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Did you know?
Kumon Educational UK has outlets available across the UK
Kumon Educational UK
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Kumon Educational UK

Kumon provides maths and english tuition to children based on its own methodology
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About Kumon Educational UK

Kumon was established in Japan in 1954 by a school maths teacher, Toru Kumon, who used a new self-learning methodology with his son. Following a marked improvement in his son’s maths performance, the first Maths Centre opened in Japan in 1955 and the company opened a Kumon Centre in New York in 1974.

The 1980s saw rapid expansion into Europe which included a UK launch in 1983. By this stage, the company was running both maths and English programmes and the number of affiliate companies, learning centres, and student enrolments continued to increase. In 1997 the English Programme for native English speakers was introduced.

The Kumon methodology encourages students and tutors to be highly engaged, solve problems, and reach answers on their own to encourage all children to reach their potential and become enthusiastic, life-long learners. The method provides small-step worksheets to the learners so they can study at their own pace and level to build strong foundations and confidence. The focus on self-learning is priority and tutors only intervene when necessary.

Tutors focus on the ability and personality of each student so that they provide appropriate support at the right time. Answers and solutions to problems are not provided; the students are led to them by tutors/instructors who ask questions or give examples or hints. Parents are also involved so they continue to encourage the child at home and praise development and accomplishments.

What services does the Kumon franchise offer?

Children of every age and at every skill level benefit from one of the two services:

1. Maths tuition:
Each student begins at their own level and the programme begins with basics such as counting and moves on to calculus and further for learners who wish to continue. Students don’t proceed to the next level until they have mastered the current one.

2. English lessons: This programme develops reading and comprehension skills (from word recognition and sentence building through to analysing advanced text) and nurtures a love of reading for both pleasure and learning purposes.

Students attend a Kumon study centre twice weekly and work on their own at home.


How does the Kumon Europe & Africa franchise model work?

Becoming a Kumon franchisee allows you to benefit from a proven business model coupled with a strong brand. Your job will be to open and run a Kumon Study Centre in your area. While the company naturally wants franchise owners to succeed, your contribution to your community and the lives of children and their futures is at the heart of what the company does.


How to become a Kumon franchisee

The Kumon website provides an interactive “Quick Checker” which allows you to see if you and a franchise would be a good fit. If you respond to the prompts honestly, you are indicated to be a good potential franchise holder, and you are still interested, contact the company via the details provided on their website.


How much does a Kumon franchise cost?

The franchise fee £3,000 + VAT. This is broken down into £400 for a licence fee and the balance of £2,600 goes towards marketing expenses for your franchise for the first year in business. If you take over an existing franchise, you will pay a fee to the existing, outgoing owner. Over and above this, you will require £20,000 to £40,000 to set up your study centre.


What will I get from Kumon for my investment?

As with any franchisor, Kumon wants its franchisees to be successful as businesses and effective as tutors and educators. To this end they offer:

 Licence: You will be granted a license that permits you to trade under the brand and use the Kumon Methodology.

 Training: There is an initial two-week training period consisting of six intensive sessions. They build the necessary knowledge and skills in terms of the Kumon Methodology and cover the basics of running an effective and efficient study centre. You will also receive hands-on training and experience at an established, successful study centre.

Did you know?
Kumon Educational UK has outlets available across the UK
Kumon Educational UK
Request free information in just 60 seconds!
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 Ongoing training: The ongoing training that runs throughout the first year of operations; it is essential that a franchisee maintains the high standards required by the company.

 Support: Your local area manager will assist you with the launch and opening of your study centre. To this end, you will spend time looking at the business model and in discussions with the brand marketing team.

 Promotion: You will be supplied with promotional materials and campaigns and benefit from branch advertisements and national and global brand awareness. All of these will assist you with sales and marketing.

 Subsidies: You will receive a subsidy on rental and study centre fit-out before you open or launch your new business to help you get going.


Do I need teaching or academic experience to run a Kumon franchise?

You do not need a background specifically in education. However, there are certain prerequisites:

 You must be proficient in maths and English. You will have to take and pass proficiency tests in both before you are granted a franchise.

 Applicants should hold university degrees or the equivalent

 You must be passionate about education and dedicated to developing children

 Franchisees must be dedicated and committed to building and running a successful business and complying with Kumon’s standards

A business background is very helpful. Finally, you must be able to legally live and work in the UK, and you need a full driver’s licence.


Does the Kumon franchise run checks?

Yes. Because franchisees work with children, they must pass all the necessary child protection checks. These are carried out before a franchise or licence is granted.


Are there any monthly or annual franchise fees to pay?

There are various fees, contributions, and overheads you will be required to pay in addition to the income tax due to the government:

- Educational and promotional materials
- Royalty fee on new enrolments
- Monthly royalties per student
- Insurance and indemnity cover
- Advertising (a minimum of £2,400 annually is recommended)
- Rent and other monthly costs associated with your business premises.


Where does the Kumon franchise currently operate?

Kumon currently has in excess of 600 franchises spread across England, Scotland, and Wales.


Will I be able to get an area of my choice / are there any Kumon franchises for sale near me?

You would have to enquire directly with Kumon. There are existing centres that also become available from time to time in addition to new areas.


What are the average earnings or profits to be made from running a Kumon franchise?

The typical monthly fee per subject is $65 which is paid directly to the franchise holder. On average, a study centre has 150 – 200 subjects. This works out at £9,750 – £13,000 gross.


Is income guaranteed?

Income is not guaranteed as it depends on several factors including the number of enrolled students, the number of classes held. Your income is, to a large degree, in your hands.


How soon will I start making money?

A new study centre will realistically take three to six months to become established and running well. This period is shorter if you take over an existing centre.


Do I need to do my own marketing?

Yes. The promotional materials and guidance from your area manager will help in this regard.


Is this the best franchise of its kind in the UK?

While there are many tuition franchises and organisations, the Kumon Methodology is unique.

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