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Charge Point has outlets available across the UK
Charge Point
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Charge Point

Charge Point provides a convenient and secure charging method for the public, while at the same time generating additional revenue
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About Charge Point

Charge Point is an innovative business offering safe phone charging stations in public places such as bars, restaurants or pubs. Charge Point was founded in 2014 after two years of design and development and was born out of the founder’s own frustrations with not having anywhere to leave his phone charging safely whilst on-the-move.

Each Charge Point unit has secure compartments, allowing customers to leave their phone to charge in a secure yet simple and flexible way. Charge Point gives expensive phone-owners peace of mind and removes responsibility from site owners, as, in the rare event of a theft, all the handsets are fully insured.

Charge Point stations thus offer a simple model for consumers and are easy to install and maintain for business owners.

Charge Point has been growing quickly. Currently, Charge Point has 10 active franchise units in the UK, and over 150 charging units installed, with new ones being added every week.

How does the Charge Point franchise model work?

The first Charge Point franchise was launched in 2017. A Charge Point franchise is a completely home-based opportunity giving you the choice to either work full-time or part-time and providing you with a great passive income stream.

Charge Point’s franchise model is simple and straightforward. Charge Point units are free to install, making it easier for franchisees to deploy as many Charge Point units as possible, and expand their business as much as they like. As Charge Point units are free to install, site owners rarely have objections, and they will also receive a portion of the income generated, encouraging them to allow franchisees to install further Charge Point units.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to install a Charge Point unit. Once installed, the units need minimal attention other than emptying the coins in the machines, giving franchisees an excellent consistent source of passive income for little effort.


How much does a Charge Point franchise cost?

A Charge Point franchise offers a great opportunity to get involved in a high-returns business with minimal overheads.

The minimum investment for a Charge Point franchise is £6,000 with a total investment adding up to around £32,000.

The Charge Point startup package includes full business training, ongoing help and support, use of the Charge Point brand name, a proven business model in a strong market, a detailed operating manual and an exclusive territory for you to operate in and expand your business. The Charge Point franchise package also includes a Charge Point demo unit, five Charge Point units, a dedicated website, marketing materials, and a uniform.

Charge Point will also give you access to a straightforward and easy to use Charge Live platform, where you can easily upload information about the machine, and check its status, revenue or growth straight from your phone. Charge Point charges 20 per cent of your monthly turnover as royalty fees.

Charge Point states that you can expect a return on investment six to 12 months after you have launched your business.

By picking the right locations for your Charge Point units, you can expect to build up your business quickly and generate income almost immediately. Your expected revenue after two years will completely depend on the number of Charge Point units you decide to install, and how popular the locations you have chosen are.


Did you know?
Charge Point has outlets available across the UK
Charge Point
Request free information in just 60 seconds!
Take the first step in becoming your own boss!
By sharing your email, you're agreeing to our privacy policy, cookie policy and terms & conditions.

What funding options are available for a Charge Point franchise?

Charge Point does not offer funding support to start a Charge Point franchise.


Do franchisees require any prior sales experience to run a Charge Point franchise?

Not necessarily. Charge Point will provide all franchisees with full business training and guidance on how to run a business, as well as ongoing help and support throughout your journey.

However, you do need to be hard-working, committed, willing to follow Charge Point methods and instructions, and have a strong determination to get your Charge Point business off the ground and make it successful in your local area.

Marketing and sales experience is preferable as communication is key to Charge Point franchisees - you will need to sell to venues and build a good reputation for your business. You will also need some basic DIY skills so you can install the Charge Point units, however, Charge Point can also provide you with training for the installation.

Finally, you will need some business acumen and financial knowledge as you will be in charge of keeping the accounts up to date, writing up profit and loss accounts and have an overall understanding of your business and personal finances.


What new locations or territories is Charge Point looking to franchise in?

The opportunities for new Charge Point locations are almost limitless - consider the growing number of handsets of the UK, and the number of commercial locations where charging may be needed. Moreover, this shows unlimited potential for expansion. Good locations for Charge Point stations include shopping centres, busy high-street locations, restaurants, cinemas, or trade shows. UK consumers are also increasingly attracted to dining and retail experiences - meaning you can capitalise on this growing demand.


What is the ideal building to house a Charge Point franchise?

You do not need a building for a Charge Point franchise, only a space within the building and the site owner’s approval. Site owners will also receive a portion of the income generated.


Why should I choose to invest in a Charge Point franchise?

Charge Point franchises are a great way to get involved in the lucrative sector of phone charging. With phones becoming such a central part of our lives, and to how we go about our day and do business, it is increasingly important for consumers to be able to charge their phones, and know they can trust Charge Point to help them do so away from home.

With so many phones around, it is also increasingly easy to find new locations for Charge Point stations.

Charge Point is an excellent way to generate passive income. Once your Charge Point station is installed, it generally requires very little attention or maintenance, giving you a great potential passive income stream.


How can I find out more about investing in a Charge Point franchise?

If you are ready to get started and fit the Charge Point franchisee criteria, you can get in touch with Charge Point directly to voice your interest about opening up a franchise in your region by completing the enquiry form found on this page.

Mashud Choudhury, the franchise director, will help you get started, after a short initial meeting where you can ask any questions you may have about the Charge Point franchise model.

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