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“Without doubt, the major benefit of being a business owner is that level of control”

“Without doubt, the major benefit of being a business owner is that level of control”

Having joined the Platinum Property Partners network in 2018, Andrew and Elizabeth Pickup redressed their work-life balance with the help of the franchise

Transitioning out of employment and into running your own business is a daunting prospect for anyone. The fear factor is huge and the uncertainty can be debilitating.

Those two mental and practical hurdles, plus a whole lot more, were exactly what Platinum Property Partners’ Andrew and Elizabeth Pickup went through.

“We were both used to working in senior-level roles with a regular salary and security, said Andrew. “Walking away from that was like stepping off a cliff and it took some courage and conviction to do it, as well as curiosity, a willingness to learn something new, determination, high personal energy and tenacity.”

Andrew and Elizabeth joined Platinum Property Partners in July 2018 and already have a portfolio of four co-living properties in their business - something that has redressed their work-life balance but didn’t come without a large dose of that aforementioned fear factor.

“Our primary concern was generating a sufficient income to meet or exceed our desired lifestyle in sustainable way,” explained Elizabeth. “Beyond that, we wanted to achieve the right balance between home and work.

“The rest of the transition was about mindset shift - being an entrepreneur means your personal energy and commitment is the difference between the success and failure of your business because nobody else is going to drive your business forward for you.”

Taking the plunge

While that personal energy and commitment are not without their own stresses, the Pickups are united in their belief that the transition from employment to their own property business has given them control of their lives.

“Without a doubt, the major benefit of being a business owner is that level of control,” said Andrew. “You control how you spend your time, what you focus on, how quickly you scale your business, what you do each day and, ultimately, your own destiny.

“In employment, most of that is determined by others.”

So, what would be the Pickups’ advice to someone else transitioning out of corporate life to run their own business?

“Our advice would be to sit down, consider the tasks that will need to be regularly executed and decide what you will personally focus on,” added Andrew.“That may be a combination of what you are best at, where you can add the most value, what you enjoy doing, etc.”

Support from the network

Although Andrew and Elizabeth are very much in control of their destiny now, they’re also steadfast in their belief that none of that control would have been possible without joining the Platinum franchise.

“If you make a mistake, it can be costly,” said Elizabeth. “So, being part of an organisation like Platinum that has the knowledge, experience, and expertise, as well as a well-established and proven business model of success, hugely reduces that risk.

“They have provided us with training, systems, processes, and support that has helped us establish and maintain our property business and transform our lives.”

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Name of franchise:

Platinum Property Partners



Number of franchised outlets:

200+ franchise partners, 700+ properties

Location of units:

across England

Investment range:

£175,000 - £700,000

Minimum required capital:



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Expected Revenue After 2 Years

£50,000 to £150,000

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