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  • Description

    Domestic-cleaning company specialising in regular weekly or fortnightly household duties such as vacuuming and dusting

  • Business Type

    Business & Professional Services, Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning

  • Minimum Investment

    £ 14,750

About Time For You

Time For You is a franchise that suits individuals or couples who want to run their own business in the growing domestic cleaning market.

The Time For You franchise specialises in regular domiciliary work, and does not cover one-off jobs or commercial cleaning.

Tasks performed by cleaners can typically include dusting, vacuuming, washing down tiles and paintwork, cleaning toilets and bathrooms and other normal household duties. Clients will normally require two-three hours of cleaning per week or fortnight.

Who was Time For You franchise formed?

The history of the Time For You franchise dates back to the early 1990s when Freddie Rayner was working as a self-employed cleaner, picking up work door-to-door. Like many, Northamptonshire-based Rayner was living hand-to-mouth and found himself in difficulty when his wife, Ruth, had a heart attack.

Because he needed to look after his seriously ill wife, Rayner was not earning — in fact he sold his carpet cleaning equipment, which resulted in him taking on commercial cleaning jobs of the worst kinds, like end-of-let cleaning for the local council, to keep money coming in. However, he now faced the same troubles that face many small enterprises — chiefly the time wasted chasing up slow payment from clients. The turning point came when a company folded owing him £8,000.

With Ruth fully recovered, Rayner realised that he could not continue working the way he had and that the money was not in the cleaning itself but in management. With Ruth he set up a domestic-cleaning business in Milton Keynes under the name Maid For You; the key difference being that he now only cleaned people’s residences and he only worked if the client paid up front.

The business was a resounding success and after some years Rayner found himself being run ragged trying to keep up with the work. It was his wife who suggested that he explore franchising and a franchise consultant who suggested they change the name of the company — Maid For You sounding a little old-fashioned.

Time For You, Rayner began franchising in 2002.

Time For You now has a network of 221 franchises in the UK and Ireland and has recently expanded into Australia. One of its franchise owners won the 2016 HSBC Business of the Year award.


How does the Time For You franchise model work?

The Time For You model is managerial and the role of the franchisee is to introduce self-employed casual house cleaners to their customers. The franchisee will market the company in their territory to find potential customers. Once a customer is signed up, they find a matching cleaner to carry out the weekly work and, having vetted them thoroughly, introduce them to the client.

The franchisee is then responsible for making sure any changes required by the customer are carried out, whether that’s a change of cleaner or an alteration to the job’s schedule.

The franchisee receives a management fee, paid in advance on initial sign up and then on an ongoing basis, paid quarterly; the cleaner receives their pay direct from the customer after the weekly clean.


How much does a Time For You franchise cost?

A franchise territory contains approximately 40,000 households and once the fee is paid, the franchise is secured with a £14,750 franchise fee and low monthly management fees, with no royalties to pay on the profits of the business.

The Time For You franchise can be run part-time at the start in order for the franchisee to build up their business before quitting their job and committing full time.


Is funding available for a Time For You franchise?

Time For You has worked with a number of financial organisations to help franchise partners achieve the financing they need to take on a franchise.


What are the potential rewards of running a Time For You franchise?

While no business can guarantee earnings, based on its experience of running franchises for many years, a gross profit for the first year of £35,000 can be expected from a Time For You franchise.

With continuing management support and the franchise owner’s commitment, many existing franchisees have found themselves with up to 300 residential customers and can earn a gross profit of £100,000 a year. The best performing franchise owner services more than 550 residential clients.


What support and training does the Time For You franchise offer?

The Time For You franchisee is introduced to the business through a two-day training course at the company’s headquarters in Northampton. Whatever the franchisee will need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to succeed in business is covered, as is everything they shouldn’t do. The training will show the franchisee how to find regular clients and reliable cleaners, how to run the business efficiently and how to grow the business.

Franchisees are then given the opportunity to run their franchise for 90 days and, once they have had this hands-on experience, they can return to Northampton to explore and learn from whatever may have gone wrong and to see how the things that went right can be further improved.

Franchisees are encouraged to seek out the advice of others on the Franchisee Forum, to obtain advice. The franchisor is also supported by the management staff at Northampton throughout the term of their franchise.

The new franchise will receive its own page on the Time For You website and will receive a three-month internet marketing campaign, individually tailored.

The Time For You franchisee will receive 25,000 leaflets for you to deliver.

Time For You also supplies each franchise with cloud-based administration software and an iPad, from which the franchisee can easily operate the business from anywhere. The iPad allows the franchisee to store their customer and cleaner database on a cloud, from where they can also access a comprehensive operations manual.


What areas are available for a Time For You franchise?

The following areas are still available for sale as a Time For You franchise: Ambleside/Kendal/Windermere; Ashbourne/Bakewell/Matlock; Ballymena//Darlington; Bradford and all BD postcodes; Burley/Nelson/Colne; Carlisle and all CA postcodes; Carmarthen/Pembroke; City and Docklands; Colchester; Dumfries; Dundee and all DD postcodes; Durham and all DH postcodes; East Lothian; Gateshead; Halifax and all HX postcodes; Harrow; Hereford and all HR postcodes; Ilford; Isle of Man; Launceston/Liskeard/St Austell; Middlesbrough/Redcar; Morpeth/Blythe; Oldham and all OL postcodes; Perth and all PH postcodes; Plymouth; Romford; St Helens; Stockton on Tees/Hartlepool; Sunderland and all SR postcodes; Truro and all TR postcodes; Whitstable/ Ramsgate; Wrexham and all LL postcodes.


Finding a Time For You franchise for sale?

If you do not want to take the risk of establishing a new business from the ground up, it is possible to find a Time For You franchise for resale. This will mean the new owner will avoid the problems of finding a new location and the cost of setting up. To find a Time For You franchise for resale you can find information on the Time For You website.

If you want to find a resale franchise in your preferred area, you can contact Time For You’s franchise team who will have details of what is currently available.


What are Time For You’s terms of agreement and renewal?

The initial license for a Time For You franchise is for five years which can be renewed for a further five year term.


How in-demand are cleaning franchises right now?

Many families and working couples today value their time and are turning to domestic cleaners in order to spend more time with their family and friends, much of the growth coming from young professionals in one or two bedroom properties.

Demand for domestic cleaning has risen by 25 per cent in the past five years and is now undertaken in over 6m homes.

An ageing population is also partly responsible, with the number of over 65s due to grow from 11.6m in 2015 to 17.3m in 2035. Research carried out by the British Cleaning Council on the cleaning and support services industry revealed that the cleaning industry was worth £24.4bn to the economy.


How can I get started on setting up my own Time For You franchise?

The first big step that a potential franchisee will take towards buying a Time For You franchise is to discover more about the business through a two-day course at the company’s HQ in Northampton.

To find out more, or to request further information on franchising with Time For You, click on the Send Enquiry button now.

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