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£ 20,000 Minimum Investment

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    Food & Drink, Vending

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 20,000

About Snack In The Box Ltd

In brand partnership with drinks and confectionery suppliers, Mars, Walkers and Britvic, Snack-in- the-Box (SITB) delivers vending machines and their contents to workplaces across the UK and Ireland.

Snack In The Box offers three solutions to workplaces, depending on their size. A vending box, suitable for 2-20 staff, a slim-line vending machine for 20 to 50 staff and a combination vending machine for workplaces of more than 50 staff.

Snack In The Box installs the business’s chosen vending solution at no cost to the franchisee and with no contract. Installation and use of equipment are free. Staff pay for what they eat and drink, so a Snack In The Box snack vending solution comes at no cost to the business. The franchisee offers a regular cleaning, refill and maintenance service to their Snack In The Box customers.

Snack In The Box was established in 1996. In September 2009, the company joined SnackTime PLC to become part of the UK’s largest snack vending operator Uvenco UK vending group. Today, Snack In The Box is the UK’s number one snack vending franchise, serving more than 12,000 customers in the SME (small and medium) business sector every year.

How does the Snack in the Box franchise model work?

Snack In The Box currently has over 70 franchised operators and over 18 years of experience in franchising. Snack In The Box has offices in London, Corby and Blackburn and offers franchises across the UK and Ireland. To operate a Snack In The Box franchise you must first purchase a franchise package. Packages start at a cost of
£19,450 + VAT.

The minimum investment in a franchise is £20,000.

Snack in the Box Franchise Agreements last for five years and are renewable.

A standard minimum franchise package includes the following:
· Equipment (225 Self Service Vending Boxes, 15 Slimline Vending Machines, 1 Combination Vending Machine.)
· Initial stock to fill all equipment
· An intensive one-week training program at SITB Head Office in London.
· Two weeks of initial support from the SITB sales team to help the franchisee establish a customer base.
· Marketing materials, branded stationery and van livery
· SITB Operations Manual
· A bespoke customer and sales software package
· Additional training and extension of franchise launch if needed

As a franchisee, you can expect to service between 15 and 50 businesses in the first year. A typical franchise will grow to a maximum of 150 businesses. At each site, you will make replenishment deliveries and collect any deposited cash on a weekly fortnightly or monthly schedule. At the end of each day you will count your takings, complete documentation then prepare stock for the next day.

You will also work to attract new companies to the service carrying out site visits and presenting vending options.


Why should I choose to run a Snack in the Box franchise?

SITB has been operating since 1996 and holds full membership of the British Franchising Association.

· Partnered with Mars, Walkers, Britvic and GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), SITB benefits from the respectability of powerful global brands.
· According to Snack In The Box, the average UK resident spends an average of £63 on chocolate and £30 on sweets every year. The UK has the sweetest tooth in the world.
· Snack In The Box is an established franchisor that has learned from nearly two decades of experience.

The most significant benefit of starting a franchise with Snack In The Box is the support they offer. Snack In The Box will help to secure 100 per cent of your initial customers, offer a comprehensive training package and offer ongoing customer and technical assistance. Every Snack In The Box franchisor has their own dedicated Account Manager.

· Snack In The Box recommends committing four to five days, working between 9am and 5pm to maximize profit on your franchise. You can also run your business from home.


Snack in the Box franchise earnings: What can I expect?

Snack In The Box franchises generate a weekly cash income from day one. Snack In The Box can guarantee this because the brand ensures that 100 per cent of your territory is sited (all of your equipment is in use) before your franchise is considered officially launched. Snack In The Box supplies initial stock which will give your income generation a good head start. Sales support is free of charge for your first year of business and management.

Service fees are fixed, paid weekly and equate to around 10 per cent of a franchisees turnover. Franchise packages are flexible so you can increase the amount of equipment you need to meet your earning requirements. Snack in the Box franchisees can expect a gross profit of around 50 per cent.


How can I find a Snack In The Box franchise for sale?

If you are interested in starting a new Snack In The Box franchise you can contact Snack In The Box, and the company will invite you to discuss opportunities in your area at its Support Centre. Here the brandwill take you through a step-by-step guide to starting a new Snack In The Box franchise. Alternatively, this presentation can be given to you at home. Neither you nor Snack In The Box is under any obligation to act following this presentation.

Alternatively, you can explore Snack In The Box resales. Current franchise owners may want to sell their franchise on, allowing you to purchase an already-established franchise. Anyone wishing to purchase a franchise, even as resale, will need to be approved by the Snack In the Box team.


What funding support does the Snack in the Box franchise offer?

Snack in the Box will help you to find funding for your franchise. Banks can usually offer business loans for between 50 and 70 per cent of the total cost, depending on your credit rating. Snack In The Box will help you to secure this funding and has excellent relationships with Natwest, Lloyds and HSBC banks.

Snack In The Box also counts Owen White Solicitors, BDO LLP Accountants, The Co-operative Bank and the British Franchising Association among its professional advisors.


How can I find out if a Snack In The Box franchise is the right choice for me?

Those interested in starting a franchise may want to see Snack in the Box franchise reviews first. The Snack In The Box website offers a number of franchisee testimonials.
The British Franchising Association website features a number of SITB franchise case studies. For impartial reviews, visit business forums such as, or similar.

Click make an enquiry now and we’ll let Snack in the Box know you may be interested in a franchising opportunity.

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  • Earn From Day One

    Updated 17 Apr 2017

    SITB guarantees to find a new franchisee’s customer base within the first few weeks of trading, meaning this is a franchise where the franchisee starts earning...

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