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Did you know?
Bagel Corner has outlets available across the UK
Bagel Corner
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Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner is a chain of quick service restaurants specialising in bagels, salads and sandwiches
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About Bagel Corner

Following a trip to Hungary, Michaël Cohen, Grégory Clément and Rachid Ez-Zaïdi realised that bagels were hugely popular in other areas of the world but were not yet widely available in France. There was no quick service restaurant chain specialising in reasonably priced bagels in France.

Having identified this niche, the trio founded Bagel Corner in 2010, a chain of restaurants where customers could order bagels, soups and salads that were freshly assembled in front of them.

Bagel Corner uses a cutting-edge POS (point of sale) system to enable it to serve all customers within 70 seconds.

Bagel Corner has proven extremely successful in France, with more than 30 outlets established, and in 2017 was granted a license to open restaurants in Belgium and Luxembourg. The company aims to have 100 Bagel Corner franchise outlets open by 2022, in a variety of new markets including the UK, Scandinavia and Morocco.

In 2017 Bagel Corner franchises adopted a new decor scheme, making all its outlets even more modern and stylish. The company is committed to expansion and innovation, and is looking at a variety of ways to increase brand recognition.

Seeing transport hubs like airports and railway stations as ideal venues for its outlets, Bagel Corner has signed a deal with French train operator SNCF to open a kiosk in Rennes station. It has also secured a partnership with Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx to supply bagels for his restaurant’s breakfast menu, a clear endorsement of the quality of Bagel Corner products.

Many other corporate partnerships are also ongoing, including one to provide a kiosk in the headquarters of Google France.

How does the Bagel Corner franchise model work?

Bagel Corner franchises operate out of three different outlet types: a full restaurant, a shop-in-shop setup, or a kiosk. Shops-in-shops and kiosks are located in areas of heavy foot traffic, while full restaurants provide tables so that customers can choose an eat-in option as well as takeaway. In addition, Bagel Corner can prepare and deliver boxes of bagels to customers.

Each outlet commits to Bagel Corner’s promise to serve every customer within 70 seconds, preparing their food freshly in front of them. Prices are kept affordable to appeal to a range of clientele, from office workers to students.

Franchisees need to commit to manage the opening hours of their chosen outlets. These can vary according to the location - outlets catering mostly to office workers have shorter opening hours than those catering for tourists or travellers, and are often closed at the weekends.


How much does a Bagel Corner franchise cost?

There is a minimum investment level of £500,000, of which £53,000 must be a personal contribution. There is an initial franchise fee of £15,000 + tax. Training costs are included. Ongoing costs include 5 per cent of sales monthly as a royalty fee, and 1 per cent of sales monthly as a communication fee. These costs will vary depending
on the size of the chosen outlet.


What funding and loan options are available to cover the Bagel Corner franchise cost?

Bagel Corner has established good relationships with several major banks, and connects potential franchisees with these at the relevant point in the recruitment process.

Although Bagel Corner does not yet have a licence to operate in the UK, its success in France should ensure that it is easily able to work with UK-based financial institutions when the time comes.


Do franchisees need fast food experience?

No. The Bagel Corner Master Licensee recruitment process is designed to give potential franchisees a complete understanding of the brand and the day-to-day running of a Bagel Corner outlet. However, franchisees should operate within Bagel Corner’s brand values – being approachable, close to the customer, and “enjoy participating in the entrepreneurial adventure”.

Did you know?
Bagel Corner has outlets available across the UK
Bagel Corner
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What locations is Bagel Corner looking to franchise in?

Bagel Corner is dedicated to expansion both in its existing markets and in new ones. Bagel Corner franchises are expected to increase rapidly throughout France over the next couple of years, and the company has committed to reaching new markets like the UK, Scandinavia and Morocco.

This means that once a licence has been agreed for these new territories, the first franchisees will be able to select any location within it. Existing Bagel Corner franchises are found in high foot traffic areas like city centres, business districts, retail zones and transport hubs, and it is probable that any new territory such as the UK would follow this pattern.


How to find the right premises

Once a Bagel Corner franchisee, or ‘Master Licensee’, has chosen the location of their Bagel Corner outlet, they must decide which of the three types of premises it will be most suitable for. Floor space requirements are 7m² for a kiosk (with an off-site stock area of 15-20m² ), 20m² for a shop-in-shop, and 40-70m² for a full restaurant.


How to find a Bagel Corner franchise for sale

If franchisees would rather take over an existing Bagel Corner business instead of starting a new one, they should use the enquiry form found on this page. However, at the moment such opportunities would be limited to France or Belgium.


Why choose a Bagel Corner franchise over other fast food businesses?

Bagel Corner franchises offer excellent returns, as is to be expected from the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector. As Bagel Corner is not yet established in the UK, but has plans to expand into this market, early adopters would be at the forefront of establishing the brand. This would present franchisees with the opportunities to both make money and join the company at an exciting time in its development. The track record of Bagel Corner franchises in France indicates that the company treats both franchisees and customers very well.


How can I apply for a Bagel Corner franchise?

The franchisee applies for a Master License to operate a Bagel Corner franchise. Initially a potential candidate must enter their details into the online Dossier de Candidature form. This is followed by a presentation about the key elements of the Bagel Corner brand. Candidates then spend a day at one of the existing Bagel Corner franchise outlets to ensure that they fully understand the concept and see the brand in action. These two meetings can be accomplished in less than a week, after which the candidate and the company decide whether they want to proceed.

If the franchisee is validated as a Master Licensee, the next step is to choose a location. Then Bagel Corner works with the Master Licensee to plan the project of preparing the outlet, including putting them in touch with their banking partners. Once financing is in place, work starts on fitting the selected location out as a Bagel Corner outlet. Then the Master Licensee completes a 10-day training course in Paris. In the days leading up to and just after opening, a Bagel Corner representative will be available to provide support and get sales up and running.

A Bagel Corner franchise is valid for seven years. Although Bagel Corner franchisees in France are encouraged to open multiple outlets, the company intends for UK franchisees to start with a single premises.

To begin the application process, or to find out more information about the Bagel Corner franchise, click the enquiry button found on this page.

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