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Studio Pilates set to take over the UK

Studio Pilates set to take over the UK

Unlike any other pilates opportunity, Studio Pilates International is on a mission to revolutionise the UK market and create huge client demand

In a recent survey conducted by HFE, 70 per cent of UK fitness fanatics said they would rather do pilates over yoga, which explains why it’s currently one of the world’s most googled fitness terms. While pilates is by no means a new form of exercise, it’s fast gaining momentum thanks to a huge shift in consumer behaviour, seeing more people opting for mindful forms of exercise that have a myriad of both physical and mental health benefits over strenuous physical activities like HIIT training. Due to its growing popularity, which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, pilates is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 10 per cent between 2021 and 2028.

For this reason, Studio Pilates International, one of the world’s longest-running and most successful players in the global pilates game, is set to take on the UK after successfully conquering the Australian, New Zealand, Chinese and US markets, with nine sites already in the pipeline across the UK and Ireland, including Exeter, which is set to open in June 2023.

With 21 years of proven success across many different markets, Studio Pilates International’s co-founder and CEO, Jade Winter, believes Studio Pilates will revolutionise the UK market and create huge client demand.

“Studio Pilates is unlike any other pilates product on the market for three main reasons. We incorporate state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, scientific sequencing and world-class instructors to provide a premium workout experience that’s achievable for all clients whether it’s their first or 50th reformer pilates class. For this reason, our studios are seeing record numbers of clients each week, which has created a consistent demand for us to open more studios in new markets. No matter where you are in the world, people know that when they walk into a Studio Pilates studio, they’re going to get an incredible workout,” says Jade Winter.

To aid this expansion, Studio Pilates had appointed a highly experienced UK support team who will be on the ground to provide ongoing support and guidance for studio openings and training across the UK and Ireland.

A robust business model

With over 100 studios now open and operational globally, Studio Pilates has never once had to close a studio due to financial hardship, which is a true testament to the strength of the robust business model. Studio Pilates co-founders Jade and Tanya Winter spent more than 10 years developing and fine-tuning training manuals and processes for all areas of the business, which when followed, will keep clients happy, classes full and studios profitable.

Having collectively instructed over 100,000 classes and running highly profitable studios for 21 years, the dynamic duo understands exactly how to drive results with the signature Studio Pilates method. This method is ingrained into all areas of the business including the way instructors are taught to cue and coach clients, how each workout is sequenced both in a class and through the week and the way the studios are intentionally designed. The key to operating a successful and profitable Studio Pilates studio is to simply follow the successful processes which have been in place for 21 years – it’s really that simple.

A business model for everyone

In the same way, the physiotherapist-designed Studio Pilates workouts are achievable for everybody, the Studio Pilates franchise business model is also suitable for everybody, even if you don’t have any prior experience in fitness or business.

One of the most unique things about the franchise business model is the use of centralised systems, including payroll and bookkeeping to name just a few. With no prior experience in business before opening their first studio 21 years ago, Studio Pilates co-founders Jade and Tanya Winter were passionate about creating a model that helped mitigate any barriers that might prevent people from wanting to invest in a franchise. In doing so, Studio Pilates has attracted franchisees from all different walks and all different stages of life who are looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career.

The business model is designed with three main types of studio owners in mind: the owner/instructor, the owner/ manager and the owner/investor. The owner/ instructors are qualified pilates instructors and spend a large majority of their time on the floor instructing classes – for this reason, they’re able to keep their wage costs low, resulting in a higher profit margin for the studio. The owner/managers make up the biggest percentage of franchisees, and due to the time freed up not instructing, they’re able to open and manage multiple studios at a time, in turn enabling them to multiply their earnings. The owner/investors are those with corporate/full-time careers who are simply looking to expand their investment portfolios with the Studio Pilates turnkey business model. These owners employ studio managers and instructors to run the day-to-day and all profits made from their studios become a passive income stream.

Unique training academy

Ask any business owner what their biggest pain point is, and they’ll likely say staffing. It can be incredibly time-consuming to train and nurture a new team member, and the cost required for this large investment of your time can be high. Studio Pilates has solved this operational headache with its central instructor training academy, which is one of the things that gives Studio Pilates its biggest competitive advantage.

All instructors must complete their training through the academy prior to commencing employment to ensure they are equipped with the same extensive knowledge, practical experience, instructing skills and confidence to change lives, deliver high-quality classes and most importantly, fill classes with happy clients who will keep on coming back.

So, if you’re interested in investing in a pilates studio with proven success and uncapped earning potential, Studio Pilates International has franchise opportunities available in the UK and Ireland. Contact the UK franchising team at or 07572 060187.

At a glance

Year Established:


Number of franchised outlets:


Location of units:

Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and soon Ireland and Canada

Investment range:

£250,000 - £350,000 depending on location

Minimum required capital:

50 per cent of total investment

Contact: or 07572 060187

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