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Sandler Training is the largest sales and training service provider in the world


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    Sandler Training is the largest sales and training service provider in the world

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    Business & Professional Services

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    £ 55,000

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About Sandler Training

Central to the Sandler Training franchise is a system and philosophy for selling that radicalised the way David Sandler, its creator, approached his own sales calls. Having learned selling techniques and following them by rote, he discovered his sales pitches had aspects that he did not like, and others that made little sense.

The seven-step system to successful selling was the subject of David H. Sandler’s Sandler Selling System and, later, his best-selling book, You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar. The title encapsulates one of the book’s important messages: like riding a bike, you can’t learn selling techniques from a single seminar. It requires practice, coaching and constant reinforcement, and is learned in steps. With a bike it is first with training wheels then without, on grass and then on the road; with selling you learn, practice with a coach, then take real world experiences back for further coaching, each cycle reinforcing the techniques learned.

Sandler’s technique also meant he would interact with his clients honestly, and in a no-nonsense way to control the sales process, building a rapport with prospective customers and making sure that they had the money and authority to buy the product or system; selling then became a matter of behaviour, attitude and technique.

Sandler introduced the idea of “pain” into his sales pitches, selling a product not on its features but on what problems it could solve or ease.

Sandler Training is a global leader in training with a network of over 250 training centres in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia offering training in 27 languages.

The company has been named among the Top 20 sales training companies by both Selling Power and Training Industry magazine, along with a whole host of franchise industry awards.

The brand has also been voted Entrepreneur‘s number one training franchise thirteen times.

Sandler Training is a full member of the British Franchise Association (BFA).

Who is behind the Sandler Training franchise?

In 1967, David Sandler developed the Sandler Selling System, the concept of ‘reinforcement training’ and the methodology behind it to make substantive change and lasting success.

Sandler worked in his family’s Baltimore-based snack foods distribution business, later serving as president of the company, only to lose it all when he was voted out by a business associate with a majority stockholding. He went to work for a former competitor and, to supplement his wages, began distributing the tapes, records and books of motivational programmes, intensely studying the training material explaining how to sell the products. Despite disliking the act of selling, Sandler stuck at it and became the company’s only productive salesman; within a year he bought the distributorship.

Resigning his other job, Sandler studied hard to learn about selling, motivation and human behaviour. He researched psychology and adopted certain techniques — such as transactional analysis, a form of psychoanalysis developed in the late 1950s by Eric Berne and presented in his books Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy (1961) and Games People Play (1964), which looked at how people interacted — that helped him conquer his fear of cold calling.

Adopting a more psychological approach, Sandler would later observe: “People make buying decisions emotionally and they justify those decisions intellectually.” This laid the groundwork for the system that carries his name.

He founded Sandler Systems, Inc. in 1983, based on the selling techniques he had used in the 1960s and 1970s, creating a proven sales training programme that could be applied to both small and medium-sized companies and Fortune 500 corporations. The Sandler Sales Institute began franchising the system in 1983 and David Sandler saw his company franchised around the world before his death in 1995.

Sandler Training’s current CEO, David Mattson, has continued to promote David Sandler’s techniques since taking over in 2007, presenting the methodology of the company in his book The Sandler Rules: 49 Timeless Selling Principles and How to Apply Them (2009).


Who runs the UK’s franchise arm of Sandler Training?

The CEO and master franchisor of Sandler Training in the UK is Shaun Thomson, who worked for high-profile companies, including HP and Apple, around the globe. After setting up his own sales and marketing enterprise he was introduced by a former colleague to Sandler Training.

After undergoing the training himself, he put his staff through the same training and his business doubled in size, prompting Thomson to become the master franchisor for the UK in 2003. After testing the franchise for a year through a pilot scheme in Oxford, Thomson began selling franchises in the UK in 2004.

The British arm of the company is based in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.


How does the Sandler Training franchise model work?

Sandler Training boasts that its franchisees can earn a recurring six-figure sum through their own consulting practice, joining a network of like-minded high-achievers in building a scalable consulting business helping clients resolve critical issues in sales, business development, leadership and customer service.

Franchisees can apply David Sandler’s sales techniques to finding new clients, whom they will then train in those very same techniques. The sales and management techniques learned by the franchisee can be applied across a wide range of businesses and business models and have evolved over the years so that they are a tailored fit to modern-day business requirements and can be customised for application to any industry or organisational structure.


How much does a Sandler Training franchise cost?

The initial franchise fee is £49,000 + VAT and the total initial investment expected for a franchise is £55,000.


Is financial aid available for a Sandler Training franchise?

The Sandler Training franchisee will find that an established franchise business can make obtaining finance easier than setting up on one’s own. Sandler Training states that financial aid up to 70 per cent of the franchise investment can be obtained via financing and they will be able to introduce franchisees to banks looking to invest, subject to status.


What support and training does Sandler Training offer its franchisees?

Sandler Training offers a pre-training programme to set its franchisees underway before they attend an initial residential training programme held at Sandler HQ in Baltimore.

This is followed by ongoing in-territory support from the UK headquarters, combined with guidance from fellow franchisees. Sandler Training franchisees also benefit from an ongoing personal development programme, with conferences held six times a year: three times in the UK and three times in the USA.

In all, Sandler Training offers 1,500+ hours of comprehensive training material split between sales and management to ensure that franchisees understand the Sandler model.


What are the potential rewards and profits which can be made from a Sandler Training franchise?

Sandler Training boasts that its franchisees have the potential to turnover £1 million per annum.

Sandler has estimated that margins for its businesses are typically 85 per cent gross, and 60+ per cent net profits.

In 2016, the average turnover of UK franchises amounted to £145,000 per annum, while the top 20 per cent of UK franchisees averaged £350,000 per annum.


Are any existing Sandler Training franchises for sale?

Some looking to invest in a franchise may prefer to take on a previously established business rather than try starting a whole new venture. Retirement or relocation may mean that a well-run, profitable Sandler Training franchise business may be available in a suitable territory. To find out if they have franchises for resale, you can contact Sandler Training for up-to-the-minute details.


What is Sandler Training looking for in a franchisee?

Sandler Training franchisees with experience in sales and management will be at an advantage, but it is not a requirement as franchisees have come from all backgrounds. Their common trait is that they are business minded with a will to succeed and are willing to commit to the franchise.


How in-demand is the Sandler Training right now right now and what kind of reviews does it receive?

Sandler Training is the largest sales and training service provider in the world and provides 450,000 hours of instruction per year.


How do I start setting up my own Sandler Training franchise?

To find out more, or to request further information on franchising with Sandler Training, click on the ‘Send Enquiry’ button now.

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