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Rental franchise offers rapid growth

Posted: 22 Sep 2014
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Local Appliance Rentals has a profitable business model that it wants to share with you

Rental franchise offers rapid growth

Local Appliance Rentals is an established franchise with over 80 franchisees in Australia and New Zealand. It has achieved this outstanding result in less than three years of operations.

However, as founder and CEO Kenneth French points out: “Prior to starting our franchise operation, we had been running Local Appliance Rentals for many years and had a very profitable business model that we wanted to share with others.”


Local Appliance Rentals rents a range of household appliances to consumers, including fridges, washing machines, flatscreen TVs, laptops, smartphones and furniture. The rental term is usually over a two-year period and the customer is able to own the product at the end of the term through a zero pound gift-it offer. The whole business is run through an online software system called SAFRA.

The rental industry is well established, although still underserved in the UK. However, until now there has not been an opportunity to join a franchised operation.

In these tough economic times the industry has proven to be recession proof. As many businesses struggled during the global financial crisis, Local Appliance Rentals actually experienced substantial growth. In fact, Kenneth says it was sometimes embarrassing talking about how well the business was doing during a time when many other companies only had tales of doom and gloom.

Kenneth says the rapid growth Local Appliance Rentals has experienced in less than three years was only possible because of the performance of its franchisees. “Many of our franchisees have voted with their cheque books, with 12 of our franchisees having purchased multiple territories and another 10 having upgraded their territories to the next level as they have decided to expand their businesses,” he says.

The majority of franchisees work from home and enjoy the flexibility that this gives them. In addition, the business only operates Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm and is not open at night, weekends or during public holidays.

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