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Betterclean Services In Brief

  • Description

    Betterclean Services provides commercial cleaning services for a variety of businesses

  • Business Type

    Business & Professional Services, Cleaning

  • Investment Level

    £ 19,600

  • BFA Member


    What does it mean to be an official ? BFA Member entail?

About Betterclean Services

Betterclean Services has been in business since 1995, providing commercial office cleaning services in the South West of England, before it was developed as a franchise in 2005. Since then, it has grown rapidly into a national brand, with branches around the country providing contract cleaning to a diverse range of businesses.

Betterclean Services owes its success to the vast range of clients it provides services to, including corporate offices, schools and colleges, camp and holiday sites, as well as more specialised services for after-build and end of tenancy cleaning.

With a large market of potential clients available and huge demand for these services, potential franchisees can tailor their business around their own goals and schedules with ease.

Where is Betterclean Services franchise based in the UK?

While the original Betterclean company was based in Devon, the Betterclean Services franchise headquarters are now located in Bristol, England.


How much does a Betterclean Services franchise cost?

To start your own Betterclean Services franchise, you’ll need an investment of £19,600. Betterclean charges management fees of 5.75 per cent, which is reduced to 2 per cent as your business grows.


Is financial support available to prospective Betterclean Services franchisees?

Betterclean has relationships with major banks on the high street, and it is possible to get third party funding through them if needed.


What territories are currently available for Betterclean Services franchises?

There are territories available all over the UK at present for Betterclean franchises, and all franchisees receive an exclusively protected territory when they begin.

There are also occasional resale opportunities to purchase existing franchises – currently there is a thriving franchise available across Brighton and Hove.


What training do Betterclean Services franchisees receive?

Betterclean Services offers an extensive three-step training and support programme to help franchisees achieve their full potential. Franchisees first undergo a five-day residential theory training programme, at the Bristol head office. This covers all essential parts of running the business, and is often lead by the Betterclean franchise owner himself.

The second stage of the training is provided on-site at your particular franchise territory, with personalised support tailored to your prior experience and the needs of your local area.

The final stage focuses on understanding how to deliver the service effectively, and is again carried out at the head office, covering both theoretical and practical elements.

Once started, franchisees can purchase equipment and branded products at cost price, and hire a full liveried vehicle.


Is there support available to Betterclean Services franchise owners?

Betterclean franchisees are supported throughout all parts of their business, from the initial launch and development, through growth and beyond. Franchisees will first receive a tailored launch programme, designed to raise brand awareness in your exclusive territory, and generate interest from prospective clients. The launch programme continues for the first 12 months of the business and is included in the initial investment cost – this will include support from the head office and other teams.

Franchise owners will receive assistance with marketing activities, and build a consistent business base from which to grow.

Beyond the launch programme, the Betterclean head office team also stay in touch with owners, providing network days to bring franchisees together, to share ideas, opportunities and strategies.

Franchisees also receive essential support for the practical running of the business, such as legal support to help navigate change in employment law, online accountancy software, and a bespoke software system known as BLISS (Betterclean Logistical Information Software System), designed to reduce administrative task time, and simplify operations.


Is a Betterclean Services franchise a good business opportunity?

The commercial cleaning sector presents a thriving opportunity for potential business owners, valued at £6bn overall. The market includes a enormous range of businesses that require commercial cleaning services, and franchises have the prospect of not only enjoying strong returns from their investment, but the chance to manage and scale their business according to their personal goals.

In addition to being a well known and popular brand, Betterclean will also endeavour to support franchisees to succeed as much as possible. The Betterclean business model allows franchisees to own their local contracts outright, which they can negotiate on their own terms, as well as access to national account customers in their exclusive territories.

Betterclean also reduce its management fees from 5.75 per cent to 2 per cent as you continue to grow your business, allowing franchisees to enjoy a greater return and faster growth.

With dedicated support available throughout, Betterclean Services franchises can be a great opportunity for astute, business-minded individuals with drive and ambition.


What do reviews say about Betterclean Services franchises?

Existing franchisees have come from a range of backgrounds before starting a Betterclean Services franchise, and have found it to be a positive and lucrative opportunity overall. While some franchisees have come with past experience in cleaning and environmental services, others have come from more varied prior roles, including accountancy, management and retail.

They have often found running a business with Betterclean to be a successful step, due to the professional business model the franchise is based on, and the strong level of support provided to franchiseses to help them succeed at every step.

Franchisees have enjoyed a varied and enjoyable work schedule, with a positive work-life balance, and the potential for long-term growth.

Running your own franchise isn’t without its challenges however, and it is important to have a strong level of commitment, drive and self-motivation, in order to succeed.


What skills do you need to start a Betterclean Services franchise?

Past experience in cleaning services is not a requirement for franchisees - what is essential is a good understanding of B2B relationships and commercial acumen, as the Betterclean Services franchise focuses more upon effective management of others, rather than supervising or carrying out cleaning services yourself. As a result, franchisees should be able to demonstrate senior management skills and have the ability to communicate well.


Where can I find more information on running a Betterclean Services franchise?

To find out more about starting your own franchise, click on the enquiry button found on this page to find out more from a member of the franchise team.

Interested in this franchise opportunity?

For additional information on Betterclean Services, simply send us an !

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