4 reasons a pest control franchise could be the right choice for you

Posted: 11 Mar 2019
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Want to start a business with longevity and good profit margins? Find out more about pest control franchise opportunities in the UK with What Franchise.

4 reasons a pest control franchise could be the right choice for you

You may not have realised that pest control could be an option for franchising, but it is. This industry is in demand and could offer you a secure source of income. With different areas to focus on, pest control is a sector that could offer a plethora of opportunities for would-be franchisees.

Pest control as an industry has grown by 3.2 per cent in each of the five years leading to 2019 and is currently worth almost half a billion pounds. It may not be an industry that is regularly talked about, but as an essential service, it forms an important part of the business landscape.

Starting a pest control franchise in the UK offers you a route to taking control and developing your own successful business in 2019. Here are four reasons why a pest control franchise could be the right decision for you.

1. It’s a growing sector with good profit margins

The pest control sector is expected to keep growing, and the global biocides market, of which it is a part, is set to exceed $1trillion worldwide by 2024. Profit margins in pest control are high and can be in excess of 40 per cent. This makes it a good bet if you want to join an industry that is on the up and will provide you with a healthy margin for success.

2. You can rely on repeat customers

Pest control services will always be needed. Even if a home or business has been treated once, this does not mean that unwanted creatures will not return. Vermin like rats and other rodents can damage property as well as carry diseases, while insects and other bugs can be hazardous for health for the same reason. A business or lettings agency could hire your pest control franchise to carry out work on all of its premises, for instance, and you can benefit from custom from other clients you’ve worked with before.

3. It will allow you to set your own working pattern

Unlike other industries, pest control does not involve the typical nine-to-five. The need for pest control is not necessarily something that can be predicted. By establishing your own business, you can set your availability to be on call for rapid response as and when you choose. You could also choose to work on an appointment-only basis, where once you’ve inspected the issue, you have your client book a mutually convenient time for your company to carry out the work.

4. Each day will be different to the last

In the pest control industry, no two days are the same. One day your company could be tackling a rodent infestation at a farm, while the next you might be diffusing a wasps’ nest in an office block. When it comes to sheer variety, few other franchise opportunities in the UK can match pest control. You will be working with different tools and chemicals on a daily basis to address each situation, and you will deal with people from a range of industries. If variety is a non-negotiable factor for you when it comes to business, look no further than a pest control franchise.

Are you ready to clean up with a pest control franchise? Check out What Franchise’s pest control franchise opportunities to see what best suits you and discover tips on making your new business a success.

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