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Did you know?
The Avocado Show has outlets available across the UK
The Avocado Show
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The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show offers sit down restaurants, take-away, or delivery of healthy, beautiful-looking avocado-based dishes.
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About The Avocado Show

Established in 2016 in Amsterdam by three friends and passionate avocado lovers, The Avocado Show is now becoming a global brand that is actively seeking franchisees in numerous countries, including the UK. The founders of the company wanted to produce avocado-based dishes that were delicious, healthy, and beautiful to look at.

The core of the business is, as expected, the avocado which is currently heralded as a superfood. The avocados themselves are obtained from sustainable sources and the company has a strong social responsibility focus. The fruit is shipped in from Chile, Mexico, Peru, and South Africa, so there are high quality and ripe avocados available all year.

The Avocado Show menus feature both traditional, classic dishes and contemporary, creative, and innovative avocado dishes. To complement the food, a wide range of drinks are on offer.

The company is built on the visual appeal and taste of its dishes as well as offering either convenience through the counter-service outlets / take-aways or deliveries, or a full dining experience at one of its vibrant and lively sit-down restaurants.

What services and products does The Avocado Show offer?

Whether catering for customers who are eating at one of the restaurants or are taking food away, the products offered by The Avocado Show are a range of colourful avocado dishes that are savoury or sweet, served either hot or cold, or even come in liquid or solid form. The Avocado Show also serves a range of drinks, and sells various avocado-related products such as cook books, branded merchandise of various kinds, and food items.


How does The Avocado Show franchise work?

The Avocado Show refers to franchisees as ‘licensees’ or ‘partners’. The company is actively looking to award licences to suitable individuals globally with the aim of becoming the international #1 avocado restaurant and lifestyle brand. Partners or licensees are wanted on a long-term basis rather than short-term contracts.


How can I become a The Avocado Show franchisee?

Simply click the enquiry button found on this page, and a member of The Avocado Show franchise team will supply you with a License Application form. You need to complete the form and return it to the company for review. The company indicates that the initial review takes one to three weeks to complete.

If the applicant meets the initial criteria, a more detailed review is conducted. At this stage you would be required to submit various support documents, a non-disclosure agreement, and a letter of intent.

Once these two stages have been successfully concluded, further in-depth business and financial discussions are held.


How much does a The Avocado Show franchise store cost?

The Avocado Show license fee is €35,000 + VAT. Over and above this there is the investment amount which varies depending on the type of venue you want to open:

• The ‘To Go’ option starts with an initial investment of from €170,000
• The initial investment for a full-service restaurant can cost as much as €420,000

Financial details are part of the third stage of the application process.


What are the Avocado Show franchise options?

Depending on your ambitions, goals, and budget you have two options when it comes to the type of The Avocado Show outlet you can run:

1. The Avocado Show To-Go: These outlets cater for customers who want take-away meals and drinks as there is no table service. The premises required are 50m² or larger. You will require counter staff. These outlets are ideal for locations with very heavy footfall such as train stations, bus terminuses, airports, sports venues, and shopping malls.

2. The Avocado Show Restaurant: These premises must be at least 100m² in size. As a restaurant a full table service is provided to customers. The range and level of food offered is larger and more sophisticated than at a counter outlet. As a result, the staff must be more highly skilled and experienced. In addition, a range of kitchen equipment is needed.

Did you know?
The Avocado Show has outlets available across the UK
The Avocado Show
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You can decide which is a better match in terms of what kind of business you want to run.


What will I get from The Avocado Show for my investment?

• License: You will be granted a license to trade under the Avocado Show brand and given access to recipes etc. necessary to run your business

• Training: The franchisor has very high standards in order to protect and grow its brand. As a result, and because they want their license holders to succeed, they provide intensive training before you can launch your Avocado Show business

The first phase of training is conducted at the Avocado Show head quarters in Amsterdam.

The second phase takes place at your location before you open your outlet. Part of this section of the training includes assistance with your business launch. Topics covered include the food, menu, operations, and software such as the point of sale (POS) system. There is also ongoing online or on-site training to cover changes, updates, and innovations with menus, service, systems, etc.

• Support: If you require support at any stage it is available from head office. The Avocado Show provides more information with regards to the training topics, facilities, and ongoing programs to applicants after the application review has been completed. Common questions about a franchise from The Avocado Show


What kind of franchisee is The Avocado Show looking for?

The Avocado Show is looking for people with passion for food and service, an entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to lead a team, strong local knowledge, awareness of labour laws, a “fun” attitude to doing business so you create a vibrant environment, and unrestricted access to the necessary capital.


What do I have to pay monthly to run my own The Avocado Show business?

The Avocado Show franchisees will be required to pay 6 per cent of sales in royalties, 2 per cent towards the general marketing fund, and 1 per cent towards local marketing.


Where does The Avocado Show currently operate?

There are currently two full-service restaurants, both in Europe. The first to open is in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and the other is in Brussels in Belgium.


Will I be able to get an area of my choice?

The Avocado Show does want to appoint license holders in the UK, especially in major cities. However, you would need to discuss your choice of location with head office.


Will I be assigned a territory?

Yes. All franchisees are granted exclusive territory for a minimum number of units. The location and unit details are discussed and agreed with each franchisee.


What can I expect to earn by running my own The Avocado Show store?

The Avocado Show specifically points out that income is not guaranteed, and can give no assurances as to sales, income, etc.


Do I need to do my own The Avocado Show marketing?

There is strong marketing being done for the brand, and you will receive assistance with marketing. Of course, word of mouth is invaluable and the only way to achieve this is by providing excellent service and products.


What is the length of The Avocado Show license agreement / contract?

The license agreement granted by the Avocado Show runs for seven years. If the terms and conditions of the contract are fully met during that time it will be renewed.

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