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Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods delivers frozen ready-made meals, chiefly to elderly customers.

£ 48,000 Minimum Investment

Wiltshire Farm Foods In Brief

  • Description

    Wiltshire Farm Foods delivers frozen ready-made meals, chiefly to elderly customers.

  • Business Type

    Delivery & Haulage, Food & Drink

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 48,000

  • BFA Member


    What does it mean to be an official BFA Member?

About Wiltshire Farm Foods

The Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise supplies ready-made meals to customers from a range of over 300 tasty dishes. All its ready meals are made using quality ingredients and range from traditional favourites such as Sunday roast and fish and chips to vegetarian and gluten-free options. Wiltshire Farm Foods also has a range of desserts to complement its meals.

It offers free home delivery to any address in mainland UK via its over 80 local teams and drivers who can provide no-charge delivery to your door (a minimum order may apply in some areas). Customers are given a choice of available delivery days when placing their order and can pay at the time of ordering, or by cheque or cash on delivery. As Wiltshire Farm Foods accepts debit and credit card payments, customers can even order on behalf of friends and family members.

Orders can be made online, free by phone or from Wiltshire Farm Foods’ brochure, where you will find unique product codes to make your shopping even quicker.

Meals are delivered frozen and are easily cooked, most taking as little as 8-12 minutes in a microwave or 35-40 minutes in an oven. Labelling is easy to follow and with no cardboard sleeves there is less waste. Full ingredients are shown on every meal and any allergens are marked in bold.

The food comes in three different sizes: the traditional, everyday standard size (275-465g); hearty (500-565g), for when you’re particularly hungry; and mini (180-220g), a lighter, snack-sized meal.

Reviews of Wiltshire Farm Foods’ meals have been collated and published by independent reviewer TrustPilot, which has awarded Wiltshire Farm Foods with a score of 9 out of 10.

Wiltshire Farm Foods is a full member of the British Franchise Association (BFA).

Who is behind the Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise?

Waldens Wiltshire Foods began as a meat and dairy food processing company in 1928 and became a brand leader in the 1960s using emerging frozen food technology to produce a range of frozen meat pies for bakers. In 1970, it began producing frozen ready-made meals for the meals-on-wheels service in the London borough of Wandsworth.

At the same time, a German frozen ready-meal company named Apetito was expanding throughout Europe, reaching the UK in 1991. Apetito acquired Waldens in December 1995 and began developing quality products for community meals.

In 2000, Waldens Wiltshire Foods became Apetito Ltd. and the Wiltshire Farm Foods brand has since become the leading supplier of frozen ready meals — the company also delivering hot meals under the Apetito brand name.

Apetito have won several awards, including two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation — the first in 2005 for developing the Chefmobil meals-on-wheels van, revolutionising the meals on wheels service; and again in 2016 for its texture-modified meals for people who have difficulty chewing or swallowing.

Over 90 per cent of the Waldens Wiltshire Foods’ meals are made in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, where the company has been based since the beginning. Chefs Phil Rimmer and Liam Newblé have been part of the team cooking meals for Wiltshire Farm Foods for over ten years.

The company has its own tasting panel, the team of customers offering Wiltshire Farm Foods feedback on their recipes. Their insistence on high quality and great taste means that the food is up to the standards demanded by the panel. The company’s chefs also work closely with a registered dietitian.

Wiltshire Farm Foods sources its ingredients responsibly and supports the British and Irish food and farming industries. Fish is sourced from sustainable stocks, cocoa is sourced from Fairtrade, and even the ice cream is made locally — at Marshfield Farm, only 15 miles away from Wiltshire Farm Food’s head office.

The Wiltshire Farm Foods meals contains no artificial flavours, artificial colours, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (HVOs) or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).


How does the Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise model work?

The franchise is a community-based business offering ready-made meals to customers, mostly seniors over the age of 65 (the average age is 83). The model has been so successful in the UK — with UK sales of over £100 million — that it has been used as a model for the Heart to Home Meals franchise in Canada.

The company operates throughout the United Kingdom and has developed a strong network of franchise territories, divided by postcode. Franchised territories now cover the whole of the UK and Wiltshire Farm Foods now only offers resale opportunities.

The price of a resale territory will vary depending on the size of the franchise and its customer database; the cost also includes office space and vehicles to deliver the food.


How much does a Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise cost?

Typical investment varies from £250,000 to £450,000. There is an annual license fee for the Wiltshire Farm Foods’ IT system and a nominal cost for brochures that are distributed to potential customers. The only other cost incurred is for the products purchased.


Is financial aid available for a Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise?

Wiltshire Farm Foods states that it can support franchise candidates with the cost of purchase via a loan agreement as long as the candidate has access to £100,000 in liquid assets. The company has excellent relationships with major banks meaning that potential franchisees can obtain attractive financial packages of up to 70 per cent of the required amount.


What support and training does Wiltshire Farm Foods offer its franchisees?

Potential franchisees receive two weeks of IT support in order for them to manage the day-to-day operation of a Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise. Each franchisee is assigned a dedicated Business Manager to help them create a marketing plan and provide ongoing support.

Franchisees also attend quarterly regional meetings alongside their fellow franchisees and there is an annual conference where Wiltshire Farm Foods will lay out its strategy for the year ahead.

Wiltshire Farm Foods also has a multi-million pound national marketing support package, including nationwide TV advertising, brochures and a variety of tools that reach its target audience.


What are the potential profits which can be made from a Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise?

Wiltshire Farm Foods states that franchisees can expect a turnover of between £500,000 and £1 million-plus a year. All Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise areas available for resale have an established customer base and the potential to be profitable from year one.


Are there Wiltshire Farm Foods franchises for sale?

Wiltshire Farm Foods has franchises for resale in a number of areas, including Bracknell, Christchurch, Cleveland North Devon, Cornwall, Durham, East London, Norfolk, Northampton, and in the South East of England; Edinburgh, and Stirling in Scotland; and Munster in the Republic of Ireland. Contact Wiltshire Farm Foods for up-to-date information on where territories are available.

Potential franchisees are encouraged to meet up with those selling their business as communicating with current franchisees is seen by Wiltshire Farm Foods as a crucial part of its recruitment process.


What are Wiltshire Farm Foods’ terms of agreement and renewal?

The Wiltshire Farm Foods’ franchise is offered on a seven-year licence, with no charges to renew should franchisees wish to continue.


How in-demand are home delivery services like Wiltshire Farm Foods right now?

There are over nine million people aged 65 and over in the UK. The need for home food delivery services is on the rise but there is a second factor at work with seniors - almost 40 per cent of those aged over 75 do not use the internet regularly. To take account of this, Wiltshire Farm Foods publishes a comprehensive brochure and makes it easy to order food over the phone for free.


How do I start setting up my own Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise?

To find out more, or to request further information on franchising with Wiltshire Farm Foods, click on the ‘Send Enquiry’ button now.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

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