Feel-good factor

Posted: 11 Aug 2019
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The Raring2go! Awards are a win-win for all concerned

Feel-good factor

The Raring2go! Awards are now in their fourth year and are being run by more and more of the company’s franchisees across the UK.

They champion local businesses that provide a service to families of primary school age children and are a highly effective way to reward outstanding performance.

The goodwill generated translates into written business for Raring2go! franchisees - an accidental yet welcome by-product of this ‘feel-good’ initiative.

Big mac moment

Freddie St George, managing director of Raring2go!, says: “The idea for the awards was pitched by one of our franchisees. We liked the idea so much, we ran with it. Looking back, we’re so pleased we decided to do so. It was our ‘Big Mac moment’.”

In 1967, McDonald’s franchisee Jim Delligatti created the Big Mac and urged the company to let him sell it in the McDonald’s restaurants he ran. They eventually agreed and it became an icon of the McDonald’s corporation.

Freddie adds: “An open mind to business is what we, as the franchisor of Raring2go!, strive to maintain. This means engaging with our franchisees, listening to them and carefully evaluating all suggestions they make.

“We’ve no idea what they’ll come up with next, but we’re always up for another Big Mac moment.

Call 01273 447101 or 07702 186787. Alternatively, email freddie@raring2go.co.uk or visit www.getraring2go.co.uk

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