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Manufacturer and leader in the engineering, design, and distribution of helical (screw) pile foundations
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Commercial & Industrial

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Third party

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Total Investment

£120,000 - £200,000

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Franchise Fees

£49,500 + starter-kit of approximately £15,000

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Expected Revenue After 2 Years


About GoliathTech

GoliathTech Inc. is a manufacturer and leader in the engineering, design, and distribution of helical (screw) pile foundations. Implementation of its products extends to the construction industry via home foundations, underpinning foundation repair, signage, decks, railway infrastructure, agricultural infrastructure, solar and so on. Franchisees benefit from unequalled quality products and services. For over a decade, the helical (screw) pile specialist has combined strength with know-how to offer customers the best piling solution.

Its highly dedicated, experienced network of franchisees use specialized equipment to put their talent to work to ensure optimal anchoring and installation of each pile. GoliathTech has in-house engineering, manufacturing, business development, customer support, marketing and field training teams to support business owners throughout the lifecycle of their franchise development. GoliathTech handles over 3500 construction projects every month.

GoliathTech never stops innovating, so that you may benefit from its unequalled quality products and services. GoliathTech fabricates 100 per cent of its products in its own factory. It offers many different types of pile heads to suit any type of project. The engineering team at GoliathTech regularly produces custom pile heads of any type to suit the given structure. GoliathTech has multiple patents to protect its franchise chain.

How does the GoliathTech Inc. franchise model work?

It is a manufacturer of helical piles and sells its product to its franchisees only. GoliathTech manufactures a product that is ground-breaking, and several patents give its franchisees many advantages when selling the product to their customers. Franchisees sell the helical pile installed. GoliathTech, therefore, offers full training and certification to all its franchisees and their employees, on sales and installation of the product. This business can be home-based, and it can also be a one-man job.

GoliathTech currently has franchisees with several teams and machines, and others that do both the sales and the installation on their own. It is a very easy business to start and manage. GoliathTech is now established internationally with 187 franchise units and 81 franchisees. It offers franchisees ongoing technical support, marketing, and engineering support also. Now is the time to invest in your future!

What does GoliathTech look for in a franchisee?

Franchisees must have business management experience and also have the financial capacity to cover the initial franchise fee (£49,500 for the first initial territory, and £37,125 for an additional adjacent territory), purchase the starter-kit (£15,000 per machine) as well as, a mini-excavator or skid steer, a pick-up truck or box van and a trailer.

They must also be able to cover the cost of their first, second or third orders. No large inventory is required, and this business can be run with minimal office space, in some cases, home offices. A franchise owner is considered open for business when they have met the following:
• Paid franchisee fee and starter-kit in full
• Received their starter-kit
• Have a machine, truck or box van and a trailer branded with GoliathTech logos
• Completed their GoliathTech training and certification
• Received their first order.

What training and support does GoliathTech Inc. provide franchisees?

Low investment and no royalties
• The franchise fee is £49,500 and includes a protected territory, complete training, branded clothes and marketing tools, visual for your truck or box van and excavator, access to the brand’s in-house engineering team.
• Equipment approximately costs £15,000 and includes a starter kit (hydraulic head and all tools required to install piles). The excavation equipment or vehicles are not included.

Easy start-up
This business can be managed by one person only. Complete training and certification in two days at GoliathTech’s manufacturing site. All you need to get started is a pick-up truck or box van, a trailer, a mini excavator, the starter kit and training. No complicated inventory requirements, flexible products and programmes to meet your unique needs.

Did you know?
GoliathTech is eligible for funding support!
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Protected territory
Approximately 250,000 households and/or businesses per territory. No other GoliathTech franchisee is allowed to install in your territory, so the franchisees don’t compete with one another.

Complete training
• Sales training: Eight hours in the classroom
• Product and installation training: Eight hours in the classroom and eight hours in the field
• Long-term ongoing technical support.

Marketing support
The marketing fund is used to maximise recognition of the brand and for producing marketing materials and advertising programmes; and supporting public relations, market research and other advertising, promotion and marketing activities that will benefit all franchisees.

How much does a GoliathTech franchise cost?

The minimum investment required is £120,000, inclusive of the franchise fee, the starter kit and the first order. The franchisee must own a pick-up truck or box van, mini-excavator and a trailer and must have access to liquid capital.

Multi-unit owners are welcome. An additional adjacent territory can be purchased at a cost of £37,125 (75 per cent of the franchise fee). The minimum investment required will vary on the number of teams and machines the franchisee wishes to have and, on the equipment they already have (pick-up truck, trailer, excavator). For one single unit and one machine, you can consider an investment of approximately £100,000.

The profit margin is typical of 30 to 35 per cent.

What locations or territories is GoliathTech Inc. looking to operate in? 

In 2022, GoliathTech will be opening 20 new franchised locations in the UK.

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal? 

The initial five-year franchise agreement can be renewed every five years at 25 per cent of the then franchise fee or 25 per cent of the then additional adjacent territory cost. The franchisee must be in full compliance with the franchise agreement and all invoices must be paid in full.

Why is a GoliathTech franchise a good investment?

• Becoming a GoliathTech franchisee allows you to offer an unequalled quality of products, that are supported by multiple patents that meet and surpass building codes.
• GoliathTech ranks in the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Franchise 500 every year and was recently awarded the 2021 Franchisees’ Choice Designation by the CFA. It also has one award for Top 10 Best Investments versus return on your money by Entrepreneur Magazine.
• When you join the GoliathTech family, it provides you with the technology, tools, and expertise of the GoliathTech brand, as well as ongoing support.
• GoliathTech gives you training, sales and marketing support to help you grow your business using its products. With easy, extremely fast start-up, superior installation, territory exclusivity, GoliathTech is a smart business investment!
• Low investment and high ROI.

How in demand is GoliathTech’s products?

Now is the time to start your business. This is an advantageous alternative to driven piles or formed cement piles and is less expensive than most concrete foundations. Opt for a simple and rapid installation, without excavating. Resembling a large screw, helical (screw) piles are installed deep into the ground, beneath the ground frost line to solidly support the structure above its piles.
• Little to no damage to landscape
• Perfectly levelled structures
• No delays between the end of the installation and the beginning of work
• No cement curing times
• Ideal for restricted space
• Installation no matter the season (rain or sun or snow)
• Removable and reusable.

How do I start setting up my own GoliathTech franchise?

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