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“We’ll make sure you can depend on Dyno”

“We’ll make sure you can depend on Dyno”

Lee Parry, Dyno-Rod’s network performance and strategy manager, on the ins and outs of becoming a part of the franchise

What support does Dyno-Rod offer its franchisees?

LP: Dyno-Rod is always looking for opportunities to leverage our broader relationships to help our franchisees. A few examples of support being provided to our franchisees to help bring down costs is the offer to use the British Gas motor insurance policy, we also offer support with employee uniforms, vehicle leasing and parts.

The management and visibility of cash flow are key to any successful business and we support our franchisees by paying them immediately for commercial jobs whilst we wait to be paid by the account on normal payment terms.

We have 12 regionally-based managers supporting our franchisees by providing expertise in technical areas, operational challenges as well as health and safety and customer service. The British Gas employee assistance programme has now been extended to cover franchisees as well, providing many additional benefits, personal benefits for all employees within our franchises.

Listening to our franchisees lets us know what they want from us. Our regular franchisee forums meet on a regular basis and consist of a mix of franchisees and members of the franchisor leadership team.

What does the long history of Dyno-Rod mean for the company today?

LP: We’ve come a long way since 1963. Nowadays when someone has a problem with their drains, Dyno-Rod is usually the first name that comes to mind. Our business became part of the Centrica group in 2004, and is now part of British Gas and Scottish Gas, with the backing of one of the UK’s most influential companies we are confident that we can continue growing, while also supporting our local communities and businesses. Although we are proud of our past, we’re always working hard to improve our products and services. We’ll make sure you can depend on Dyno.

What advice would you give to new franchisees/ resale purchasers?

LP: Understand Dyno-Rod in terms of the marketplace it operates within and the customers both domestic and commercial. Have a very clear three-to-five-year business plan that supports mobilisation of your business and delivering an ROI at the earliest opportunity. Know what you’re getting into — engage with members of the franchisor team and franchise network to find out what makes a successful franchisee.

What are the core values of Dyno-Rod?

LP: If I had to sum up 60 years in a few words I would say: care, delivery, collaboration, agility, and courage. We care about our staff of course, but our customers, too; we want to make a difference in society and to those we touch. Dyno is all about delivering great service and customer outcomes, not quick fixes. We do things the right way. We are a team; we win together, face new challenges and innovate together.

What makes Dyno stand out from its competitors?

LP: With six decades of experience, we know the market like no one else. Customers recognise the brand and know they can trust us to do the job right. For franchisees, Dyno-Rod’s history has enabled us to develop tried, tested and proven methods that continue to ensure their franchises deliver professional, customer-focused services that ensure regular repeat business to support growth and long-term sustainable franchise success.


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