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The Christmas Decorators

The Christmas Decorators franchise provides expertise in the design and installation of Christmas lighting and decorations for the inside and outside of homes and businesses

The Christmas Decorators In Brief

  • Description

    The Christmas Decorators franchise provides expertise in the design and installation of Christmas lighting and decorations for the inside and outside of homes and businesses

  • Business Type

    Homecare & Property Maintenance

  • Investment Level

    £ 20,450

  • BFA Member


    What does it mean to be an official ? BFA Member entail?

About The Christmas Decorators

The Christmas Decorators franchise provides expertise in the design and installation of Christmas lighting and decorations for the inside and outside of homes and businesses. The service also involves the maintenance and takedown of those decorations, giving the customer the opportunity to focus on other activities. The franchise deals with the creation of special “winter wonderland” weddings and Christmas parties with particular themes.

The Christmas decorations (including new technology LED Christmas lights) are sourced in both the United Kingdom and the far east. The success of the company is reflected in the many prestigious clients that the Christmas Decorators franchise has managed to attract over recent years. They include leading hotel chains, restaurants, top venues and retail outlets (for example Harrods, The Ritz, The Natural History Museum, o2 retail stores, Boots, Grosvenor Casinos), as well as some of the country’s most prestigious residences.

The Christmas Decorators franchise is unique in the UK as a provider of this type of service and the company has a presence in most of the country’s major towns and cities. Christmas Decorator teams are professional and committed to excellent standards of service.

How does The Christmas Decorators franchise model work?

The Christmas Decorators franchisee will fulfil different roles at different times in the year. Over the spring and summer, you will work on the marketing of your new franchise, attending events to network and start to make appointments and sales.

In September you will begin to plan your jobs for all your clients by checking and testing all the stock and making new orders as required. By October you will begin to do some commercial installations.

Unsurprisingly, the Christmas Decorators franchise work becomes intense over November and December because you will need to work long hours and perhaps seven days a week to ensure that the installations are completed to the necessary standard. The work will continue into early January when you will have to take the installations down and pack everything away until the next year.


Why do customers choose the Christmas Decorators franchise instead of its competitors?

The Christmas Decorators has a national presence in almost every corner of the United Kingdom, which ensures that clients have a first-class customer experience from the installation through to the takedown of the decorations. This local angle is one of the most distinctive aspects of the business.

An office in China ensures a strong relationship with one of the key manufacturing sources and this helps to ensure outstanding quality. All the items are manufactured exclusively for the company which has very exacting requirements. In fact, much of the décor is handcrafted by company staff using handmade products from workshops in Europe.

The company differs from other Christmas decorators in that its staff are dedicated professionals to this particular area of endeavour whereas other businesses may be generalists who provide a range of other services without the specialist touch. Christmas Decorators has particular strengths, including the expert decoration of trees.


What are the expectations of the franchisee?

It goes without saying that potential franchisees will need to have a real passion for Christmas.

Additionally, they must have a natural design ability and feel for aesthetic beauty; entrepreneurial skills, motivation and determination; excellent communication, organisation and customer skills; the ability to follow a tested model; a fun attitude and commitment to hard work alongside like-minded people during the Christmas season.


Can The Christmas Decorators franchisees expect initial financial support?

Yes, there are options to finance your new venture through our franchise partners, spreading the cost over a five-year period.


How much does a The Christmas Decorators franchise cost?

The typical start-up cost will be £20,450 (Minimum Personal Investment: £6,000). This cost includes a protected territory; training; managerial and head office support to help you launch and grow and be available for ongoing support; a comprehensive operations manual; marketing materials and business cards; branded clothing; a laptop with access to a stock system; your own website and help with social media and customer relations, among other benefits. In the early years, you will be home-based, saving
you a lot of money. You will have to pay a management service fee which will be based on your turnover.


Do I need an accountant?

Yes, it is likely that you will have to hire an accountant for the business.


What training does The Christmas Decorators offer its franchisees?

Christmas Decorators offers a thorough training programme so that you become a true professional and expert. The training will include five days of classroom-based preparation and then a further five days of practical hands-on training. This will include interior decorating, creating garlands and wreaths, and dressing Christmas trees.

It will also include practical exterior decorating, fixing lights and decorations to buildings or on high streets. This training is ongoing throughout the year not just during the festive season itself.


When might I return a profit when running A Christmas Decorators franchise?

Christmas Decorators suggest the following projection for a moderate level of investment and time:

Year 1 Turnover = £30,000
Year 2 Turnover = £60,000 (the first years £30,000 of re-installs and new customers amounting to
Year 3 Turnover = £90,000 (the first and second year’s £60,000 of re-installs and new customers
amounting to £30,000)

For those willing to work more hours the returns will be even better.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

For additional information on The Christmas Decorators, simply send us an !

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