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Did you know?
Radfield Home Care has an expected revenue of £722,000 after 2 years!
Radfield Home Care
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About Radfield Home Care

As a prospective franchise partner, you’ll be joining 2023’s Most Outstanding Home Care Franchise Network, as named by the Home Care Awards. Your business will receive an immediate leg-up with a well-recognised and esteemed brand from the outset.

100% CQC good/outstanding trading offices:
Care in England is regulated by the CQC, and 100% of our inspected offices have achieved the two highest ratings of Good and Outstanding. This guarantees you’re partnering with a consistently high-performing organisation, recognised for its exceptional standards, boosting your franchise’s credibility and reputation.

Medical and GP led franchisor:
Driven by medical professionals, you’ll benefit from the unique advantage of medical expertise guiding your operations, setting you apart in the care sector. Your national office support team have more than 200 years of care experience and are led by a former GP.

40+ years in older persons care:
You don’t need prior experience in care when you have access to Radfield’s model. Radfield has been around for more than four decades, providing a deep understanding of the industry, positioning you to capitalise on a wealth of knowledge, ensuring the best guidance for your business and care.

14+ years in home care:
Your own business can leverage our strategies, systems, and processes, that we have refined over 14 years, giving your franchise a competitive edge.

Overcome challenges with support from people who have already faced them
You’re not just acquiring a business; you’re gaining a supportive partner. Any challenges that arise will be ones we’ve faced before, ensuring you receive the best guidance for navigating them.

Over 200 years of care experience between the National Office team:
Benefit from the collective expertise of a team with two centuries of care experience, ensuring sound guidance, mentorship, and best practices for your franchise.

UK owned and based brand:
Being part of a brand rooted in the UK ensures understanding of the unique local needs and nuances. This deepens your connection with the community and ensures services tailored to local demands.



  • Most Outstanding Home Care Franchise Network 2023
  • (Home Care Awards)
  • Outstanding Independent Home Care Provider - Pilot office 2023
  • Nutrition and hydration Award
  • Princess Royal Training Award 2022 for Franchisee training programme
  • BFA Emerging Franchisor Award 2019
  • BFA Established Accreditation 2023
  • Top 20 Home Care Provider (6 consecutive years)
  • Ranked #47 in the Elite Franchise EF100 Awards 2023
  • Five Star Franchise Satisfaction in the Workbuzz
  • Best Franchise Awards 2023

Aligning with an award-winning organisation means your franchise inherits a mark of excellence. These accolades can bolster your marketing efforts, fostering trust and respect among potential clients and the community.

With accolades such as being BFA Established, you can also be assured that Radfield Home Care has been doing this for a long time and have a proven model that does lead to successful home care businesses.

How does the Radfield Home Care franchise model work?

4-weekly business performance calls:
Regular check-ins with your dedicated Business Performance Manager ensures consistent performance, allowing you to grow your business into a successful local home care provider.

Private market, higher profit margins, less risk:
By focusing on the private market, your business can tap into more lucrative opportunities with enhanced profit margins. Additionally, diversifying your client base reduces reliance on one entity, like the Local Authority (LA), thereby de-risking your business.

Unique focus on quality:
Quality is paramount in Radfield’s model and will set you apart from other local care providers. Better care enhances clients’ lives and generates positive word-of-mouth, increasing referrals, and bolstering your business’s reputation and client base.

Intuitive invoicing system - income before payroll:
The cash flow-friendly invoicing system means you’ll receive payments from clients before settling staff payroll. This reduces working capital requirements, improving your financial flexibility, with the potential of having multiple client invoices settled before each payroll cycle.

Technology led:
Your business will be enhanced by a suite of specialist digital systems designed for care, like Application Tracking Systems (ATS), and care planning apps. Such systems not only streamline operations but also enhance safety. Plus, family members can access records, adding an extra layer of transparency and trust.

Digital marketing led:
Your online presence is key in modern marketing, Radfield gives you the tools to maximise your online presence through a multitude of channels - social media, online advertising, your own website, SEO, PPC, and Live Chat (driven by AI). Coupling this with tracking software, you can precisely understand where your leads originate and optimise your marketing efforts.

New tech in care:
You and your business can stay ahead of the curve by leveraging innovative technologies in care, like the “OK each day” system and many others, ensuring modern and effective care delivery.

Did you know?
Radfield Home Care has an expected revenue of £722,000 after 2 years!
Radfield Home Care
Request free information in just 60 seconds!
Take the first step in becoming your own boss!
By sharing your email, you're agreeing to our privacy policy, cookie policy and terms & conditions.

Caring for CarersTM pledge:
As a care business owner, your workforce are the heart of your business and must be valued and appreciated. Radfield Home Care can guide you on how to do this, fostering a culture of gratitude, offering competitive remuneration, and creating a welcoming office ambiance, to ensure your team is motivated, happy, and loyal.

Additional revenue streams - Visiting Care, Live-in Care, Day Centre, Connected Care:
You can diversify your revenue streams with additional forms of care provision, maximising profitability while building a more robust business for yourself. Along with visiting care, you may provide live-in care, adult day care, and assistive technologies; catering for different care needs while ensuring holistic service offerings and a wider market reach.

What type of franchisee is Radfield Home Care looking for?

  • Ambitious, driven, professional
  • Resilient
  • Value focused
  • Empathetic and adaptable
  • Like-minded people who want to set up a business that benefits their local community and meets our core values and company culture.
  • If you create the right culture in your business and treat people well - the financial rewards will come.
  • Less than 1% of people that enquire get awarded - Radfield sees franchisees as long-term business partners so head office has to be able to work well with them.

Training and support

  • 20-day training programme - royally recognised Princess Royal Training Awarded 2022 for franchisee onboarding training
  • Dedicated and experienced Business Performance Manager
  • Literature and marketing pack (over 11,000 items
  • Weekly development calls with FSM
  • Regular face-to-face meetings at the Franchise
  • Partners office with a dedicated Business Performance Manager
  • Industry-leading digital marketing strategies and software
  • Leading operational software
  • Social media account setup and support
  • Staff starter packs (uniforms and DBS)
  • Localised ‘Google friendly’ (SEO) website
  • Ongoing support from the Franchise support team
  • External CQC preparation audit
  • Bi-Annual Franchise Forums
  • Monthly network training webinars

Financial information

Franchise fee: £35,000 plus VAT (£42,000)
Working capital requirements: £79,000 - £84,000 (depends on local area, can be higher in London, lower than others due to unique invoicing structure)
Total investment: Approx £121,000 - Franchise fee + working capital + contingency. Higher if borrowing required
Liquid capital required: £45-50K (depends on borrowing etc)
Management fee: 5%+VAT of turnover (paid every period)
National marketing levy: 1%+VAT of turnover (paid every period)
Financing/lending options: We work with banks that lend up to 70% of Total Investment, 5 year repayment term, unsecured available.
Full ROI (Total Investment recovered) End of Year 3
Year One Turnover (inc. live-in): £255k (loss £19k/-4%) Rounded £250k
Year Two Turnover (inc. live-in): £722k (profit £93k/12%) Rounded £720k
Year Three Turnover (inc. live-in & day care): £1.2m (profit £162k/10%) Rounded £1.2m
Breakeven: By the end of year 1 (months 9-12)
Profit Margin: 10-15% Net, 45-50% Gross
Number of Franchise Territories: 33 (31 trading, 2 in pre-launch, 2 company-owned)
Number of Company Owned: 2
Total number of offices: 33

Why invest in Radfield Home Care?

  • 100% CQC rating overall “good” or “outstanding”
  • Increasingly challenging funding or care marketplace. So go with the home care provider that offers you the best access to the private marketplace.
  • Radfield Home Care are a purpose-led organisation which means it is united in our efforts to provide exceptional care to our clients and be the best employers.
  • The franchise is an elderly care specialist. It focuses on delivering high-quality care to elderly clients paying privately. It is where the demographic is booming and demand outstrips supply. Growing a smaller business with a private client base is far more profitable and more secure than contracting with local authorities and being at the mercy of budget cuts. This also keeps overheads manageable and recruitment and retention of staff easier.
  • A wealth of head office experience - Radfield is GP-led with Hannah, and has financial expertise with Alex.
  • Over 40 years experience - grew up in a residential home - caring and business are in their blood. Set up Radfield Home Care in 2008 and grew and expanded the business throughout the recession.
  • All our territories have been designed to make sure there are sufficient numbers of elderly people but also sufficient numbers of working-age people to work as carers. Each territory includes at least 35,000 people over the age of 60 and over 115,000 people in total.
  • Benefits of considering culture when evaluating different franchises. Radfield can help you get the culture right so that you can retain and attract care staff which means you can grow your business.
  • No renewal fee at 10 years

What locations is Radfield Home Care looking to target?

London, South East, South West, North West, Scotland, Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands, and East Anglia

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

An initial term 10 year terms and renewable beyond.

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Send a free enquiry to Radfield Home Care for further information!

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