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Clean Cut

Clean Cut provides gardening maintenance, such as lawn cutting, weed killing, hedge cutting, turfing, power washing of patios and drives, tree surgery and gutter cleaning
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About Clean Cut

The Clean Cut franchise is a professional gardening business that is developing into a network throughout the United Kingdom and aims to have a presence in every town. The franchise is based on a series of proven methods of running a successful gardening maintenance business from marketing and sales to everyday operations, employee training and finance.

The Clean Cut franchise provides a comprehensive service which covers every possible dimension of garden care and maintenance, including lawn cutting, weed killing, hedge cutting, turfing, power washing of patios and drives, tree surgery and gutter cleaning. The service is usually provided to clients at their home address or to businesses and in all weather conditions.

Clean Cut prides itself on delivering a first-class professional service with friendly and helpful teams. It is a highly competitive business opportunity in a market where demand has been growing year on year. The service is profitable for those who have the right preparation and those who align themselves with a well-established franchise and brand, such as Clean Cut.

How the Clean Cut franchise model works

One key aspect of running a Clean Cut franchise is the unique “marketing success planner” which can give you effective predictions on the sort of results you might get from particular marketing activities. This remarkable resource gives Clean Cut the opportunity to develop a specialised marketing plan for your business with good prospects of strong results.

Clean Cut has a great deal of experience of what works and what does not work in marketing. Therefore, each form of marketing has been researched, tried and tested in practice in many different contexts. You will be given all the forms of advertising that you need, from leaflets and business cards to advertisements. Clean Cut’s distinctive approach to marketing will help get your business off to a great start.

The Clean Cut franchise also offers a unique “pricing calculator” designed to help you turn your leads into sales. It contains estimate documents and quotes sheets which will help franchisees track leads and new business opportunities.

New owners will receive support from head office when it comes to answering phone calls while you are on the job. This ensures that you will not miss any potential business.
Clean Cut gives you access to a “quote system”, an innovative piece of technology that allows you to look at your leads, customers and appointments, using your desktop at home or your smart phone or tablet on the move.

This managerial support is a distinctive part of the Clean Cut franchise package and it dramatically reduces bureaucracy and paperwork. An iPad comes as part of the package and you will have access to an efficient scheduling system, so that you are always organised and prepared. The technology will allow you to do everything you need to do for your business, including invoice creation.


Why should customers choose the Clean Cut franchise instead of other gardening companies?

Clean Cut has established a successful business model that ensures a high income for committed franchisees and an enjoyable and stress-free enterprise that brings fast results. It will eventually allow you to concentrate on generating a higher turnover and a great lifestyle without having to do the physical gardening work, if you so desire.
Franchisees enjoy the significant benefit of earning their income over a 10-month period, giving them two full months off every year.

Clean Cut also has a strong reputation for supporting its franchisees through its network. Head office provides help and advice but encourages the franchisees to talk to one another about all aspects of their business.

The company offers some of the most robust systems and processes in the gardening maintenance industry, which are based on thorough research, knowledge, experience and commitment to the highest standards.


What experience and skills are expected of Clean Cut franchisees?

Clean Cut is looking for people who are prepared to work hard, show dedication, commitment and customer care. They will need confidence to develop the franchise according to the Clean Cut business model. Clean Cut franchisees do not have to have gardening experience, although a similar background will be beneficial. Recent recruits have ranged from green keepers and office personnel to tradesmen and policemen. Enthusiasm and drive are more important than career experience.


How much does a Clean Cut franchise cost?

The investment required is £19,950+VAT. This sum includes a full toolkit, including lawn mower, safety glasses and everything you will need for your new business. It also covers the entire marketing, office and stationery kits.


Can franchisees expect initial financial support?

Yes, there is an option of financial support through a third party.


If I enquire, will I need to invest?

Not at all. Clean Cut will want to establish that the franchisee is a suitable candidate before they become part of the company. The candidate will go through a “due diligence” process to make sure that they are happy to proceed and that they will be successful in the role.


Can I change my mind?

Yes, but it is better to do so after the process of due diligence, so that you have all the information to make an informed decision. Clean Cut will eventually require commitment in the form of a £5,000 +VAT deposit. When the contract is signed the franchisee has the option of paying the full outstanding lump sum or paying it over 24 monthly installments of £500 +VAT.


What training do Clean Cut franchisees receive?

Clean Cut provides its new franchisees with high-quality training through an approved college, and you can rely on ongoing support as your business grows. New owners will all receive “How To” guides that cover every possible aspect of garden maintenance.

In addition, Clean Cut training includes a complete guide to the HR side of your business, giving you the knowledge to recruit, train and manage your team. This will afford you the choice to eventually hire a team to do the physical gardening work while you deal with the business side of the operation.


When might I return a profit?

The early stages of the business will be challenging and will require a lot of hard work. Nonetheless, you are likely to see profits by the end of the first year. If you invest that hard work, you can expect to earn at least £28,000 in year one. By the second year £35,000 is achievable and it is possible to reach £55,000 in year three.

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