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Reputation for excellence

Reputation for excellence

EasyFlow delivers the means to build a thriving business, even for solo tradespeople

Plumbing woes are among the most common problems homeowners face. Few consumers understand how unvented cylinders operate and most do not have a professional partner to whom they can turn when their cylinder fails to heat water or when there are leaks or valve failures.

This provides a significant opportunity for talented, driven tradespeople.

Easyflow’s beginnings

EasyFlow began back in 1996 and actually offered both electrical and plumbing services. However, it did not take long for demand for unvented water cylinder and electric boiler services to outstrip all others.

When this occurred, EasyFlow decided to focus strictly on the repair, servicing and replacement of unvented water heaters and electric boilers. Demand continued to grow to the point that EasyFlow was unable to keep pace and decided to offer aspiring business owners the opportunity to enter this space, aided by the EasyFlow name and established reputation for excellence.

Could a specialist tradesperson, just one individual and a van, generate a turnover of £130,000 excluding VAT? Yes, EasyFlow has done it and so can you - read on to find out how.

The opportunity for franchisees

The opportunity for franchisees is significant - the income for a single engineer operating just one van in 2017/18 was over £100,000 per year. This can be achieved with less than £30,000 invested.

EasyFlow also offers all the training necessary to work for oneself, as well as grounding within the company’s growth and promotional methods. Residual income is built through annual maintenance plans and engineers are shown exactly how these plans work.

Additional training is provided to help business owners remain at the helm. And this opportunity is not only for experienced plumbers and tradespeople. While a background in these fields can help, the right person can learn all the skills necessary to succeed.

Are you the right individual?

Speaking of the right person, what exactly does it take to make a good fit? Actually, there are very few requirements.

An EasyFlow franchise is certainly an excellent investment for any plumber or handyman with the requisite knowledge and tools, but it can also be a good venture for anyone who is organised, able to manage cash flow, is detail and record oriented, and is aware of and dedicated to upholding their responsibilities as a small business owner.

You will need to gain a G3 unvented cylinder qualification if you do not already have one. Really, the most important thing is that the right person will be able to promote and sell, while realising that sales and marketing activities are daily responsibilities of any business owner.

A day in the life

The professional life of an unvented water cylinder expert will vary depending on the amount of time in business. At first, free time will be more common, which provides a convenient opportunity to invest in additional sales and marketing activities.

As clients come on board and remain, 70 percent of a franchise owner’s time will be dedicated to service calls, 20 percent will revolve around marketing activities and 10 percent will involve doing paperwork.

The average day will likely involve completing valve swap and immersion heater replacement jobs, as well as a couple of annual services, and likely at least two call outs. Note that all call outs are charged, so business owners earn money while simultaneously gaining an opportunity to sell. Once the work is finished, you can then plan out the rest of the week or month.

Other important parts of the day include replenishing any parts or supplies used from the van, as well as submitting documents and accounting for sales.

It’s recommended that EasyFlow franchise owners always offer a maintenance plan as an upsell. It offers immediate benefits for the customer, builds positive brand recognition and also ensures residual income.

Franchise owners also need to be welcoming with regards to telephone calls - last year the average contribution to profit from each engineer visit was over £150. Speaking of apartments, it’s helpful to bring a stack of leafl ets with you, so you can distribute them in the letterboxes, which requires just 10 minutes and creates a valuable source of future business.

Finally, franchise owners should always have at least one promotion up and running to keep interest high and generate new phone calls and inquiries.

Looking the part

It’s essential for skilled tradespeople to look the part.

EasyFlow franchise owners will have their vans detailed with eye catching graphics, but will also be provided with a full EasyFlow uniform and ID badge, as well as branded paperwork to boost customer confidence.

Combatting common worries

Worried you won’t be busy enough when you fi rst start out? EasyFlow can provide more than ample structure so your hours are full.

Perhaps you’re concerned you will not be able to complete enough jobs in a day. EasyFlow provides full training to prepare you not only to complete all your regular work during the day, but also call outs and any paperwork needed to maximise your time.

Many skilled tradespeople are concerned about the marketing side of the business, particularly if they have little to no background in generating new business. EasyFlow can show you just how easy it is and even provides support for franchisees.

Concerned you don’t have the plumbing and/or electrical skills? Those can be learned and EasyFlow provides full training.

Think that because you have never owned a business before that you’re a poor fit? EasyFlow offers the tools and support you need to learn the ropes and run a thriving franchise.

There is a tremendous need for skilled maintenance and repair professionals dealing with unvented water cylinders and electric boilers.

One of the most significant challenges consumers face is finding reputable, professional help from a brand they trust. EasyFlow provides you with the means to solve that need, create a solid business and take control of your future.

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