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Cleaning Doctor has outlets available across the UK
Cleaning Doctor
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Cleaning Doctor

The Cleaning Doctor franchise offers a cleaning and restoration service to both homes and businesses
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£10,450 - £ 27,500

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About Cleaning Doctor

The Cleaning Doctor franchise, which began in Ireland and has since expanded throughout the UK, essentially provides four different franchise opportunities.

The first one is carpet and upholstery services, which covers the cleaning of carpets, rugs, mats, upholstery, curtains and mattresses. It includes stain and odour removal and can even cover fire, smoke, water and flood damage restoration.

The second service deals with floor Restoration, floor cleaning, floor sanding and sealing. It covers the restoration of wooden, vinyl and synthetic floors, as well as marble, stone and granite. It also encompasses dust-free wooden floor sanding, tile and grout cleaning and domestic and commercial service.

The third option of the Cleaning Doctor franchise concerns external cleaning services, including the cleaning of windows, fascia, soffit gutter and wall cleaning, gutter and downpipe cleaning, driveway, path, patio and deck cleaning, as well as pressure and jet washing, algae and moss removal.

Finally, Cleaning Doctor provides home cleaning services as another franchise option. This option covers house cleaning, spring cleaning, special event cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, office cleaning and gift voucher cleaning.

How does the Cleaning Doctor franchise model work?

A new Cleaning Doctor franchise offers the opportunity to own and operate their own cleaning and restoration business. Cleaning Doctor handpicks ambitious individuals with common sense and helps them become successful business owners.

The company provides franchisees with all the necessary training and guidance, so that they can become true experts in cleaning and restoration in their given territory.

Cleaning Doctor franchises are often run from home-office locations, using a well equipped and professionally branded van. You can start with an owner-operated business and eventually develop the franchise into a multi-team, multi-vehicle operation.


Why do customers choose the Cleaning Doctor franchise instead of its competitors?

Cleaning Doctor stands out due to its professionalism and high level of training with the best equipment, marketing and a strong record of high customer satisfaction. The company’s reputation secures the likelihood of constant, reliable and profitable business and a strong client base.

Cleaning Doctor’s marketing is particularly strong not only in terms of the thorough training in marketing techniques. In addition to a strong web presence and unique email address, you will have your own branded Facebook page, Twitter address and the ability to upload video to the Cleaning Doctor YouTube channel.

There is flexibility with the option of working from home with hours that suit the individual, so there are no expensive overheads. It is often a good choice for those who have families and want that freedom of choice. This flexibility is supported by a positive work culture, characterised by decency and respect.


What experience and skills must Cleaning Doctor franchisees possess?

Cleaning Doctor franchisees have come from a range of different backgrounds from the civil service to the corporate world. The company is looking for individuals who are driven, enthusiastic and have strong people skills and are looking to fulfil the potential of a low-cost, high-profit business. The new franchisees will be expected to follow the successful Cleaning Doctor formula that has been tried and tested over many years.


How much does a Cleaning Doctor franchise cost?

The Cleaning Doctor franchisee fee relates to the particular franchise option selected. The entry-level choice is £10,450 while the best option is £27,500. These differing costs relate to the specific equipment and training required in each case although each choice is comprehensive in its provision. New franchisees will also expect to pay a monthly fixed Management Services Fee (MSF).

Did you know?
Cleaning Doctor has outlets available across the UK
Cleaning Doctor
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Can franchisees expect initial financial support?

Experience indicates that the major banks will support Cleaning Doctor franchises although they will normally look for a minimum personal investment of around £6,000 before they will help to finance the rest of the venture. The amount will depend on the selected franchise option and you will need to provide a carefully thought out business plan when you apply.


How can I find out more about investing in a Cleaning Doctor franchise or find a franchise for sale?

Interested parties should fill in the enquiry form on this page, and a Cleaning Doctor franchise recruitment manager will then respond by email with an invitation to discuss your interest by phone.

After your initial contact, Cleaning Doctor will set up a meeting to discuss further details and, if you decide to proceed, you will be invited to the Cleaning Doctor discovery day. At this event you will learn about how the business will work and some of the secrets of success.

You will then need to pay a small refundable deposit to reserve your preferred territory.

Cleaning Doctor will then consider your application in depth and if the company thinks you are a good fit the franchise contract can be signed.


Can I change my mind?

Yes, up until the signing of the contract. At this stage you will have to pay the full franchise fee and the territory deposit will be deducted from the total.


Do I need an accountant?

No, you will be given all the necessary accountancy preparation during your initial training.


What kind of training will I receive as a Cleaning Doctor franchisee?

There is an initial two-week training course at the company’s head office in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, which covers all aspects of the business, including customer care and relations, marketing and sales. You will also benefit from hands-on training on how to use the equipment and deliver the service from an experienced company expert.

This practical element in the training is reinforced by a further three days with another experienced franchisee to ensure that you are ready for the demands of the job. The initial training encompasses other vital skills and knowledge for your business, such as staff recruitment, cash management and overall growth and development.

Cleaning Doctor will then assist you when your start up your franchise by supporting you to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, which will be vital for the success of the business. The company’s IT department will set up your own dedicated Cleaning Doctor website and social media presence.

The training will then be ongoing; you will be given support from a company mentor and you will receive all the essential technical support, including important updates.


When might I return a profit?

You can expect instant business and good cash flow in the early days which will help you work towards profitability. Becoming profitable is closely related to the hours you put into the franchise. It is possible to achieve this in the first year and Cleaning Doctor franchisees can earn between £800 to £2000+ per week.

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