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Direct mail franchise packs a punch

Direct mail franchise packs a punch

Direct mail specialist Voucher Packs wants more people to discover the UK’s fastest growing low-cost franchise

Voucher Packs is now the UK’s fastest growing franchise, with six new starters in the last six months. The direct mail business is looking to build on growth with an ambitious franchising plan this year.

As the name suggests, Voucher Packs combines offers from the best local brands, attractively wrapped in a pack and delivered by Royal Mail, making it irresistible to businesses, valued by consumers and the perfect franchise opportunity. Voucher Packs franchises are championed by local people, but are part of a recognised brand operating under a successful business model. National clients include KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Cartridge World, ChipsAway, Subway and Merry Maids.

The business was established in 2001 by managing director Andrew Wareing. A copywriter by trade, he soon rose through the ranks of one of the country’s biggest publishing companies and was eventually headhunted by a direct marketing company in the US. Returning to the UK, he set up Voucher Packs.

Great offers

Andrew says: “Direct mail makes up 16 per cent of the total amount of money businesses spend on promoting themselves. What makes Voucher Packs unique is the way we design, print, collate and deliver via Royal Mail great offers to hundreds of thousands of homes at a very low cost to businesses.

“It’s a fact that more and more households than ever before are using vouchers and money saving offers - so naturally our customers want to be involved in that. What we are looking for now is the right people so we can continue to expand and give our customers what they need in different areas.”

Voucher Packs has a tailored support and training package for franchisees designed and delivered by professionals with decades of experience under their belt. Andrew says: “Right from the very start, we were described by customers as the best leaflet distribution business in the country, so we knew we had a concept that worked. We now do much more than that.

“Our main aim is to champion business with innovative marketing packages that deliver tangible results and mean they come back time and time again. Over 60 per cent of the businesses I worked with 10 years ago are still using Voucher Packs to promote their businesses today.”

Franchises start at £4,000 and in return you can expect comprehensive training in all aspects of the business by qualified training professionals, an exclusive operating territory by postcode sector and an opportunity to develop a successful business in a market that is yet to be exploited in the UK.

There’s also no stock or special vehicle requirement, meaning you can start making money straight away.

One of Voucher Packs’ unique selling points is delivering the packs through Royal Mail, so there is no need to set up your own delivery network. This frees up time to build relationships with local businesses. All design and production elements are also handled on your behalf.

Wealth of experience

Andrew says: “Building a successful business isn’t easy, but with a careful selection process and an excellent training and support package we give people the right tools to grow their own successful business.

“Starting your own business can often be a daunting experience, but our team has a wealth of experience to support franchisees to take the plunge and make their businesses as enjoyable and successful as possible. Some of our existing clients have already told us they want our services at different locations in the country. This means we can already offer a network of potential customers for our franchisees.

“Of course, with much of the discount deal and coupon business moving online, we also support our direct mail marketing with online and mobile products. This means we can offer businesses a whole range of packages and offer franchisees a multiplatform opportunity.”

Voucher Packs’ first franchisee has just celebrated five years in business. Dave Walsh, of Voucher Packs Chorley, says: “I first became aware of Voucher Packs when a pack dropped through my door with great offers from local companies that I used myself.

“Then when I was in a queue, voucher in hand, at a local food store I saw that half the people in the queue also had vouchers. I remember thinking at the time that it was interesting, but I was happy as an aftersales manager in the motor and motorhome industry.

“It was a good few months later when I decided I wanted a career change, so I started searching for franchise opportunities and discovered Voucher Packs was actually a franchise, so I made the call.

“I am now in my fifth year of business and each year has been better than the one before. For me, this is a people business, so it’s all about gaining trust, making friends and repeat business coming from that.”

Franchise package

Franchises start at £4,000, with the largest package, reaching 80,000 homes, available for £12,500. What can you expect from Voucher Packs?

* A quality brand with an excellent reputation with national advertisers.

* Comprehensive training.

* Ongoing support to help run an effective business.

* Regular training workshops.

* Introductions to national chains and names.

* Exclusive franchise territory.

* Bespoke marketing tools. What can Voucher Packs expect from you?

* A strong desire to meet customer expectations.

* People skills, dedication and enthusiasm.


When Andy Atkinson sold his three KFC franchises, he thought long and hard about what his next step would be.

“I wanted something I believed in and was passionate about,” Andy remembers. “So I turned to a business I already knew would deliver me fantastic results.”

It turned out to be a life changing decision used Voucher Packs to promote his stores for eight years. Andy says: “I used Voucher Packs to print and deliver leaflets to promote my business for a long time because it was the best local store marketing we had ever done.

“Our national advertising brought, on average, a three per cent response. Voucher Packs brought results over 17 per cent.

I always knew when the packs had been delivered because there was a queue outside the shop on a Monday night.

“So when I sold my KFC stores, the obvious choice was to come on board with Voucher Packs. I’m extremely passionate about the business because I know first-hand the results it can bring. I’m now building up my own successful franchise and, most importantly, I’m doing a job I love.”

Andy spent 25 years as a KFC franchisee and was secretary of the company’s franchisee association. He now also helps to advise Voucher Packs’ new recruits, as well as running a franchise in Blackpool.

He says: “My experience in franchising means I am also able to lend what I know to help other Voucher Packs franchisees build up their businesses.”


Redundancy was the chance to start a new chapter for former IT worker Derek Evans.

The 67-year-old grandfather of three was made redundant from his role with an IT and communications company at the beginning of 2012. He used it as a springboard to launch his own franchise with Voucher Packs.

Derek, who runs Voucher Packs Preston, says: “I chose Voucher Packs because it was familiar territory in terms of dealing with the public and dealing with other businesses. Since then, the training has been excellent and the support has always been there when I need it.”

Derek discovered Voucher Packs after looking for new ways to promote his wife’s hairdressing salon. He says: “One night my wife came to me with a Voucher Pack that had come through my door. I looked at it and said it sounded like a good idea.

“That’s when I opened it up and also saw there was franchising opportunities. I came on board as a franchisee a couple of months later. I had always wanted to work for myself and from home. I’ve now converted my garage into an office, so I’ve cut my morning commute down to just a few seconds.

“You’re more in control of your own destiny with your own business. The return you get is directly equivalent to the amount of effort you put in. Franchising has given me a reason to get out of bed in the morning and if I make money at the same time, then all the better.”


Mum of three Lolita Hardy, who runs the Voucher Packs Leicester franchise, talks about her first few months in business.

She says: “Initially it was my husband who was interested in taking on a franchise. We wanted another way of making money and wanted the freedom of running our own business.

“We went to a franchise show and saw a number of interesting options and then we came across Voucher Packs. It was completely different to everything else we had seen and it caught our attention straight away.

“After a long chat with our family, we decided to come on board and in October last year we undertook our initial training course. Since then, my husband has taken a step back and I now run Voucher Packs myself.”

Lolita doesn’t have any experience in designing leaflets, but studied interior design at university. “It involved learning about art and marketing and designing homes, so it makes me a bit of a perfectionist,” she says. “I came into this with no experience of running my own business, so the training and support has been invaluable. There is always support at the end of the telephone and I now feel confident sharing my knowledge on how to put together a successful marketing campaign with my growing list of customers.

“If you believe in what you are doing, then people will sense your enthusiasm and warm to you. I hope I’ll be able to build up lots of long-lasting contacts this way.”

Lolita’s typical working day involves researching the areas she will be mailing in the upcoming months and seeing existing and potential customers on an appointment basis. “I then pick my son up from school and spend an evening or so either seeing customers who are in the food business or working on new pieces of artwork,” she explains.

“Running your own business is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of hard work, especially in the early months, and sometimes it can mean long hours. But there’s no better feeling than seeing your effort paying off. You definitely get out what you put in.

“Having my own franchise now means I can fit work around my children and my home, as well as doing something for myself. I get to meet lots of new people and have the privilege of gaining an insight into other businesses, so I can offer them advice on their marketing and how Voucher Packs can help.

“I’m now looking forward to growing my business this year - while helping other local businesses to grow theirs.”

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