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Snap-on Case Study: Investing In You

Think you know snap-on? think again

Being around for almost 100 years, Snap-on has earned itself a reputation as the world’s number one professional tool brand. With over 430 franchisees nationwide, it’s also well known as one of the UK’s largest and most successful franchise opportunities.

But what you almost certainly don’t know, is that you don’t need to be a motor enthusiast or even have any motor trade experience to own and run a profitable single or multi-van franchise with the tool giant. Thanks to an award-winning training and support programme, people from all walks of life are maximising their potential. Building not just a great business but a legacy and, in some cases, an empire for generations to come.


It’s a common misconception that being a Snap-on franchisee means being a ‘man-in-a-van’. And it can be, if that’s what you want from your business. The flexibility offered allows franchisees to earn a great living, spend more time with their families on those all-important weekends and enjoy holidays. All with the added bonus of being their own boss. Something many people can only dream of.

Perhaps surprisingly though, more than 15 per cent of franchisees in the Snap-on network have expanded into two or more territories. The Snap-on business model is structured to support multi-van franchisees in their growth and development. This involves dedicated support with purchasing a second territory, investing in a second van and even employing staff. Thanks to Snap-on’s in-house bank, called Snap-on Finance, more and more people are able to capitalise on product demand and enjoy an impressive return on investment from a business they love.

Sutton franchisee Elio Auletta says: “I’ve already bought three more territories on top of my original. The first I bought, built up and sold on. The second I still run and the third I bought for my son.” Snap-on actively encourages expansion and growth and has a global support staff ratio of 2:1 for every franchisee.



Snap-on is one of the only franchisors in the UK able to offer franchisees a funding option that doesn’t involve the banks. Fully accredited and government approved, Snap-on Finance is Snap-on’s in-house bank. Through this dedicated finance house, Snap-on is able to offer business loans to successful candidates in order to fund the purchase of the franchise.

Who could be better placed to help you assess, plan and budget in a way that is realistic and achievable? Who understands exactly what owning and running the franchise looks like, day in, day out and therefore what your financial requirements are likely to be? Who better to invest in your franchise with you than your franchisor?



Investing in a Snap-on franchise has never been easier or more attractive. You pay just £16,037 and Snap-on funds the remaining monies on a six-year interest baring loan. Fixed, regular payments mean you can manage your cash flow and always know exactly where you are with your finances. Snap-on even offers you a payment break for your first three months in order for you to get your business up and running.

Lisa Law, Snap-on’s National Franchise Manager, explains: “We believe everyone has the right to achieve their dream of being their own boss, which is why we have Snap-on Finance to offer business loans to fund the purchase of your franchise.

“We’ve got the utmost confidence in our franchise, which is why, when you invest in us, we’ll invest in you too. We’re prepared to help you get on your feet because we know you can make the business a success, pay us back in full and make a profit.”



Robin Yorke is a testament to how diverse backgrounds flourish in the Snap-on network. From bus driver to furniture and TV sales rep roles, he had a varied career before joining the company, but never quite found job satisfaction. The son of two entrepreneurs, Robin had been brought up in an environment of flexibility, independence and hard work that comes with business ownership.

“When I joined Snap-on, I didn’t know anything about the industry,” he says. “I had no former experience in this sector, but I knew Snap-on was a leading brand. The business format is simple and effective - that’s all I needed to know.”

Robin has been running his Sunderland franchise since 1996. As a longstanding franchisee, he has been taking advantage of the proven business model for almost 20 years. His continued success is proof of the longevity and growth potential of the Snap-on franchise opportunity.

“I had always wanted to be independent, but I didn’t want all the risk of going it alone,” Robin says. “Franchising seemed like the best option for me. I liked the idea of being ‘semi-independent’, if you will; working for yourself, but having a proven model and support network around, so that you’re not completely on your own.

“Both of my parents had owned their own businesses, but they could have been more successful. I wanted exactly the same flexibility and independence as they had running their own business. Franchising gave me the option to do this, but to also have a tried and tested business model, successful brand name and a support network behind me to help me get up and running a little bit quicker. I also really liked the Snap-on business, so it was a bit of a no-brainer for me.”

Snap-on is the world’s number one professional tool brand. It is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of tools for the professional technician. Franchisees deliver gold standard, premium products to technicians up and down the country.

Founded in 1920, the business model has been refined for over 95 years. Snap-on is now one of the most respected franchise systems in the world. Being crowned a ‘Five-Star Franchise’ in the annual Smith & Henderson ‘Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark’ in 2015 and winning numerous coveted industry awards, such as British Franchise Association Franchisor and Franchisee of the Year, is testament to the company’s popularity and proven success.

Snap-on has been trading in the UK since 1965 and now has over 430 franchisees based in the UK and Ireland.

Like all Snap-on franchisees, Robin has been encouraged to build his businesses as much as he can and now has a second franchise up and running in another territory.

“To join Snap-on, you don’t need motor trade experience,” Robin says. “You’ve just got to be hungry for success in order to achieve it. You’ve got to be passionate about your business and consistent with your customers. Stick to your programme and give it your all and you’ll be fine. Give the best service possible to make your business a success, it’s that simple.

“I’ve already expanded and I might do again. My plans for the future aren’t fixed - I’m more of a go with the flow and see what happens kind of person. I might consider retiring when I’m 60, but it all depends on how successful my business is over the next few years. It’s just getting better and better, so I might want to keep it.”

Regardless of your career history, a Snap-on franchise could be the vehicle to the future you’ve always dreamed of.



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