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Walljam has outlets available across the UK
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Walljam is a sports franchise, focused on providing innovative approaches to ball games.
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In Brief

Innovative offering with minimal competition - covers a wide range of popular ball sports with a huge target audience. Portable equipment offers multiple income streams including school, community and corporate events. Reduce start-up costs by leasing equipment. Intensive training and marketing support are provided. ROI in just 180 days, with routes to easily expand your business after the initial setup.

About Walljam

The Walljam business model takes its inspiration from traditional popular ball games, such as football, tennis, basketball and rugby. Using technology, players can get involved in exciting new ball games, with the help of LED activated sensor targets that can be affixed to a wall or panel.

The platform offered by Walljam is simple, but effective, and gives users a great way to get fit, enjoy a social activity and improve technical skills. The business has grown across the UK since it was originally founded because the brand offers a more flexible and adaptable way of bringing physical activity into new spaces, and their model is adaptable to virtually any size venue or location.

The franchise can be a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in getting involved with sports or the local community, with the potential to grow the business at a level that feels right for you.

Where is the main office for the Walljam franchise located in the UK?

The main head office for the Walljam franchise is located in Hertfordshire.

Where can you find franchise territories for a business with Walljam?

There are opportunities to find franchise territories all over the UK. For information on specific locations, contact the franchise team directly for up to date details.

What kind of franchise options are there with WallJam?

A Walljam franchise can be very flexible and adaptable, and existing franchisees have developed the business model to suit their own goals and objectives. There are a number of different pathways, and franchisees may want to take on one or more of the options available, or even come up with their own ideas.

Potential options for running the Walljam franchise business include offering activities or running events at community or local leisure centres and groups, or working with local schools and sporting groups within the education sector. You can also develop the franchise into the commercial sector, for example, by working with conference events, trade exhibitions, and other spaces, where visitors might enjoy a fun and novel way to take a break from the main activity.

How much do you need to invest to start a Walljam franchise?

To start a Walljam franchise, you’ll need to invest a total amount of £65,000 (excluding VAT). This includes a one off franchise fee of £20,000, as well as £45,000 to purchase a single Walljam unit. There is also the option to lease this instead.

Is there any financial support or funding available to start a franchise with Walljam?

It may be possible to get financial support for some of the investment amount required to start a Walljam franchise, from most major banks and lenders.

What sort of experience or background should you have to start a Walljam franchise?

To start a franchise with Walljam, it’s helpful to have some background in the sports industry, or in event management. While full training will be provided with all aspects of the franchise, it’s essential to have a strong passion for physical activity in some form, even if you are not professionally trained in the field.

Did you know?
Walljam has outlets available across the UK
Request free information in just 60 seconds!
Take the first step in becoming your own boss!
By sharing your email, you're agreeing to our privacy policy, cookie policy and terms & conditions.

Successful franchisees should also have excellent people skills, and the ability to communicate and connect well with others. You’ll also be expected to transport your own Walljam unit around yourself, so you should be able to drive a vehicle with a trailer attached. You should have a relevant driving license, to permit you to drive a truck or other suitable vehicle.

What kind of training or support will you get with a WallJam franchise?

All franchisees with Walljam receive a comprehensive training programme, which covers all aspects of their business model. To start with, you’ll be invited to a two day intensive at their headquarters in Stevenage, where you are led through the Walljam business model, as well as learning how to carry out essential business tasks, such as managing accounts, bills and invoicing, and practical insight into how to set up and carry out Walljam’s range of services. Following the initial intensive, franchise owners will also be provided with further training sessions to help them progress their business later on.

Walljam also provide marketing support for all of their franchisees, with a template to build a tailored Walljam website for each territory. The brand’s main corporate team manage all digital marketing activities to help promote franchisees to their target markets as effectively as possible, but they will also support franchise owners with guidance on using social media, and how to use sponsorship and advertisement programmes effectively.

What kind of market potential is there for a WallJam franchise?

Walljam can offer a potentially lucrative opportunity for anyone interested in starting a franchise business in the events industry. The market itself is worth £42 billion, and Walljam’s unique model gives franchisees the ability to access a broad range of the events sector, offering services to corporate events, university fairs and schools. There is also the option to provide tailored sessions, such as coaching sessions for after school clubs and sports clubs, as well as private events such as working with birthday parties, and the brand has already developed a positive and well trusted reputation amongst its existing customer base.

With a broad range of options available and an innovative service offering, the Walljam franchise can offer an exciting and scalable business model for franchise owners of all backgrounds.

How to get started

To find out more about starting a franchise with Walljam, first contact them directly using the form on this page. You’ll then be able to schedule a call and discuss current opportunities with a member of their team. After an initial discussion, you may then be invited to meet them in person at an event, and see the Walljam model in action. You’ll then be required to create a business plan, organise financial support and carry out relevant due diligence, before being offered a potential territory.

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