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Granier Bakery

Pans Granier is a traditional baked goods brand, specialising in high quality breads, cakes and other baked items.
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About Granier Bakery

Pans Granier was founded originally in 1988, as a Spanish bakery focusing on providing delicious, traditionally made baked goods to the local neighbourhood. It was established as a brand in 2010, and has grown with enormous success over the past 20 years, to become an internationally recognised brand. Pans Granier operates across Europe, with over 350 stores at present.

The brand focuses upon traditional, artisanal bread-making techniques, providing high quality, freshly made produce, as well as serving hot drinks and snacks in store. The franchise is ideal for anyone passionate about bread-making, and keen to work with a highly reputed and respected brand in the food and drinks industry.

Where are the headquarters for the Pans Granier franchise located?

Pans Granier does not have a UK head office – their headquarters are located in Spain.

How much does the fee for a Pans Granier bakery franchise cost?

Costs to start a Pans Granier franchise depending on the type of franchise you may choose to open. Potential franchise owners can choose between opening a ‘Granier Express’ or an express franchise, or a medium sized franchise.

The express franchise model is based on a small and easy to manage store, ideally for spaces of 40–50 metres squared, with a small number of staff. This requires an investment of approximately £65,000.

The medium sized franchise is for a larger stand alone store, which requires an investment of approximately £150,000. For both franchises, you would need to pay a down payment of £7,000 up front, to secure a territory.

Both franchises may incur additional costs, such as rent and lease costs, machinery and equipment, furnishing, displays and staff costs. These will vary depending on the size of the franchise store, as well as the location, and other factors.

Where can you find a territory for a Pans Granier franchise?

The Pans Granier franchise is expanding across the UK and territories may be available across the country. For more information on specific locations, contact the brand directly for details.

What kind of funding assistance is available to start a Pans Granier franchise?

Pans Granier do not offer any kind of funding support to potential franchisees, but you may be able to get financial help from most major high street banks and lenders.

Which Pans Granier franchise is right for you?

Pans Granier offers two types of franchises, which may suite potential franchise owners with different levels of experience, financial investment and market opportunities. The smaller, express franchise model is ideal for a small store, located in an area with high levels of footfall, such as a department store or mall. The franchise store is designed to be accessible from the front, with limited or no space for seating in-store. As it is smaller and requires a lower level of investment, this may be ideal for anyone with limited financial resources, or for existing franchisees interested in expanding to additional territories or stores.

The medium franchise is designed for a large, stand alone store, with a larger floor area that would allow space for café style seating. This is an ideal option for more experienced franchisees.

What sort of experience should you have before starting a franchise with Pans Granier?

While the ideal franchise candidate for a Pans Granier store will have prior experience in the bakery sector, it is not absolutely essential. However you should have a keen passion and interest in this area, regardless of professional background.

Franchisees should be strongly self-motivated, and have excellent business acumen, with experience in management and leadership roles, with the ability to lead a team successfully, and be able to develop and maintain good rapport with customers.

What kind of business opportunities are available with a Pans Granier franchise?

Working with Pans Granier as a franchise owner offers many positive business opportunities, as the brand has been highly successful since its launch, growing rapidly across an international market. The franchise model offers franchisees a profitable return on investment with a high turnover business, as well as the advantages that come with being a part of a large franchise, such as better buying power, access to the brand’s advertising and marketing campaigns, and being a part of a well known and trusted brand.

What kind of training and support will you receive with a Pans Granier franchise?

Pans Granier offers an extensive training and support package to all franchisees, with a two-phase training programme.

The initial training lasts for two-and-a-half weeks, and includes an initial induction at their headquarters, covering all theoretical aspects of the brand, such as the company’s history, corporate culture and business operational model. This is followed by a five day practical immersion in an existing Pans Granier shop, where you gain practical experience in the day to day running of a store, including sales, customer service, displays and the baking processes.

The brand also provide assistance and advice on setting up your own Pans Granier store, with guidance on site design and other key issues. Once the store is ready to launch, the Pans Granier business team spend a week on-site to help prepare the store and provide management support.

After the store launch, Pans Granier continue to provide support, both on-site and elsewhere, with ongoing training to ensure quality and consistency levels remain high. Franchisees are trained on all areas such as customer service management, product displays, and presenting the bakery, with twice-monthly visits. Franchisees are also given advice from the business team on essential topics such as sales and marketing, with an annual training event. Pans Granier also ensure that all franchisees are updated regularly on news and product development.

How to get started

To find out more about starting a franchise with Pans Granier, contact the brand’s team directly via the form on this page for more information.

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