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InXpress is a global shipping logistics business that operates in such a way that its franchisees never have to touch or fetch a package
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Delivery Haulage

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£35,000 plus £1,000 for events

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In Brief

Flexible, home-based opportunity - work from just a phone and laptop - low overheads and high earning potential. No shipping required – simple reselling business model - global shipping requirements handled centrally. Lucrative repeat business – huge corporate size discounts attract and retain small business customers to generate recurring revenue. Easy expansion – the innovative, award-winning franchise offers a scalable business with unlimited growth opportunities.

About InXpress

InXpress is a global shipping logistics business that operates in such a way that its franchisees never have to touch or fetch a package. It is a reselling service, home-based and backed by a global franchise system worth almost £120m. InXpress can handle all the elements a customers shipping requirements, saving them time and money. Whether it is a single shipment or thousands per day, InXpress has partnerships with multiple transport companies that will handle pick-up, deliveries and collections.

The origins of the company are American and date back to 1987, although much of the development was in the United Kingdom, where the first office of Express Worldwide was opened in June 1999. Quickly establishing a reputation for high quality, the UK branch became fully autonomous in 2004 and in 2006, as InXpress, established their first operations in the USA. The USA now has 96 franchised offices while the UK has 94 franchisees.

After joining forces with DHL in 2006, InXpress expanded into Australia and New Zealand in 2009, in India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore in 2010 and now have successful franchises in Korea, Malaysia, France and Canada — 15 countries in all, having added Germany to its global roster in 2018. The company has over 250 franchises working with DHL — a world leader in shipping that specialises in overseas trade — and almost 50 other carrier partners, and can ship to over 220 countries.

The Rochdale-based InXpress UK is a member of the BFA, and won the Brand Innovation Award at the British Franchise Association HSBC Franchisor of the Year Awards 2017 for demonstrating its continuing commitment to identifying opportunities to innovate and grow. In October 2018 InXpress won the Franchise Marketing Award Best Online Marketing Campaign for its various 2017 online campaigns. The company was named the Best International Parcel Delivery and Transportation Franchise at the North West Enterprise awards in 2017, and the London Stock Exchange named InXpress as one of its ‘1,000 companies to Inspire Britain’ in 2018.

How does the InXpress franchise work?

Your local InXpress shipping specialist has access to partnerships with world-class carriers that handle pick-up and delivery and works with their customers to determine the right service option for them.

Thanks to the size and the volume of shipping handled by InXpress, the business can offer small and medium-sized businesses the kind of access to discounted shipping rates with the best global carriers usually only available to large corporations.

The InXpress franchise owner connects his clients to the right shipping option for their needs, offering a deep discount which helps that business while helping grow yours.

“Our mission is to provide franchise owners with a way to build their businesses while providing best-in-class customer service with a personal touch to all our clients,” says InXpress. “We can only grow - through our continued effort to find new customers while keeping the customers we have. Our high customer retention shows customers are experiencing real value with our low-cost, high-touch approach.”


What support and training will the InXpress franchisee receive?

Each new franchisee will receive their initial training at InXpress’s support centre. The leadership team comprises experienced executives who have themselves owned their own InXpress franchises and who, therefore, know what it takes to create a successful business from the ground up and have used those experiences to create a training and franchise support programme that works.

Your appointed coach will guide you through the early stages of your business. This will include in-person help for your first week and continued weekly communication for a full year. The leadership team will also do analysis to make sure your business is hitting key targets and will offer coaching and mentoring where needed.

Franchise support managers act as a first line of communication when a franchisee has a problem or needs a question answered. The leadership team will be able to guide you through more complex questions about strategies and performance.


How much does an InXpress franchise cost and what kind of person would suit the role?

An InXpress franchise will cost £35,000, plus you will need a working capital of around £15,000. Initial costs will depend on a number of factors, including whether you operate your business from home or from rented office space. However, overheads are kept to a minimum because the franchise owner is selling a service rather than owning vans, trucks and warehouses.

It is possible to run a business from home with a phone and a computer while carriers do the heavy lifting.

The company is looking for people with sales experience or an aptitude for sales. A background in the shipping industry isn’t necessary or even important. According to InXpress: “What matters most is your drive, your ability to follow a proven business model and your love of the authentic relationship-building that drives sales. We can develop your sales skills as long as you have a desire to learn.”


What makes customers choose to do business with InXpress?

By specialising in the small and medium-sized businesses that large carriers typically overlook, InXpress sees the types of businesses that can benefit from their services as limitless. Smaller companies do not always have access to information about big-business discounts or information on dozens of carrier options that would offer them the best ways to save money, especially in international markets. Potential customers are identified in a number of ways — none better than knocking on doors — with franchise owners and sales staff going out to call on people for face-to-face meetings to learn what shipping needs those businesses have and whether they could benefit from working with InXpress.

Networking through chambers of commerce, boards of trade, and societies that advocate on behalf of business community and similar groups can open up avenues to import and export businesses or companies that deal with heavy freight.

Once a franchisee has found someone with logistics requirements, they can offer the commercial benefits of the company’s collective buying power to obtain corporate-sized discounts on their shipping needs. InXpress will help choose the best possible carriers to suit your clients needs as it is the carrier who delivers that last mile that will have the real impact on your customer’s experience.


What help can you offer to save money on parcel delivery?

Make sure you understand the requirements of the client. For instance, a package that does not require express deliver can she shipped on a slower service, which is often cheaper. As a franchisee of InXpress, you can check for your clients that they are not sending shipments to places where there might be an out of area surcharge, and advise them on carriers that cover those areas as part of their standard delivery.

Top tips include: simple advice can also save money; weight is not always the only factor when it comes to charging; dimensions also count, so make sure the box is suitable for the item being sent; make sure goods are well packed and correctly addressed, as re-delivery, address correction and return-to-sender services may be charged for.

An InXpress franchisee will be able to offer advice on what can be insured and the conditions of insurance for goods of any size. 

They will also be able to advise on customs clearance, exchange rates, difficult-to-ship goods and handling restrictions in receiving countries that have specific hazardous goods requirements, and any other questions a client has relating to international shipping. InXpress’s close relationship with DHL means that franchisees can offer the best coverage for delivery overseas.


What are the InXpress terms of agreement and renewal?

The terms for an InXpress franchise are for five years with a renewal fee of £5,000.


How in-demand are courier and shipping services right now?

The global shipping industry is estimated to be a $700bn industry and demand is expected to grow to $1.3tn by 2023. InXpress plans to grow along with it, negotiating better rates that franchisees can pass on to their customers.

To take just one aspect of this overall trend, parcel shipping alone has increased in revenue steadily over the past few years, driven by e-commerce to £218bn globally in 2017 in 13 countries studied by Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping — up 11 per cent over 2016. In 2017, 3.2bn parcels were shipped in the UK, up 8 per cent year-on-year, making Britain second only to Japan in the number of parcels shipped per person.


How can I get started on setting up my own courier service?

As long as you are sales-minded, have an aptitude for business, and enjoy selling and marketing services, it is a simple job to send for an InXpress prospectus, which is free and non-obligatory. To find out more, or to request further information on franchising with InXpress, click the ‘Send Enquire’ button now.

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