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Eazi-Apps has outlets available across the UK
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Eazi-Apps designs, builds, and delivers revenue generating apps for businesses
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About Eazi-Apps

Founded in 2012, Eazi-Apps is a technology company that designs, builds, and publishes apps with advanced features for businesses. The company now has offices in more than 40 countries and offer apps in approximately 80 languages.

Eazi-Apps franchisees create cost-effective mobile phone applications for customers. The goal is to boost or generate sales and retain customers for repeat business thereby generating income for the business.

Businesses that benefit from Eazi-Apps include those in the food and drink, health and beauty, sports and leisure, medical, hospitality, motoring, and education sectors. Apps can be designed to handle food ordering, mobile shopping carts, loyalty programs, special offers, multimedia to engage customers, reservations / appointments, third-party integration, and free push notifications. All of this comes with dynamic content and security and the option to use geolocation to target users in specific areas or when they enter the customer’s target area.

Eazi-Apps franchises and offices have their business underpinned by trends in the mobile market. For example, 91 per cent of adults are always within easy reach of their mobile phones, 71 per cent of marketers believe that mobile marketing is crucial, 62 per cent of business either have or want their own app, with Statisa forecasting mobile data traffic will increase by 300 per cent over the next three years.

How does an Eazi-App franchise work?

An Eazi-Apps franchise affords you a mobile app business opportunity in what is a booming market. Franchisees work from home and earn both upfront and residual income.

What does an Eazi-Apps franchisee do?

An Eazi-Apps franchisee or partner’s job is to carry out research to identify businesses that may require your services, approach them to discuss their needs and what you can offer to boost their business, and – if they want to continue – you will design, build, and launch the app after it has been checked and approved by the local Eazi-Apps office. This review is to ensure compliance with Google and Apple’s requirements.

App design is done by you using an easy drag-and-drop editor or, if you prefer, you can pay head office a small fee to design it for you. Even if you are not doing the design, you will be the person who communicates with your client.

In addition to selling, designing, building, and publishing business-boosting and revenue-generating mobile apps as described above, you can also offer clients website packages and SEO services.

How to become an Eazi-Apps franchisee:

There are seven steps to becoming an Eazi-Apps franchisee or partner:

1. Review: Read through the information on the website and brochure and watch the business opportunity video

2. Initial discussion: Telephone or use the What Franchise website to contact a member of the Eazi-Apps Business Development team

3. Meeting: During a face-to-face meeting at head office or online, the franchise opportunity will be discussed with you in detail (the work, the app building platform used, resources available, set-up costs, and potential earnings)

4. Application and deposit: If both parties still wish to proceed you will be asked to complete the application form and pay a refundable £250 deposit. After processing your application you’ll be sent a blank copy of the License Agreement.

5. Agreement review: If you wish to you can ask a lawyer of your choice to check the License Agreement and you can carry out any checks on the Eazi-Apps business you may want to do.

6. Sign and pay: If you still wish to proceed, you will sign the License Agreement and pay the fee less the deposit.

7. Training and franchise launch: You can either undergo the initial training online or at head office in Leicester. In addition, you will be enrolled with the Eazi-Apps Online sales and Training Academy and the Partner Mentoring Program.

At this stage, you will be ready to launch your franchise.

How much does an Eazi-Apps franchise cost?

The franchise fee is £7,995 + VAT. This is a one-off fee, not an annual one. You will also require some working capital to keep you going while you launch your business and until you start generating income.

What will I get from Eazi-Apps for my investment?

Once you have been awarded a franchise you have a license to operate under the brand and sell Eazi-Apps services. In addition, franchisees receive:

 Training: There are two days of face-to-face training followed by extensive and life-long training via the online Academy. Training covers everything from the technical skills of how to build apps to launching, marketing, sales, managing, and growing your business.

Did you know?
Eazi-Apps has outlets available across the UK
Request free information in just 60 seconds!
Take the first step in becoming your own boss!
By sharing your email, you're agreeing to our privacy policy, cookie policy and terms & conditions.

 Mentoring: You will become part of the one-on-one mentoring program.

 Technology access: You will be able to use the platform that allows you to create apps by dragging and dropping and adding the features and look your client and app need.

 Marketing launch pack: Franchisees have a dedicated lead-generation website, business cards, videos and presentations, brochures, marketing templates, sales decks, and sample apps.

 Ongoing help: Ongoing help: You will have access to online and telephone support in addition to video tutorials and help desk articles.

 Webinars: You can attend webinars to stay in touch with trends and developments in the field.

 Documents and stationery: You will receive starting stock of letterheads, contracts, general stationery, a development plan, and financial forecasts.

It’s worth noting that you can opt not to trade under the Eazi-Apps brand and use your own. However, you then don’t have the weight of a recognised, promoted brand behind you.

Do I need coding experience to become an Eazi-Apps franchisee?

You do not need any coding experience at all. Basic computer skills are needed, though. The franchisor looks for people who are self-starters, confident, ambitious, and determined to succeed. You need to be able to make presentations and interact with business people in a professional manner.

Am I required to pay anything monthly?

There is a monthly fee for your included apps. This includes a fee for continued support and development. The details will be discussed with you by the franchisor.

Where does Eazi-Apps operate?

The company operates globally with dozens of offices. The apps support in excess of 45 languages and more than 80 currencies. Franchisees / partners work from home and can be based anywhere. There are no restricted territories so you can market your services to anybody.

What are the average earnings from an Eazi-Apps franchise?

As with any business, earnings depend on the sales generated, and that depends on you. Your clients pay 100 per cent of the fee to you. You would charge 50 per cent for design and build and the remaining 50 per cent when the app goes live. You retain 100 per cent of the set-up fee. In addition, you charge your clients monthly hosting and management fees. The monthly fee you pay to Eazi-Apps per app is the only amount deducted from your earnings.

In other words, you will earn both upfront fees and an ongoing residual income from your new and existing apps and any existing services, such as websites, you may sell. It is estimated that each app could generate £2,900 in year one

Is income guaranteed?

Income is not guaranteed in any business as it depends on several factors including the amount and quality of work done by the franchisee.

How soon will I start making money?

It is estimated that a new Eazi-Apps franchisee / partner can secure their first client within the first two weeks after launch.

Do I need business premises?

No. You will work from home and meet clients at their places of business or a mutually agreed venue.

Do I need to do my own marketing?

As part of the start-up resources you receive from Eazi-Apps, you will have all the sales and marketing materials you require. You do need to locate and identify potential clients. Internet, targeted calling, and business networking are all considered effective.

What is not included when I purchase a franchise?

You will need some working capital for items you may require and to keep you going until your business is up and running and generating income.

How long is the contract and can I sell my Eazi-Apps business?

The initial contract runs for 12 months from date of signature and payment. Thereafter it can be renewed on a monthly basis. There are no renewal charges.

Yes, you can sell your business at any time once you have established a stable customer base.

Is this the best app-based franchise of its type in the UK?

Eazi-Apps states that what sets it apart is the easy to use (drag-and-drop) yet sophisticated development platform / technology, the strong training and mentoring, the comprehensive sales and marketing tools, ongoing support, marketing and stationery starter pack, national marketing, assistance with financial management, and status as an iTunes and Google approved developer.

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