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“Our future now looks exciting, with the realisation of our dreams made possible at last”

“Our future now looks exciting, with the realisation of our dreams made possible at last”

The buoyant home care sector offers amazing professional opportunities for younger entrepreneurs driven to make a positive difference, as Jyoti Kumar and Devang Amin discovered

Professional, quality care at home is still in high demand and the last decade has seen a steady increase in people choosing to buy their own home care business.

This fact has not escaped the attention of ambitious younger professionals too, looking for fresh opportunities as they emerge from the shackles of the pandemic.

The last two years of COVID-19 saw a big shift in the work practices of many companies, impacting significantly on the lives of employees and directors alike. Forced to work from home, accept redundancy or be furloughed, there was time for people to re-evaluate their careers and consider making changes.

This is certainly true for the newest recruits to the Caremark network. They sit in the 30-to-40-something age bracket of budding entrepreneurs who decided to take a leap and go for something completely different.

Prime examples are Jyoti Kumar and Devang Amin, joint managing directors of Caremark (Surrey Heath and Rushmoor), who count among the younger set of entrepreneurs coming into Caremark’s network.

Reflecting on his decision to leave his previous job and join Caremark, Devang Amin said: “Although I came from a background in franchising and I was working for an established brand, my keen interest in wanting to give back to my community was the driving factor for this change.

“My previous role was all about excellent customer service, but I realised I wanted more from my job.”

The lockdowns provided the ideal opportunity for people to begin thinking about making a stab for a more satisfying career and reaching for their dream, and Devang was no exception.

He continued: “When I came across Caremark’s franchise opportunity, I really liked the company values which paralleled with my own.”

For Devang, Jyoti and other similarly-minded professionals, continuing with the same role was no longer a viable option. Life was suddenly too short to waste doing something merely to replenish your bank account each month.

Moving in a positive direction

This change of direction may be a world away from Devang and Jyoti’s intended career path, but when push came to shove, it offered two things they were searching for: a meaningful enterprise which would deliver help to others and financial and personal rewards to them.

Jyoti Kumar explained: “Having completed my post-grad studies in commerce, I always wanted to do something that was my own, but then I had my children and my life went in a different direction.

“Then when COVID hit us all, I realised that I needed to help my community and give something back to society. I looked around for opportunities where I could make a real difference to society, as well as earn a good living. It was then that I knew I wanted my own home care business.

“Caremark’s franchise opportunity was just right and what I wanted in the way of a career that would give back to my community and be financially rewarding for me as well. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Attractive plus points

What made Devang and Jyoti’s decision even easier was that Caremark’s home care franchise opportunity ticked all their boxes:

• A great chance to be your own boss and achieve a better work/life balance
• No previous care experience required
• An enterprise that will deliver financial and personal rewards
• A proven business model in a buoyant market sector
• An established brand with unchanging core values that percolate throughout the franchise
• A modest franchise fee with lending possibilities from four commercial banks that partner with Caremark

This attractive package also comes with initial foundational training in both the business model and the highly regulated care sector. Add to this an unparalleled level of guidance and support offered to all franchisees from Caremark’s Franchise Support Centre and regional support managers, and you have a commercial opportunity that sells itself.

All in all, a business in home care is an excellent way to do something worthwhile, contribute to local employment and answer a call to a growing need of people wanting to stay at home and be cared for where they feel happiest.

Devang and Jyoti are delighted they made the jump! Their future now looks exciting, with the realisation of their dreams made possible at last.

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