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Go-Kart Party

National children's party franchise using portable electric go-karts and an inflatable track

£ 10,000 - £ 15,000

Go-Kart Party In Brief

  • Description

    National children's party franchise using portable electric go-karts and an inflatable track

  • Business Type

    Childrens Services, Entertainment

  • Investment Level

    £ 10,000 - £ 15,000

About Go-Kart Party

Go-Kart Party is a children’s birthday party franchise founded in 2003 which promises “children will have the most fun kids can have”.

The company uses high-quality electric go-karts which are purpose-built for children to use. Children can then enjoy driving around a fun, inflatable track while being supervised, CRB-checked operators. The equipment and track are conveniently transportable and can be set up in any indoor or outdoor venue that is the right size, so parents are able to choose the location of the party. Kids enjoy a sense of supportive competition and reward with medals and trophies and Grand Prix themes.

To date, Go-Kart Party has 45 franchisees and works hard to ensure the package that is offered to franchisees is inviting and competitive. Once you become a franchisee after
paying a low investment amount, you get help promoting the activity to major leisure and sports venues, as well as support with insurance, finance, website design and business promotion.

The Go-Kart Party franchise is going from strength to strength, with a strong proven track record right now and innovation and expansion plans ensuring that the company’s future prospects look great.

How much does a Go-Kart Party franchise cost?

The Go-Kart Patry franchise packages range from £10,000 to £15,000, plus VAT.


What is included in the Go-Kart Party franchise package?

When you invest in a Go-Kart Party franchise package you can expect to get a complete setup, support and training to help you get your brand new business off the ground. When you invest in a Go-Kart Party franchise package you get:

● Four ECHO professional electric go-karts
● Eight batteries
● A complete go-kart track
● Advertising materials
● Printing materials
● Complete training
● A Go-Kart Party franchise manual
● Go-Kart Party franchise uniform
● Secured venues
● Complete support from the local and nationwide Go-Kart Party franchise network and Go-Kart Party franchise head office
● A website that is both national and regional
● Large areas of protected territory
● Organisation and booking of DBS, Healthy & Safety, ADIPS, Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Child Protection

The Go-Kart Party franchise package is set up to ensure that you are ready to start making your business successful from the get-go.


What are the benefits and advantages of running a Go-Kart Party franchise?

The Go-Kart Party franchise has lots of benefits to franchisees beyond investing in a fantastic franchise with over 15 years’ experience in the children’s entertainment industry.

Primarily, franchisees have the security of knowing that they have a business that can run all year round because it can be housed indoors and outdoors. Franchisees also don’t need to worry about setting up a premises for the business as they can run everything from home. There is also no need to buy stock, as you get a complete training package, you have instant sales opportunities from the parents of the children that attend, and so a quick potential sales network to utilise.

Accessibility for the Go-Kart Party franchise is also good because the initial investment is so low at £10,000 and you don’t need an office or to buy lots of stock, you just need to be able to transport the equipment to the party location.

The franchise is also incredibly flexible for those who don’t want to run it full-time straight away, as you can invest on a part- or full-time basis. Once you get going, your regional and national website is already set up for you to run, you have support from the national call centre and don’t have to worry about losing a huge percentage of your revenue because there is a fixed management and royalty fee from the start.

When you invest in a Go-Kart Party franchise you have total control over the way that you run your business day-to-day throughout your protected territories, with lots of support from the Go-Kart Party franchise head office and the entire network of franchisees throughout the country.


What kind of cancellation policy does the Go-Kart Party provide?

The Go-Kart Party franchise offers a 12-month money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the success of your business.


Is there a Go-Kart Party franchise available for sale near me?

When you contact us we can let you know if there is a Go-Kart Party nearby to you and where the closest territories to you are that are available.


Does Go-Kart Party only franchise in the UK?

The Go-Kart Party franchise is currently looking for franchisees overseas, so although there aren’t any international franchises at the moment, the company is actively seeking growth in other countries.


Where can I find a Go-Kart Party franchise review?

There are publications online but we are more than happy to connect you with any of our franchisees for honest feedback.


Why should I invest in a Go-Kart Party franchise over its competitors?

There are lots of reasons that a business like Go-Kart Party could be the right choice for you. A lot of prospective franchisees initially enquire because of a burning desire be the boss of their schedule. Maybe they want more time for themselves or for their family, in which case a franchise like Go-Kart Party is an excellent choice. The business is extremely flexible and can be worked around other priorities or commitments. It may be that you are looking for a fun job that enables your personality to shine, in which case the Go-Kart Party franchise is a great fit and demands your people skills to work.

The Go-Kart Party franchise also suits those who are looking to put everything into their very own business, rather than working directly for an employer and having to work to the rules and schedules of others. You may also want to invest in a franchise that is ready to grow right from the start, just like a Go-Kart Party franchise is, with all the health and safety, insurance, premises, promotions and marketing, finance and equipment either provided or you are helped to have it set up.

A Go-Kart Party franchise could be right for you if you want a low investment franchise opportunity which takes a lot of the pressure off you in terms of the setting up process, and which supports you in growing your business with a schedule to suit your needs.


Can the Go-Kart Party franchise team help me with funding or financial support?

The Go-Kart Party franchise has built relationships with leading franchise banks and will be able to help applicants apply for finance of up to 70 per cent of costs depending on individual applications.


How many revenue streams are there with a Go-Kart Party franchise?

There are several revenue streams with a Go-Kart Party franchise including the children’s go-kart birthday parties - which are always completely paid for beforehand - and Go-Kart Party prices are paid by the hour creating additional flexibility in your schedule. You can also attend retail days where you charge per ride and corporate days which you usually charge a day rate. You can earn extra money at your events selling souvenirs and gifts like party bags and medals.

You can promote yourself using your website, social media and at your events, increasing your sales naturally. Much of your marketing can be done from home, too - you have a lot of control over how much you put into how you promote your Go-Kart Party franchise.


Do you need any party or events organising experience to be a Go-Kart Party franchisee?

You do not need any previous experience when you take on a Go-Kart Party franchise because all the training and information is given to you. Over 75 per cent of Go-Kart Party
franchisees do not have any previous experience of working with children prior to their Go-Kart Party franchise investment. The only thing you do need to do is be able to work weekends and evenings, and you need to be able to drive.


How is the Go-Kart Party growing to attract new audiences?

The Go-Kart Party franchise is looking to the future by using completely environmentally-friendly go-karts for a public that is increasingly concerned about the environment.

The go-karts are operated with batteries that are very quiet, and that do not emit any pollution or emissions.


What do you need access to in order to start a Go-Kart Party franchise?

All of the materials you need to work within the child entertainment industry come with your franchise fee. You get all of the important health and safety paperwork arranged and set up by the Go-Kart Party franchise, which will also ensure you have the DBS clearance, something you have to have to be able to work with children. The ADIPS test on the equipment is also arranged via the Go-Kart Party Franchise.

Your equipment and parts may need replacing in future but the Go-Kart Party franchise team offer those at a reduced rate to help keep costs down.


Where can I find a Go-Kart Party franchise for sale near me?

When you contact Go-Kart Party the team will provide you with everything you need to operate a brand new Go-Kart Party franchise in your area.


How can I find out more about becoming a Go-Kart Party franchisee?

You can find out more about becoming a Go-Kart Party franchisee by contacting the team via the enquiry form found on this page.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

For additional information on Go-Kart Party, simply send us an !

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