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Palvi celebrates her fourth anniversary and £2 million in sales

Palvi celebrates her fourth anniversary and £2 million in sales

She is a great example of someone who has taken every opportunity to learn more and always keeps an open mind. £2m in sales later, she reflects on the journey so far

Four years ago, Palvi was first attracted to join The Travel Franchise as she knew she’d be able to keep her job alongside starting a travel business. She chose the Elite package as she wanted access to the retreats and extra business support on offer.

Palvi said: “When I joined four years ago I had a part-time job in marketing. I recall feeling at the time like I couldn’t develop my career as I could only work part-time, I had two kids to look after. I was looking for more flexibility with school runs and school holidays. This was a real driver for me to join The Travel Franchise and start a travel business from home.

“I love the fact I can work the business around my kids whilst still getting the opportunity to meet new people. I love this part of it!”

When did you go full-time personal travel consultant after joining?
It was much quicker than I thought it would be! Juggling kids, my main job, and the travel business, I had to give up something and it was the job that went. I wanted to be ready for the January peaks so I decided to quit my main job in December so I was 100 per cent ready to make the most of this important time in travel.

What has contributed to your success over the past four years?
Well, I would have to say my ethos from day one of business. I have always been about doing the right thing for the customer. Nothing has changed in my approach or ethos during COVID-19. If anything, I’ve stepped up the customer service even more. I really care about every single customer, I’m naturally a caring person.

Can you share your five top tips of being a travel consultant?
1. Always be available to your customer
I don’t switch off at 5.00 pm. I sometimes work in the evening. I am always available via WhatsApp for my customers if they need me. 

2. Take every opportunity available
I would always go along to the available training sessions and supplier events. Once I got to a certain number of sales I even got the opportunity to do one-to-one coaching with the co-founder Paul which was incredible. He has been a real mentor to me which has been hugely valuable.

Post-COVID there are now lots of webinars to join, we are all adjusting to this new way of working. I take golden nuggets from each and every one. No one knows everything, no matter how experienced you are. Always keep an open mind and be ready to learn!

3. Be organised and disciplined
Running your own business you have to be organised, that goes without saying. The discipline comes from doing the basics, which they teach you in initial and ongoing training, over and over again.

4. Relationships are everything
The relationships you make and strengthen will shape your business. These are relationships not only with your customers but also with holiday suppliers, the customer service team, and your fellow travel consultants (the other franchisees in the business).

5. Success breeds success
You don’t get to go on the educationals abroad (the ongoing training on offer) unless you’re being successful. When you get to go on them you become even more successful. It’s a knock-on effect. Your success breeds more success.

With the FAM trips, I got taken to Africa, Peru, Vietnam, and Dubai with the franchise Not Just Travel which was amazing. The outcome of these trips is to get familiar with the hotels, so you can sell them with confidence. Four days before COVID hit the UK I was in Marrakesh on an educational trip. I also won a FREE Disney holiday, which I took with my family in February 2020 in the half-term period.

What’s next?
I’m currently on the star council with Not Just Travel – I have been doing it for two years now. I will continue this as it’s really rewarding. As a volunteer in the star council, I get the opportunity, along with my team to be a voice for all the other franchisees who have joined. I’m also getting ready for the peaks which will be here in January 2021. When it happens it will be crazy busy!

I’ve been visible online and to my customers throughout all of COVID-19, I never stopped being visible. I’m still with the BNI online networking, I was also selected by the Natwest entrepreneur program so I will carry on with that too. My ultimate plan is to expand and to bring on employees.

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