the care industry. Bluebird Care helps with the accreditation process with local care registration authorities, and cover the cost of one year’s membership with a professional care association, to help you get started.

After the initial training period, Bluebird Care continues to provide ongoing training and support, with regular coaching and mentoring, and support from their main business team with recruitment, so that you can employ the right staff to grow the business.

Bluebird Care also provides technical and marketing support, covering all aspects of business administration. Franchise owners are provided training on Bluebird Care’s bespoke care management softeare, and are given a desktop computer with all relevant software installed, including accounting and payroll packages, and other software required for office administration.

The company also provides a package of marketing collateral material, including brochures and other promotional items, letterheads and business cards, and access to regular marketing activities to help promote a new franchise within its territory. The franchise also provides online support, with access to the Bluebird Care intranet which contains an extensive library of resources, and provides franchisees with their own microsite to help promote the business.


What opportunities and profits to be made are there with a Bluebird Care franchise?

The private care market is worth over £20bn, and continues to grow, with growing preference for home care services. Both customers, healthcare providers and other government bodies show a growing preference for care that allows people to remain with their own homes, and with a growing ageing population, the demand for these services is only set to increase further.

Working with Bluebird Care as a franchisee can be a great opportunity to start your own business, as the company offers an attractive franchise package, and provides the support that comes with being part of a well established and trusted brand. As a franchise owner with Bluebird Care, you will be part of a network of franchisees, with continual involvement and collaboration between their support centre and franchise owners.

The brand is also highly renowned and well placed in the market, with over 200 franchises in operation all over the country, making it a recognisable and respected brand amongst customers.


How to get started on owning your own Bluebird Care franchise

To find out more about starting your own franchise with Bluebird Care send any enquiry form found on this page, where you can arrange to meet a franchise recruitment manager and discuss current opportunities.

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