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Step into a New Opportunity

Posted: 11 Mar 2019
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If you love working with others and see yourself as a champion for your local community, check out the Caremark homecare franchise

Step into a New Opportunity

There is nothing like the start of a new year to sharpen one’s focus regarding career satisfaction.

The Christmas/new year holiday is usually the time when weary business professionals stop to draw breath and ask themselves: “Do I still love my job? Am I achieving the kind of income and work/life balance I really want? Am I ready to invest in a new business rather than a new job?”

Great option

If this resonates with you, maybe now is the perfect time to step into a new opportunity. If you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just at the beginning of your professional career, franchising is a great option to consider. It all depends what kind of business you are looking for.

If you love working with others and see yourself as a champion for your local community, a homecare franchise could be a step in the right direction.

Caremark’s homecare franchise offers the opportunity to build a sustainable business, while meeting an increasing social need alongside delivering a service to a high standard.

For those looking for a new challenge with management opportunities, Caremark is offering an exciting franchise to the right individual.

Having little or no experience in the care sector is not a problem and neither is age. You can be a newcomer to social care and still have the business of your dreams.

Caremark franchisees vary in age from early twenties to fifty-something, but they all have the same things in common: they have drive and ambition to build their own enterprise, they are passionate about delivering a vital service to their local community, they have management experience, they enjoy networking and, above all, are good communicators.

When it comes to preparing for their business life, Caremark supports its franchisees from day one, beginning with a comprehensive residential training programme at head office.

This training gives each new business owner a thorough grounding in both the care sector and relevant legislation, as well as the Caremark business model.

Once completed, ongoing support and guidance is given by field-based professionals specialising in business development and quality/compliance. Support is also available from a team of specialists within Caremark head office.

Financial support

What about funding, you might be thinking? All Caremark’s candidates are supported to present a thorough and realistic business plan, ready for review by one of the major commercial banks the company partners with.

This enables a bank to see where the possible pinch points might lie and what financial support the candidate is hoping to achieve.

Caremark’s proven business model and excellent reputation means its partner banks are willing to consider lending to new starters, whether that is a top-up loan to the candidate’s own contributed funds or a figure up to 70 per cent of the total sum required.

So whatever your dreams may be, if you are looking to take a new step into something different, now is a good time to make that move. With territories available across different parts of the UK, Caremark has plenty to offer if you have the drive, passion and determination to succeed.

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