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£ 85,000 Minimum Investment

Vom Fass In Brief

  • Description

    Vom FASS is an international speciality foodstuff store, selling oils, vinegars, wines and liquers.

  • Franchise Opportunities

    Food & Drink Franchises

  • Business Type

    Food & Drink, Retail

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 85,000

About Vom Fass

Vom FASS is a speciality food and drink retailer, founded first in Germany in 1994, and now established around the world, with over 270 stores in 20 countries. The brand is known for providing an upscale, gourmet experience and is popular with the growing ‘foodie’ market. The brand focuses on providing high quality products, and a warm and inviting customer experience, allowing customers to taste and try products in-store. This is coupled with a team of staff that is well trained and knowledgable on the range of products provided by Vom FASS, to increase connection with their customers.

A franchise with Vom FASS can be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is passionate about fine dining and culinary products, with a chance to both deepen their own knowledge of this area, and develop a successful business in this growing niche.

Where are the headquarters for the Vom FASS franchise located?

The headquarters for the main Vom FASS franchise are based in Germany, and the UK head office for the franchise is located in Milton Keynes.

How much does it cost to start a Vom FASS franchise?

The cost of opening a franchise with Vom FASS can vary depending on the location and market, but potential franchise owners will require approximately £80,000-£120,000 in liquid capital.

This includes the initial franchise fee of £15,000 (excluding VAT) for a single territory. In addition to this, franchisees can expect further costs for shop fitting, equipment and opening stock, as well as costs for rent, legal fees, and other expenditure.

Where can you find a territory for a Vom FASS franchise?

An up to date list of some of the available territories is featured on the Vom FASS franchise website, but for more information on specific locations, it is worth contacting the franchise team for more details on specific areas and regions.

Is it possible to open more than one Vom FASS franchise store?

It is possible to open Vom FASS stores across multiple territories, once an initial store has been successfully established.

What kind of financial support is available to start a Vom FASS franchise?

You may be able to get funding to start a Vom FASS franchise from most major high street banks and lenders, and will require a business plan to apply for financial support.

What sort of experience should you have to be a Vom FASS franchise owner?

To start a Vom FASS franchise business, you do not need to have prior experience working in the food and drink industry, but the brand recommends that you have a proven track record of working in a leadership role. You should be confident and able to manage a team successfully, and have a good sense of business acumen. Successful franchisees need to be strongly self-motivated and determined to succeed.

It also helps to have a keen interest and passion for gourmet products. While professional experience is not a requirement, having good knowledge of the niche and a strong interest in the product is essential to succeed in growing the Vom FASS franchise.

What kind of business opportunities can you expect with a Vom FASS franchise?

The Vom FASS franchise has few competitors in the area of gourmet oils and vinegars, and with its focus on quality, the brand has grown extensively over the world to become a well-established name in the food and drink industry. Vom FASS also works with its own suppliers, selling products that are exclusive to the franchise, retaining a high standard of quality and winning customers’ loyalty and trust in their brand.

This gives potential franchise owners a great opportunity for success, as you will have the chance to work with a well-established and highly reputable brand, with a recognised presence in the market. Being a franchise owner with Vom FASS also provides more support in establishing and growing the business, with access to a proven and established business model, group buying power to reduce costs, and extensive support and training from the brand to help you grow the business further.

Working with Vom FASS is also an exceptional opportunity for anyone passionate about food and drink, as the brand gives their franchisees access to exclusive events, fairs and insight into developing trends in this industry. Franchise owners have the prospect of developing their stores by offering special in-store events, workshops and speciality trainings, to further reach out to customers and improve their profile.

Is there any training provided with a Vom FASS franchise?

Vom FASS provides all new franchisees with a complete training package, to cover all areas of business development and establishing a store, as well as training about the products offered by the company.

The Vom FASS training programme includes a variety of components, including remote webinars that allow you to learn at your own pace, followed by a training and internship session at an existing franchise store.

Will you get ongoing support with a Vom FASS franchise?

Ongoing support is provided to all Vom FASS franchise owners to help them establish and grow the business successfully, at all stages. From the beginning of the franchise agreement, the Vom FASS corporate team will assist new businesses with creating and developing a successful business plan to help secure funding, as well as advise on choosing and developing a site location and building the store, in line with the brand’s values. After the store is open, Vom FASS will also help with in store training for staff, and provide marketing support to help reach out and promote the brand to the local area.

The Vom FASS team also meets regularly with franchisees to help with marketing and advertising, providing advice and feedback, and ensuring you stay on top of your goals.

How to get started

To find out more about starting your own Vom FASS franchise, contact the brand directly the enquire now form on this page.

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