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Tried and tested successful baby and toddler swimming company
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About Aquababies

Aquababies CEO, Julie-ann James, is the pioneer of multi-layered baby swimming franchises in the UK, operating since 1990. She was invited to open the first baby swim school in China in 2009 and has consulted in 10 countries. Now she is returning to the UK to launch revised franchise packages inclusive of cutting-edge new concepts.

She says: “My journey is unique. From a young child training four hours a day to become a competitive swimmer, instilled life-long values, commitment, dedication, and the drive to succeed. My passion for swimming grew as I travelled the world researching the health benefits of swimming for parent and child.

“Arriving in the UK as a backpacker, I took a risk and started Aquababies on my own. My business grew from three pools to 40 in three years.

“Then I left the UK to expand globally. Creating a business that families really benefit from gives you a sense of purpose. I am sincerely grateful to find my vocation in life.”

The Aquababies franchise family has expanded to 12 countries, which clearly demonstrates the success of the programmes. In fact, many of the leading companies in the UK stemmed from Aquababies’ foundations and rolling business model which is now revised to offer so much more!

How does the Aquababies franchise model work?

Aquababies Global trains you in how to run your very own successful swim school. By joining a global franchise family operated by a well-known and trusted brand, you’ll benefit from on-going support whilst having the freedom and independence to be your very own business owner.

The franchise pack includes the Aquababies successful, extensive lesson plans that are not only created for the benefit of the parent and child but provides a rolling business model whereby parents rebook from one stage to another. The baby swimming lessons develop strength, stamina and agility. Through correct training babies can learn to respect and love the water, happily swimming above and under the water.

Aquababies supplies successful structured lesson plans for all age groups from pre-school, children and adults, including beginners to intermediate and parent lesson plans if needed. Aquababies Global teachers shadow programmes and attend intensive Aquababies teaching courses, as well as following a detailed comprehensive teachers pack. It is continually creating new and innovative concepts.

How much does an Aquababies franchise cost?

Aquababies has the most cost-effective packages globally with a small purchase price and minimal on-going fees. It has four different franchise packages which can all be adjusted to suit you.

They start from the Bronze package at £15,000, Silver at £25,000 with the PABA license included, Gold package from £50,000, including your own bespoke pool and the Platinum master franchise package from £150,000 (depending on the country and demographic area).

What training and support does Aquababies provide its franchisees?

The Aquababies global franchise and license packages provide you with the tools to run your own successful lucrative baby swimming business without high costs.

Which is the best for me, a franchise or a license?
The terms can be very similar, and it all depends on the agreement. To make it simple:

The Aquababies franchise packages are inclusive of a one-stop aquatic business model with extensive start-up packages whereby the brand shares all of its IP (Intellectual Property) and resources, with ongoing support and minimal yearly fees.

The Aquababies license packages are also created with the needs of a company in mind, providing you with its extensive teaching curriculum, training resources and manuals. Companies have no obligation to be associated with the brand with NO on-going fees.

Aquababies also has mentoring and teaching skills to inspire and motivate teachers. Running an elite programme requires well-trained staff that are on the same page. Aquababies provides comprehensive teachers’ packs with lessons that shape their creative leadership. It is results-driven, with experienced tutors to help unleash the true potential of its trainees.

The Aquababies staff training incorporates many values, including compassion and empathy, and the knowledge to deliver classes, with all those values incorporated in its methodology.

The curriculum offers aquatic education for teachers with varying levels of experience. Having a well-supported team promotes productivity, which will help your business to operate on a rolling business model to retain happy customers and generate a substantial continuous revenue stream.

The Aquababies baby and toddler programmes are constantly adapting to be in line with the latest research. Classes are a combination of learn by play, sensory techniques, structure and non-structure, which are broken down into a step-by-step learning process based on development milestones. Aquababies is one of the very few swim school franchisors that can offer dual qualifications with the UK, STA, Swim Australia and European Aquatic Association.

In order for any business to stand out amongst competitors, you have to deliver extraordinary service and be different, therefore, Aquababies has identified the need for new family aquatic programmes to help enable its franchisees’ businesses to grow.

World’s first innovative concepts for parent and child
Aquababies is the only baby swimming company that has evolved to launch new innovative programmes for parent and child – Swimbaree (sensory swim gym) and the ground-breaking concept of PABA (parent and baby aquafit), which has many variations – Bollywood, Western – the programmes have been endorsed by YMCA and EMDUK, the UK Exercise Music Governing Bodies.

PABA is inclusive of the franchise packages which makes the offer exceptional.

Family aquatic health and wellbeing programmes
• Aquamums: mindful pre-natal AquaYoga or swim classes
• Newborn mind, body, baby and swim classes that combine flowing, movement for parents and sensory strengthening exercises for babies
• Parent and baby spa: another sensory playground programme, exploring, combined with gentle swimming movements.

What locations or territories is Aquababies looking to operate in?

Aquababies can set up a franchise or a license in any part of the world.

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

It is a five-year contract with the option to renew after those five years.

Why is an Aquababies franchise a good investment?

Now more than ever family wellbeing-related businesses are a wise investment. Swimming is an essential life skill with numerous health benefits. With the ever-increasing number of babies being born and an awareness of the need for water confidence and safety, it is a market that is growing every day.

Aquababies delivers premium quality concepts which are tried and tested successfully. Having programmes that are created for the benefit of the parent, child, teachers and aquatic business owners, creates a well-balanced, self-perpetuating business model.

By joining a global franchise family, operated by a well-known and trusted brand, you’ll benefit from on-going support whilst having the freedom and independence to be your very own business owner.

Aquababies’ business franchises are designed so that you can start and operate the Aquababies range of programmes immediately upon completion of its unique training. Aquababies streamlines the process to ensure a speedy and easy path to your success.

How in demand are the services that Aquababies provides?

There is high demand, with families willing to invest in swimming businesses that are based on quality and optimum values.

How can I apply for an Aquababies franchise?

If you are interested in starting an Aquababies franchise, the next step is to complete the form on this page.

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