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Mini Kicks / Kixx

Mini Kicks Ltd is a football training academy franchise, providing sports sessions for young children

£ 12,000 Minimum Investment

Mini Kicks / Kixx In Brief

  • Description

    Mini Kicks Ltd is a football training academy franchise, providing sports sessions for young children

  • Business Type

    Childrens Services, Education, Entertainment, Children, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Sport

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 12,000

About Mini Kicks / Kixx

Kixx (also known as Mini Kicks) is a children’s football coaching franchise, offering sports classes, coaching sessions and private events designed to encourage children from the ages of 18 months to 10 years to enjoy being more active and healthy.

The franchise offers academies around the country under the name “Kixx Academy”, with dozens of franchisees around the country. While the company’s main offering is centred around football coaching, the main ethos is to encourage an enjoyable approach to a healthier lifestyle for young children.

What does the Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise provide?

Mini Kicks offers a variety of sports-based activities for children, tailored to different age groups. For the youngest category of 18 months to two years, they offer parent toddler group activities, designed to offer physical stimulation in a fun and safe environment. From ages two to five, they offer creative group classes based around football, helping to improve children’s socialisation skills and confidence.

For older children up to the age of ten, coaching sessions are tailored to provide more specialised skills in a lively group setting.

The franchise has grown rapidly over the years, and coaches over 10,000 children a week across the country.

For anyone passionate about child development, education and improving young people’s health, this might be a fantastic opportunity to start a franchise that makes a positive impact.


Where is the Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise based?

The Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise is based in Doncaster, England.


How much does a Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise cost?

To start your own Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise, you will need to invest £12,000.


What territories are available for a Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise?

Currrently, there are territories available all over the UK, and all franchisees receive a protected territory.


Is financial support available to help me start my Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise?

Financial support for potential franchisees may be available through most major banks.


Do you need previous experience to start your own Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise?

Many of Mini Kicks / Kixx’s franchisees come from a football playing or coaching background, including semi and professional footballs, both active and retired, while some franchisees come from more business-orientated roles. Although some business understanding can be helpful, the training covers all aspects you need to know to run the franchise successfully.

The most important quality needed in a successful franchisee is enthusiasm and passion for making a difference to children’s lives, as the goal of helping children live healthier and happier is the core mission of the brand.


What training is provided for Mini Kicks / Kixx franchisees?

All franchisees undergo a detailed five-day training programme at Mini Kicks / Kixx’s Doncaster headquarters, with the franchise founder, Ben Hunter. This programme covers all parts of running the franchise, part of it which includes spending time with current academies to learn about the brand’s approach to teaching styles, the methods used, and learning practical coaching skills.

The training course also covers key information on learning how to run a business, setting and understanding targets, how to approach marketing within this business sector, networking with other franchisees and partnerships and more. Franchisees will also get to spend a day in the “engine room” at the headquarters, to get a detailed insight into customer service, the booking process, and how administration is managed.

Once the initial training is complete, franchisees receive all the tools and resources needed to establish a successful academy – including the brand’s own quoting software, a bespoke launch marketing package, and a Mini Kicks / Kixx coaching launch pack. Mini Kicks also provides social media support, to help maximise promotions and marketing efforts.

There is also ongoing training available with regular business development seminars and training programmes held around the country to help with improving buisness skills, and continued support from the company’s main head office support and administrative team.


What kind of support is available for Mini Kicks / Kixx franchisees?

In addition to the initial training programme, all franchisees will also receive detailed and personalised business support, to help them succeed. The franchise founding team provides one-to-one support for every franchisee, helping them to create a personal business plan, tailored to their territory and area demographics.

Mini Kicks / Kixx also uses a state-of-the-art software system through its central head office, designed to streamline and simplify sales, marketing and general business administration, so that you can spend your time and energy on coaching. All bookings, payments, memberships and orders are processed through the company’s administrative team, freeing up franchisees to grow their business.

You also receive help from your own franchise consultant, who will provide guidance on coaching services as well as how to improve sales and profitability.

Franchisees are also automatically part of the Mini Kicks / Kixx franchisee network, where franchisees can exchange ideas and provide support from each other. This lets you get valuable insight from other franchisees who may be more established, and can help develop your business with their mentoring support.


Is the Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise a good business opportunity?

Mini Kicks and the Kixx academies are a growing and trusted brand amongst parents, child educators and children themselves, with a strongly positive reputation for delivering a fun and engaging approach to healthy and active lifestyles.

Franchisees have found the business to be a highly rewarding way of working within the sports industry, while making a positive difference to their communities. The extensive training and support provided through all aspects of running a franchise also makes it an easy way of running your own business, as the vast majority of administrative tasks such as handing bookings and payments is managed by the head office, allowing franchisees to focus on providing high quality coaching.

As a franchisee, you can also expand services offered beyond coaching classes, into private events such as birthday parties and other celebrations, and working in partnership with other organisations, broadening the opportunities available to grow the business.


How can you get started on running a Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise?

To find out more about starting your own Mini Kicks / Kixx franchise, send an email or complete the online form for more information.

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