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Did you know?
Sales Geek has an expected revenue of Minimum £116,000 working 12 days a month after 2 years!
Sales Geek
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Sales Geek

A fast growing, multi award winning sales consultancy business
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Minimum £116,000 working 12 days a month

About Sales Geek

Sales Geek was founded with the ultimate goal to change the way the world perceives sales. The company says ‘sales’ has become a ‘dirty word’ and it’s had enough. Sales Geek, therefore, focuses all its efforts on helping its clients sell more things, more often and, crucially, more ethically.

Sales Geek franchisees are critical to the company’s mission as they bring extensive, top-level experience and expertise to small businesses across the UK and beyond.

Many businesses are founded by product and service experts and crucial sales knowledge and skills that can make a significant difference to their bottom line are absent. Sales Geek plugs straight into these businesses as interim, part-time sales directors, filling the expertise gap and driving their growth.

For a small business, a sales director’s salary has always been prohibitive, particularly if they want the best. In sales, the cream almost always rises to the top and, in return, the very best in the sales profession get heavily rewarded and usually the most talented sales professionals end up in large corporate organisations, typically being paid a salary beyond the reach of most businesses.

Sales Geek flips that paradigm. Its franchise owners are still the cream of the sales profession, but they’re now liberated from big business and earning their living helping multiple small businesses in their community for similar financial rewards.

How does the franchise model work?

Across the UK and beyond, there are thousands of small businesses crying out for sales expertise.

Sales Geek franchises plug straight into those businesses as a part-time, interim sales director, working to transform sales operations and the people within each business, driving sales revenue growth.

Each franchise includes:

• Rights to use the Sales Geek brand name.
• Full training in all areas of the business, from operations and product to customer service.
• An exclusive franchise territory.
• A central website.
• Processes, systems and templates to run the business.
• Ongoing support and regular business updates.
• Marketing materials.
• A stationery package.
• An annual membership to one of the UK’s top networking groups.
• Fantastic passive income opportunities from Sales Geek’s suite of online training courses and Hub memberships.

What type of franchise owner is Sales Geek looking to recruit?

Sales Geek franchises are perfect for senior-level sales and C-suite executives looking to reset their work-life balance without significantly changing their income.

The company’s small business clients crave the security that extensive experience and expertise brings. Its first two franchise owners, Tony Capper and Simon Damp, epitomise who Sales Geek is looking to recruit.

Tony Capper owns the Lancaster and South Lakes franchise. After a hugely successful career, which included the role of business development director at BT and senior leadership roles at Access Planit, MSG Global Solutions and Bluefin Solutions, he was looking for a new challenge where he could make a difference.

Tony explains: “Each time I landed at an organisation, I was getting itchy feet within a few months. There were certain parts of the work that I loved and was particularly adept at - helping get under the skin of a business, identifying issues and problems - and correcting course gave me a massive sense of achievement.

“But after that, the day-to-day and endless commutes cross country were holding less and less interest for me. I wanted an opportunity that kept me engaged, somewhere I could focus on what I was good at and enjoyed and let me drop the rest.

“Those opportunities are rare, so Sales Geek’s proposition was absolutely perfect. I’m able to do exactly what I love, I get to help real, grassroots, small businesses within my community and make a massive contribution to their success while maintaining a work-life balance for myself.”

Did you know?
Sales Geek has an expected revenue of Minimum £116,000 working 12 days a month after 2 years!
Sales Geek
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Simon Damp, a fast-moving consumer goods specialist, runs Sales Geek, Preston. He had latterly been managing director of Gorilla Glue and grown the business from £250,000 per annum to £40m.

Simon says: “I was looking for a new challenge and had explored being a consultant. My biggest concern about ‘going alone’ was in starting from scratch and building my reputation. At Gorilla Glue, I was respected in the industry, but I knew that counted for nothing on my own.

“Sales Geek provided me with the perfect solution. It gives me the weight of their reputation and marketing efforts that opens doors for me that would have remained closed as a one-man-band.

“I’m free to build a business that suits the lifestyle I want, which after 25 years’ experience was exactly the direction I needed to go.”

What type of training and support is on offer to franchise owners?

Each franchise owner undertakes Sales Geek’s franchise training programme and service familiarisation, which includes everything anyone would need to know about how to set up and run a successful Sales Geek business.

The company’s initial training is run by a Geek director, ensuring every franchise owner gets pertinent and relevant business insight.

Following initial training, each Sales Geek franchise owner will have the full backing of team Geek at the head office available for support in various disciplines, from people training to eCommerce, marketing, strategy, process and development and beyond.

Annual membership of one of the UK’s top networking groups is also provided as part of the ongoing support offer.

How much does it cost to become a Sales Geek franchise owner?

An upfront investment of £20,000 is needed for each Sales Geek franchise, followed by £5,000 at the beginning of years two-five.

There is a £200 per month advertising and marketing fee and a small fee for customer relationship management after three months. The royalty fee is set at 20 per cent.

What’s the earnings potential of a Sales Geek franchise?

Franchise owners can expect to earn in excess of £90,000 in the first year, based on 10 days per month work, and £116,000 by year two, based on 12 days per month.

As an example, Lancaster and South Lakes franchise owner Tony Capper’s client book was filled at 12 days per month inside his first 12 weeks of trading and he’s on course to turn over £120,000 in his first year.

What locations or territories is Sales Geek looking to operate in?

Sales Geek franchises are currently clustered in the north west. There are multiple opportunities across the UK and worldwide.

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

Franchises renew at five years.

Why is the Sales Geek franchise a good investment?

A Sales Geek franchise is the perfect investment for a highly experienced C-suite executive looking for a better work-life balance.

There is the opportunity to earn £120,000 working just 12 days per month and this is achievable inside the first two years.

There is exceptional support from the head office, including use of Sales Geek’s well known and respected brand, central marketing and advertising and significant opportunities for passive income selling Sales Geek’s online sales training products.

The company’s growth model is applicable to each franchise. Most importantly, Sales Geek enables franchise owners to take back control of their careers and gives them a much more favourable work-life balance.

How in demand are Sales Geek’s services and products?

The company’s first two franchises launched in September 2020 and with Sales Geek’s support are already billing 12 days a month inside three months. The breadth of the small business community offers almost infinite opportunities for growth.

How do I get started on setting up my own Sales Geek franchise?

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