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Caremark In Brief

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    Business & Professional Services, Care & Elderly Services

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    £ 100,000

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About Caremark

The Caremark UK franchise allows people of all ages, who require support, to stay in the comfort of their own home through a service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

The Caremark UK franchise pays particular attention to the individual and specific care needs of each customer. This means that carers are carefully matched according to their specialist training and knowledge, as well as shared language and culture.

Care can range from short, 30-minute visits once a week to daily two-hour visits. The service offers live-In care, respite care (to assist family carers) and dementia care. It also provides an ongoing, supply staff service to a variety of public and private organisations that may be experiencing shortages.

Caremark secures a comprehensive service for individuals, helping them with: personal care, such as washing, getting dressed and undressed, going to the bathroom, oral care, continence and grooming (hair styling, shaving, foot care, personal hygiene management, selecting and looking after clothes); food shopping and meal preparation, including clearing and washing up; housework, such as cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and polishing, tidying up, washing up, laundry and ironing; companionship and support to engage in social activities through the organisation of days out, to meet friends and family; medication assistance, organising prescriptions, and ensuring that the correct medicine is being taken at the appropriate times.

How does the Caremark UK franchise works and its unique processes?

The Caremark UK franchise team take pride in the fact that their offering is not just the standard ‘homecare franchise in a box’. It is unique in that it has the lowest management fees in the sector, encouraging the growth of each business.

It has a distinctive internal culture to encourage its 5,400-strong care team to feel part of the business by celebrating and rewarding their commitment to shared values and excellent care. For example, the Caremark Hall of Fame is an ongoing competition to recognise staff who consistently provide excellent standards of care. Nominations are sent from across the network each month and this helps to incentivise a positive culture.

The franchise is also well known for its good advancement opportunities for hard-working and committed staff, with appropriate Caremark pay rates. Within the care franchise industry, Caremark jobs are coveted. This internal culture includes training and support from the early stages and throughout the lifespan of the business.The ready availability of this support is evident in Caremark’s work with over 100 offices at a 3:1 ratio. The Caremark UK franchise offers the prospect of good financial returns and provides excellent opportunities from multiple income streams.


What does Caremark expect of its franchisees?

The franchisor expects the franchisees to drive the growth of a successful care business in their given local area. They are expected to build strategic relationships with relevant experts in the field by means of networking and to be proactive in terms of marketing the business.

In addition, the franchisee must work with their care manager to foster the development of an outstanding and cooperative team. They are expected to guide their staff to reach self-fulfilment in their roles and excellent levels of job performance.


Do I have to be an accountant to become a Caremark franchisee?

No, Caremark UK franchisees come from a range of backgrounds from finance to education. Potential franchisees will need to have strong leadership and management skills. Given the strong support, franchisees will quickly master the skills required for the business, but you can expect an intense and steep learning curve. During the start-up phase, they provide a start-up pack, with a plan and structure. There are accessible guidance documents, including policies and procedures for establishing the business.


Why should I choose a Caremark UK franchise instead of its competitors?

Customers are aware of Caremark UK’s reputation and high ranking in the industry. Not all care providers have this reputation and franchisees have commented on Caremark UK’s reputation for treating its staff well. A well-earned reputation for good quality care alongside its steady growth has also made the Caremark UK franchise a very popular choice.

From Caremark Billingshurst in the South to Caremark Hull in the Northwest to Caremark Wakefield in Yorkshire, and stretching to other parts of the UK, Caremark has become a recognised and strong brand with excellent growth prospects.


How can I buy a Caremark UK franchise?

Those who are seeking a Caremark franchise for sale will find the purchase process smooth. Customers can contact Caremark through an online form, by phone or email. Following initial enquiries, there will be a meeting, discussion and plan phase. They will expect to find out about your capital, plans and the proposed territory of your operation.

The potential franchisee is given the opportunity to talk to existing franchisees and do their research over a four-to-five-month period before signing the contract. The franchisor will not constantly contact the potential franchisee during this period and will give them the time and space to decide whether to proceed.


If I enquire do I have to buy a Caremark franchise?

No. Following enquiry, you will receive a brochure. You will then have the opportunity to find out more through a question and answer session with the franchisor and discuss preliminary figures.


Can I change my mind?

Yes, within the initial phase. However, in a four-week period before signing the contract the franchisee is expected to pay a deposit to reserve their chosen territory.


What training and support does Caremark provide?

There is an effective induction course in the first two weeks when the new franchisee will learn a lot about running their care business. They will find out about the carers, their daily jobs, as well as the procedures of domicilliary care. Ongoing training is then provided both by the Head Office team and a field team.

The franchisees are given support with business planning and further preparation on regulations. They also receive support to develop IT and market the business effectively.

Finally, care staff participate in a comprehensive training programme, which covers areas, such as moving, handling, medication, health and safety and so on. Much of this is delivered through an advanced e-learning system.


When might I return a profit?

You will start to make a profit very quickly once your Caremark franchise business is up and running. Franchisees can expect to make around £345,000 a year.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

For additional information on Caremark, simply send us an !

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