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Nationwide Cleaners

Nationwide Cleaners is a domestic cleaning and ironing service providing in-home cleaning
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About Nationwide Cleaners

Nationwide Cleaners is a national franchise providing affordable cleaning and ironing services for domestic customers around the UK. Clients usually work with the brand on a long-term basis once they have a relationship with a cleaner they are happy with, making it a lucrative and fast-growing business opportunity.

What kind of franchise model does Nationwide Cleaners employ?

As a franchise owner with Nationwide Cleaners, you would not expect to provide cleaning services yourself. Instead, the franchise is run as a management business, and franchisees are generally in charge of employing other cleaners and overseeing the general running of the business.


What types of services does Nationwide Cleaners offer?

The Nationwide Cleaners franchise offers its services to domestic customers only, helping the brand to specialise and target this growing market sector. As a franchise owner, you may offer a range of services including domestic cleaning in the home, and ironing services.

Cleaning services usually include an initial assessment with a maid, who will review the client’s individual needs and requirements, which allow you to make sure that every client receives a satisfactory and consistent service each time.

Franchise owners are also required to provide vetting and insurance for all employed cleaners, allowing customers to have greater confidence, trust and loyalty in the brand.


Can a Nationwide Cleaners franchise be run from home?

It’s very easy for a Nationwide Cleaners franchisee to run the business entirely from a home office, as the franchise does not require expensive overheads or set up, and you do not need to provide a fixed site for employees to work from, as all work is done on-site at clients’ homes.

As such, it requires minimal investment in equipment, and does not demand a lengthy time commitment, for the general administration of the the business. It can also be run as a part-time or full-time operation, depending on the goals and objectives of individual franchisees.

This makes a franchise with Nationwide Cleaners a great opportunity for anyone looking to start a business that can be run on a flexible and low-cost basis, with the potential of a high value return.

It is ideal for potential franchisees looking for a business that can be balanced with other family or personal commitments, or individuals looking for a source of income after retirement, as well as ambitious business owners looking to expand their portfolio.


Where is the Nationwide Cleaners franchise based?

The headquarters for Nationwide Cleaners are located in Crawley, in England.


Where can you find a territory for a Nationwide Cleaners franchise?

Territories for a Nationwide Cleaners franchise are currently available all over the UK.


How much does a Nationwide Cleaners franchise cost?

To start your own franchise with Nationwide Cleaners, you’ll need to pay a franchise fee of £7,999. This includes 10,000 leaflets to help promote your business, as well as training and support.


What funding support can you get to start a Nationwide Cleaners franchise?

You may be able to get funding from third-party sources, including most major banks.


What experience do you need to start a Nationwide Cleaners franchise?

You do not need to have any experience in the cleaning industry to start a franchise with Nationwide Cleaners, as you will not be required to provide services yourself. As the business is run as a management franchise, it can be helpful to have prior experience in some form of business management.

You should have good communication skills and the ability to manage a team of people, including your employees, and maintain professional and positive relationships with potential and existing clients.


What training and marketing support is available with a Nationwide Cleaners franchise?

Nationwide Cleaners provide full training on site at its premises near London Gatwick Airport, which covers all aspects of running the business. You would also receive ongoing support and further training with one of its leading franchisees to help you establish the business.

Once you are ready to launch your franchise, Nationwide Cleaners provides extensive marketing assistance, including a local mailshot campaign to raise awareness of your services in the area, and ongoing marketing advice on all aspects including web marketing and direct mail campaigns.

Nationwide Cleaners also provides its franchisees with comprehensive business guidance, on aspects such as VAT, accountancy and employment issues, and practical advice on how to best manage employee, including reducing overheads for cleaners travelling between jobs, issues around vehicle leasing, and how to minimise costs with cleaning supplies and equipment, while ensuring you retain maximum profits.


Is a franchise with Nationwide Cleaners a good business opportunity?

Starting a franchise with Nationwide Cleaners can be a potentially lucrative opportunity, as the brand is already well established and trusted by customers across the UK, as a provider in the industry.

The home cleaning market is continually growing. With a 25 per cent growth in demand in the last five years, it has proven itself to be a recession-proof service, as clients have found that these services provide an invaluable benefit to their quality of life, increasing leisure and work time, as well as being a useful service for those who may not be able to clean for themselves, such as the elderly and disabled.

Franchise owners also have the potential of expanding the business to integrate leaflet delivery services, as staff would be involved in delivering your own promotional leaflets anyway, as part of their activities. This can add an extra potential income of £20,000 - £30,000 a year.

Combined with the low cost of investment and minimal overheads, existing franchisees have enjoyed successful careers with fast growth, growing a base of regular clients within months, and a high turnover.


How can you get started?

To find out more about starting a franchise with Nationwide Cleaners, click the enquiry button found on this page.

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