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Playing To Its Strengths

Playing To Its Strengths

There are a number of reasons why you should invest in a Belle Casa domestic cleaning franchise

Lisa Carr, who owns Belle Casa Medway, is a superstar in the making. Not only did Lisa hold down a full-time job, but she has also managed to have over 700 clients on her books.

In just seven years Lisa has gone from a standing start to become a big player on the Belle Casa franchise ladder. On average, Lisa grosses over £17,500 per month.

Amazing story

Jenny Wilson, director of Belle Casa (UK), says: “I’m amazed at what Lisa has achieved. She was working over 40 hours a week and still running a Belle Casa franchise on a part-time basis. It’s an amazing story and we’re filled with admiration for Lisa.”

Of the domestic cleaning company, Peter Dalton, Belle Casa’s head of franchising, explains: “We wanted to be different from other domestic cleaning franchise companies. It’s not our policy, and never will be, to have hundreds of franchisees in the country covering a tiny territory, as this will limit franchisee earnings. And the proof is in what Lisa is earning.

“If you look at the whole of the UK, there are only 85 postcode areas from which you can earn from. What makes us different is that when a new franchisee joins us, they have that entire postcode area. Therefore, the earnings they can achieve are much greater due to the size of the territory.”

Peter continues: “I will never understand why other companies offer small territories or have other franchisees in the same postcodes. This seems to us it’s then about how many licenses they can sell. They boast of having hundreds of franchisees, but all this is doing is limiting franchisees’ earnings.

“If you take the Sheffield territory, they have 56 postcodes to go at. Of course, there will be bad areas, but we believe that the size of the area gives our franchisees an excellent chance to earn a very high income.”

Combined with a large area, Belle Casa also has a system that books all your appointments for you.

“This is such a great service for all our franchisees, as it allows them to be getting on with the day to day running of their businesses and not having to answer phones,” Peter says.

“Our franchise partners are extremely pleased with this system. It saves them so much time and makes us look more professional. We don’t know of another domestic cleaning company that offers this service.”

Franchisee partners

Barry Turpin, who owns and runs Belle Casa Cambridge, has been with the company for 14 years.

“It’s such a great system,” he says. “It’s allowed me to spend a lot of time with my family and enabled me to earn a great income. On average, I will add 25 to 30 new clients each month.

“I’m delighted I took the decision to join Belle Casa - it took me out of the rat race and I now have a very comfortable lifestyle.”

Christine Bevan has made High Wycombe her own. “It’s a brilliant system,” she says. “I love the simplicity of the idea, which doesn’t have any fancy add-ons. I’ve built my franchise to a level that has given me a wonderful lifestyle.”

Charles Pragnall has followed in his father’s footsteps. He explains: “I watched my dad become more contented with life and I put this down to the way his work-life balance had improved since joining Belle Casa.

“He has more time to do the things he wants to do. I purchased Calder Valley, which has been a great success. Long may it continue.”

Since joining Belle Casa in July 2012, Matt and Sandy Davies have made big inroads into the Bournemouth area and have just signed a new five-year contract.

“We have an enormous market, which allows us to grow our business on a daily basis,” Matt says. “We are delighted in the way things are going and the future is looking very prosperous for us.”

Sandy adds: “The call centre is a great asset. It takes away all the pressure of not having to be stuck in one place waiting to book appointments. The diary system Belle Casa uses is simple and allows us to concentrate on the main part of the business.

“The head office team are excellent - you don’t feel you’re being left on your own with no support.”

Making the difference

What makes Belle Casa different for other cleaning franchise companies?

Peter says: “We book all your appointments from our call centre, we offer to run your own dairy system, so that it enables you to do the important things, and we offer the full postcode territory. We know of no other cleaning company that offers you this.

“In addition, we don’t limit your earnings, we don’t limit the amount of households you have in a postcode area, we don’t intend to have hundreds of franchisees in the country, we will not sell you a franchise that has other franchisees in the same postcode area and we will show you proof of several of our franchisees earning in excess of £100,000 pounds per annum.”

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