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9Round offers a business opportunity that will knock out the competition

9Round offers a business opportunity that will knock out the competition

It also prides itself on being one of the most affordable fitness franchises in the industry

The fitness industry is booming around the world, increasing the demand for innovative and diverse workout options both for members to have a chance to step up their game and for gym owners to stay competitive.

What makes a brand capable of being successful in the demanding fitness industry and as a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs? How does an owner find financial success in one of the most competitive industries in the world?

Results, support and convenience

The answer to finding success is to combine a fitness concept and a franchise system that offer the same thing: results, support and convenience. The 9Round boxing concept excels in all three areas, one of the main reasons why the brand has been giving the fitness world the uppercut.

One of the biggest challenges for consumers is finding a workout that they both enjoy and allows them to see tangible results. Entrepreneurs want a business that offers all those opportunities to members but also offers advantages for owners to push forward in the market.

9Round has managed to combine all three elements needed to build a successful worldwide brand: a competitive fitness concept, a supportive franchise system and is one of the top workout styles in the world.

In addition to providing innovation, 9Round also prides itself on being one of the most affordable fitness franchises in the industry and providing every owner with a full suite of business support, ensuring they have all the tools they need to find success.

9Round has a low cost of entry, low overhead and straightforward maintenance. Aside from the timer to indicate the length of each station, all equipment is non-electronic with no expensive cardio machines or equipment.

Latest in workout options

For a fitness concept to survive, a brand requires not only innovation but staying on top of the latest fitness trends. With the endless amount of workout options available, offering a fitness experience that provides tangible results from experts is key to staying ahead in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Among the top 10 trends in fitness, this year are high-intensity interval training, group fitness classes, wearable technology and nutritional guidance from the pros. Cue the latest in workout options: boxing.

Boxing offers a diverse, full-body workout that is not only effective but extremely convenient. Your workout can be done in 30 minutes or less, you’re likely to have the experts training you every step of the way and it’s a great way to change things up while building extreme muscle.

If an entrepreneur is looking to open a gym experience, you want to know the concept you’re buying into not only provides results for members but from an investment perspective as well.

That means you want to know the system you’re considering provides support from all sides: from marketing and real estate to financing and operations. One of the benefits of opening a franchise as opposed to starting a gym from scratch is the breadth of support available and the chance to buy into an already established brand.

The story behind 9round

9Round was founded in 2008 by owners Heather ‘The Hero’ and Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Hudson with a strong passion for fitness and a desire to change people’s lives. They wanted to create a place where busy people could get an intense workout without spending hours at the gym or having to adhere to an inconvenient class schedule.

Both Heather and Shannon have a background in karate and kickboxing and realised quickly that there was not a fitness option where members could get this kind of training. Enter the concept for 9Round.

Both owners knew that they wanted to take their gruelling workouts and training concepts learned in the ring and create a non-intimidating, convenient circuit workout format that anyone could enjoy.

When the company started, both owners personally implemented, tested and revised their fitness concept and their business processes. After only one year in their initial location, the first 9Round franchise was sold to a member.

By 2012, the company had grown to 100 locations and currently, there are over 700 9Round clubs open operating in 13 countries and over 500 in various stages of development. As 9Round continues to grow, it continues delivering on the company’s promise to make members stronger both mentally and physically in just 30 minutes.

Quality training

9Round maintains the belief that every person deserves world championship, quality training on their own schedule. The concept involves circuit training stations in which each circuit starts every three minutes; members show up and start at the first station at any time throughout the day.

The circuit consists of nine challenging stations lasting three minutes each, with personalised guidance and motivation from a certified trainer along the way. Every member can jump in at any station, any time of day, providing members and owners with the benefit everyone is looking for: results.

In a world dominated by an overwhelming amount of fitness concepts, 9Round has managed to find the perfect storm when it comes to franchise opportunities.

Its workouts are designed for all fitness levels, engage every muscle group and only take 30 minutes total. The workouts change every day and members work with a trainer the whole time. Another bonus feature that has propelled the brand’s growth is the novelty of no set class times.

Finding success in the fitness industry is not new for the corporate team that manages 9Round, especially in regard to providing equal opportunity for male and female ownership. The corporate team has managed to develop a franchise system that is recognised around the world as a fitness experience that changes lives and puts franchisees first.

If you haven’t checked out what is dominating the fitness world, head to 9Round and find out how you can make a difference and build your empire.

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